Recent Before & After Photos

Mold Damage to a Kingsport Structure

This basement area was victimized by mold damage because of a large amount of moisture from poor circulation and foundation leakage. Ignored and allowed to prop... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Kingsport Garage

Fire Damage in this Kingsport garage began when oily rags and debris caught on fire when a hot lawn mower was set to close to them. The before photo shows the s... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Kingsport Restaurant

Storm damage struck this Kingsport restaurant when a severe thunderstorm with high winds damaged the roof of the structure. A portion of the roof was torn away ... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Kingsport Apartments

Fire damage at this Kingsport apartment complex began on the second floor of this building. Access holes needed to be cut into the roof to fight the fire. SERVP... READ MORE

Water Damage – Kingsport Department Store

Water damage at this Kingsport Department Store brought business to a halt. The before picture shows how much water damage clean up was needed. SERVPRO stood al... READ MORE

Flood Damage – Blountville Hardwood Flooring

Flood damage at this Blountville home left the wood flooring so damaged that the homeowners and their insurance company felt the entire floor would need to be r... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Mt Carmel Fallen Tree

Storm damage near Mt. Carmel carried winds strong enough to break this tree limb sending it through the roof of this home. We responded to the emergency call im... READ MORE

Mold Damage Piney Flats

Mold damage at this Piney Flats home was first noticed above the floor molding. Inspection by modern devices in use today revealed that the moisture and mold da... READ MORE

Water Damage Kingsport-Supply Line Leak

The water loss at this Kingsport home was another case of a little leak ending up causing larger damage. There was nothing in the kitchen spared from water dama... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Bristol Home

Fire damage at this Bristol home left smoke damage throughout the house. The first photo is representative of the discoloration of the walls. SERVPRO employs ad... READ MORE