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Heavy Rains Require Commercial Water Removal In Blountville

10/17/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Heavy Rains Require Commercial Water Removal In Blountville When heavy rains pour down on the Blountville area, adjoining commercial or municipal building sometimes share the unfortunate bounty.

Commercial Water Removal

When heavy rains pour down on the Blountville area, adjoining commercial or municipal building sometimes share the unfortunate bounty. Older structures with additions or passageways connecting one to another often see the building with an interior space further below ground than the others collect the runoff from many roofs. Our water removal crews determine the water pathways and make the best plan to evacuate the water from all sources.

As your family business grew, it stayed in place but annexed neighboring buildings. A complicated situation presents when several roofs or drainage systems spring leaks during torrential rains, and the water migrates mainly into one subterranean space. Not only do you need an expert Blountville water removal company, but you also must find a firm that can recreate the flow of water to ensure no hidden pockets of damaging moisture remain.

SERVPRO meets your needs on all counts. We have the technicians and the equipment ready to react quickly when a commercial space fills with water. If the power is out because of high winds knocking out the grid or for safety reasons, our trucks feature vehicle mounted equipment so the pumping and water removal proceeds immediately. In addition to self-contained extraction machinery, our project managers and highly trained crews are familiar with the ways water pools and hides when interconnected buildings are involved.

Expect multiple moisture level probes to be used by our workers in critical areas of the affected space as the water recedes, and the use of technologically advanced scanners to locate obscured water reservoirs. If the SERVPRO team does not remove all of the water, even in unexpected places, the structure and contents of your amalgamated commercial space are at risk of continued and secondary water damage. Wooden framing, metal supports, brick, concrete, and other materials are all vulnerable to deterioration and eventual collapse from residual water. Microbial growth is possible if water remains for more than 24 to 48 hours.

We find the water between walls, over ceilings, and along the edges of passageways and use proven strategies to remove it. Methods may include using wet vacuums with extended wands to pull water from above, drilling holes in mortar joints or at the bottom of walls to release moisture, or removal of wall panels or other structures to get at difficult to reach recesses. Once the standing water is gone, we then move on to efficient drying techniques to get your commercial spaces back to normal operating condition.

Rely on SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol to remove the water that collects anywhere in your business’s buildings after significant rains. One call to (423) 245-5552 brings an experienced and trained team to your aid fast.

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Colonial Heights Flood Damage Restoration

10/9/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Colonial Heights Flood Damage Restoration Leaky pipes can cause flooding in your home. Should you find a leak, contact SERVPRO to repair and remediate the damage the leak may have caused.

SERVPRO Regularly Handles Flooding From BOTH External and Internal Sources

In spite of the recent news and the massive destruction we see on TV, most water damage to U.S. homes comes from more common sources. Leaky faucets, broken pipes, and improperly installed appliances like dishwashers cost Colonial Heights homeowners and insurance companies more than storms every year.
Flood damage to Colonial Heights and other Tennessee homes primarily affects the floors and personal property of a home. If the water rises higher than an inch or two, the surrounding walls are now at risk as well. Much of SERVPRO’s work centers on the floors and carpets of a house and lowering the inside humidity to reduce the risk of future damage by water or mold.
To return a home to its preloss condition, we start by removing the water. Our restoration crews use two machines to accomplish this; commercial grade water pumps and water extraction wands. We start with the pumps if the water is high enough. It usually takes our crews less than a day to complete this task.
Once we have the water level down to what remains trapped in the carpet or just barely visible on the surface of a wood floor, we change to the extraction wands. The smaller machine is designed to draw water out and not damage the surface of the wood or pull fibers from the carpet. After drawing out the water, SERVPRO technicians lift the carpet and remove the pad underneath. Carpet pads disintegrate quickly after being soaked in water and it cheaper to replace them than attempt to restore them.
As part of our crew finishes with the floors, other members check the moisture content of the air. If this humidity level is over 60 percent, we set-up a dehumidifier in the largest room. This machine draws up to 30 gallons of water from the air each day, and to boost the efforts of the device, technicians set-up exhaust fans to draw the damp air out of the house and force it outside. We continue this operation until we have the interior humidity as close to 40 percent as we can.
Failed plumbing and broken appliances are a greater risk to area homes than the Holston River cresting its banks. Call us today at (423) 245-5552 if you have a flooding problem or a question about what SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol can do for you.

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Inspect For Mold Damage This Fall in Bristol

9/25/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Inspect For Mold Damage This Fall in Bristol Mold can hide or exist in plain sight. Regardless of the mold type, contact SERVPRO to figure out the cause and remediate the damage.

SERVPRO Technicians Find the Cause of the Mold Infestation Before Starting the Remediation Process

The hot summer months come to an end, and the leaves begin to fall. Moving into a new season is a perfect time to check for mold issues in areas of your home you may neglect. Our area can see some ice and snow during the winter, and if gutters, eaves, and shingles need maintenance, moisture pushes in and creates a perfect environment for mold damage.
Your home experiences all four seasons, exposing it to mold damage risk in Bristol. Before we move into the colder months, evaluate the musty smell you notice when you open the door to your attic. Ice dams from winters and early springs past may have created a pathway for water to invade and saturate rafters and studs right under your roof. Severe cases allow that moisture to seep into your living areas. Do you see dark staining on ceilings or walls? A mold inspection is in order.
Often the only sign you notice when mold damages your home is an earthy, unpleasant smell. SERVPRO responds by sending an experienced mold remediation technician to check out concerns. If mold is detected, we work with you to discover where the moisture mold needs for growth is intruding. Our workers determine how to manage the current infestation and make recommendations to eliminate the water problem.
SERVPRO is a multi-service restoration company, able to make repairs and remediate serious problems like mold. We follow EPA industry standards when containing, removing, and sanitizing areas suffering from mold outbreaks. Keeping the moldy material in place until safely removing it prevents spread to other spaces within your home. Physical barriers like heavy duty plastic sheeting and high-technology equipment like negative air pressure scrubbers assist us in this endeavor.
We restore the appearance of your exterior and interior after abating a broad range of damaging processes and work with other contractors hired to make specific repairs. Ice dams frequently trace their cause to poorly maintained or clogged gutters and drains. SERVPRO remediates the mold and pinpoints the reasons it plagues you. We help you complete or arrange for repairs that stop moisture from feeding mold spores in your attic.
Rely on SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol to investigate your potential mold issues. Our office staff at (423) 245-5552 schedules an appointment with one of our project managers at a time convenient for you.

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Science Project Mishaps Turn Water Damage into an In-Home Experiment for Bristol Households

9/15/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Science Project Mishaps Turn Water Damage into an In-Home Experiment for Bristol Households Many projects can erupt and send water and other materials onto your ceiling and living room couches. Contact SERVPRO right away after damage.

Professionals Quickly Assess and Remediate Damage and Moisture Levels in Your Home

Science projects are part of almost every grade level's activities because learning about science is much more enjoyable and memorable with hands-on experience. Students in Bristol often prepare their projects at home. As these projects progress, accidents happen, unexpected chemical reactions occur, and little siblings and pets touch forbidden tools and models.
Parents can help protect their homes from water damage in Bristol during science project season by providing waterproof sheeting under the area used by their child. Inspecting for cracks, especially along seams, of aquariums, water bottles, and other containers intended for use can cut down the risk, but spills can still happen.
While water from bottles can ruin your floor quickly, water sprayed into the air can end up on ceilings and walls. If water is part of a projectile-centered project, furniture can also take a hit or two. We can help clean up any water damage caused by your junior scientist. Walls and ceilings, as well as carpeting, furniture, and other belongings all react to water in different ways. We have a SERVPRO technician for each one, providing homeowners with excellent protection no matter what happened.
Based on research and scientific developments, our protocols work well to eliminate damage-causing water. The process of earning our IICRC certificates in Water Damage Restoration (WRT) teaches us an enormous amount regarding the science behind water damage and the best methods we can use to mitigate the damage in someone's home. Experienced in using the equipment needed to restore a living room after an accident involving a science project or other water event, our employees quickly resolve the situation and prevent larger problems from developing.
When water is not cleaned up, secondary water damage becomes much more likely to happen. Mold is only one kind of microbe that can grow out of control in the presence of water and increased moisture. Stopping it before it can begin protects you from extra expenses.
Call (423) 245-5552 as soon as possible after a significant spill or accident. SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol responds to water damage emergencies in our community ready to take care of the problem, no matter how large or small.

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Planning for the Unthinkable: Be Ready for Fire Damage in Bristol

9/10/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Planning for the Unthinkable: Be Ready for Fire Damage in Bristol Fires are very destructive. Contact SERVPRO to prevent damage or when dealing with the aftermath of a fire.

Preparation and Taking Stock are Key Parts of Home Ownership

It is unlikely that any residents of Bristol will forget the heartbreaking events of the fall of 2016 when wildfires destroyed vast areas in the Great Smoky Mountains. No one wants the challenge of such of a disaster, but all of us can learn a lesson from the experiences of those who made it through that crisis. We suggest an assessment and development of a fire damage recovery plan with the help of our trained managers and our unique mobile app.
Both commercial and residential clients can take advantage of our expertise in preventing and preparing for fire damage in Bristol. The aftermath of even a minor fire is stressful, and you as a homeowner are rarely experienced in the practical and emotional ramifications of such an event. We have built a rich knowledge base over the years of restoring fire damaged dwellings for other members of our community. Make use of our familiarity, training, and skills, and ready yourself for a problem you and we both hope you never encounter.
The SERVPRO Emergency Ready Plan and Profile (ERP) encourages you to take stock of your situation before a disaster happens. We help you assess your property and work out many of the logistics we need to master to deliver fast and efficient fire damage restoration if a blaze occurs. You assist us and also improve the odds of a successful fire restoration effort by creating a layout of your property, identifying the location of utility shutoffs, and clarifying a chain of command should you be unable to respond yourself.
You can designate another person to act on your behalf in the plan, helpful if you are injured or out of the area when the fire crisis occurs. This precaution is if you spend any time traveling or just as insurance if you think it possible you may have an issue with clarity of thought after a fire damages your property. Making decisions ahead of time helps SERVPRO follow a well-thought out plan rather than waiting for your instructions after a frightening event like a fire makes it hard for you to respond.
SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol wants to be certain our efforts always lead to the outcome you desire. Give us a call at (423) 245-5552 to schedule an assessment that will help us collaborate on an Emergency Ready Plan to protect and restore your property.

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Remediating Mold Damage in Your Bristol Home

8/14/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Remediating Mold Damage in Your Bristol Home Mold is not always easy to detect, call SERVPRO to inspect your home for hidden mold.

SERVPRO uses different cleaning methods for each unique surface to remediate mold

Mold is often undetectable in Tennessee homes until it has become a significant problem. Not every type of mold has that distinctive, ‘musty’ odor and if the growth started behind a wall or in the attic, the smell is not noticeable until the mold has grown into a large colony of spores.

Restoring a Bristol home of the effects from mold damage is a task that needs a professional service. SERVPRO keeps a trained crew on 24-hour notice to support our neighbors and customers. We have some of the best-trained personnel in the industry to clean mold from the property and safely remove it from each home.

These technicians first determine the type of surface infested. This inspection decides both the cleaning methods needed and how much time may be required to complete the job. We usually divide surfaces into porous, nonporous, and semi-porous categories.

Porous surfaces are typically building materials and fabrics; drywall and upholstery for example. They are often cleanable, but if the mold is very thick or has grown into the material, we dispose of it. Our cleaning methods for these surfaces involve vacuuming them with special HEPS filters that catch tiny amounts of loose mold, even a single spore.

After finishing vacuuming, we move on to using spray bottles with an antimicrobial cleaner and foaming agents to dampen the surface. Wetting loosens the mold and allows technicians to remove it with cloths and sponges.

Nonporous surfaces are the easiest to clean. This category includes metal and glass tabletops as well as marble and smooth stone kitchen countertops. In many cases, we can remove the mold with dry cloths and sponges. Technicians wipe down the surfaces from top to bottom to prevent accidentally leaving spores at the top or along the sides. If the mold layer is thick, we vacuum it first before dry wiping.

Semi-porous surfaces (concrete and wood decks for example) require methods not acceptable on other surfaces. Affected surfaces may need sanding to wire brushing and other abrasive tools to dig out the mold. The cleaners we use on these surfaces would mar or otherwise destroy glass and metal surfaces. If mold has penetrated the surface of the wood or concrete, technicians may have to sand them down by hand or with a power sander to remove it.

Returning your home to its pre-mold condition is not a quick or easy set of processes. SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol has years of experience in helping our customers through each step to put you back into your home. If you need us, call (423) 245-5552 today to set up an inspection.

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Bristol Area Retail Stores Obtain Water Removal Services From SERVPRO

8/2/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Bristol Area Retail Stores Obtain Water Removal Services From SERVPRO If your retail store or other property suffers a water damage event, contact the technicians at SERVPRO to remediate the damage fast.

Quick Response and Thorough Training in Dealing With Water Emergencies Sets Us Ahead of the Rest

Running a small retail outlet is rough enough without having to deal with water issues as well. A large spill on your property can lead to hundreds upon thousands of damage to stock and company assets, especially when you do not understand what to do during an emergency.
Retail stores throughout the Bristol area, rejoice. You have professional commercial water removal services available that help you manage emergency situations on your property, saving you from potential losses that have the ability to close your doors forever. A locally owned and operated company can provide you with these services and a whole lot more.
Whether your water problem occurs due to major weather systems, suppression system malfunctions, or plumbing issues, SERVPRO can help. We supply you with an entire team of professionals that understand how water affects assets in your store. Our technicians do everything they can to save products from water damage, moving them to a safe, dry location either onsite or in our warehouse.  
SERVPRO locates and repairs the source of the problem, then works with industrial-grade water extractors, air movers, dehumidifiers, and moisture detection equipment to ensure every area of your property gets the attention needed to return things to normal as quickly and efficiently as possible.  
It does not matter if a single department or the entire store becomes involved. SERVPRO has the resources and personnel necessary to provide you with a stress-free restoration process any day of the week, 24-hours a day. On top of that, we offer each customer the opportunity of receiving regular or specialty cleaning services that go beyond what a regular janitorial staff can provide.
We also give recommendations to help prevent future problems and help you develop a plan to implement safety precautions. Our technicians provide you with a safe, clean, professional work space that often exceeds any expectations you might have had before work began.
Contact SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol for more detailed information about water removal services available in your area, today. (423) 245-5552

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The Bad Habits That Could Put Your Bristol Home At Risk Of Fire Damage

7/22/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage The Bad Habits That Could Put Your Bristol Home At Risk Of Fire Damage SERVPRO TIP--Prevent Bristol FIre Damage by Inspecting Your Electrical Appliances and Wiring

Diligence Prevents Fire Damage to Your Bristol Property

No one wants to think about the possibility of a house fire, but it is a genuine risk that every householder needs to consider. A fire in the home has the potential to cause untold damage. In some cases, the cleanup operation involves a full pack-out of your possessions while your home is restored to a livable condition again.
SERVPRO is on hand to help clean and deodorize your Bristol home after fire damage. It is nice to know help is at hand – but is there anything you can do to help prevent a blaze from breaking out? The answer is yes, there is. Several home habits are easy to fall into but increase the risk of fire.
Unattended food left cooking on the stovetop is one of the leading causes of home fires. A few seconds is all it takes for an unattended pan to catch fire and start a terrible blaze. That is why we recommend always watching your food and never leaving the pan unattended.
Electrical safety awareness reduces the risk of home fires. Do not leave power drawing electrical appliances on when you exit the house. Switch everything off and unplug it before you go out and also before you go to bed at night. Check appliance cords regularly. Worn or damaged appliance cords are a fire risk, so if you notice any damage, replace the cord at once.
Dryer lint is another common cause of house fires. Clean your lint filter regularly and do not forget to check the drum and vent. It is also a good idea to check your dryer hose for lint clogs at least once a year. SERVPRO offers a vent and duct cleaning service to keep the circulation of the heated air from your dryer exiting properly. Save on electricity and help prevent home fires by calling us in once a year to check, and service if needed.
We also advise you to be very careful when burning candles. One small candle can spark a massive blaze. Make sure your candle is in a sturdy holder on a flat surface away from children, pets, breezes and loose drapes or throws. Always extinguish a lit candle before leaving the room.
In the event of a fire, SERVPRO is here to help. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster and have equipment including powerful HEPA vacuums and Esporta washers at our disposal to remediate soot and smoke damage and restore your home and belongings.
For help with fire cleanup, call SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol at (423) 245-5552 for help.

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Fast And Timely Water Removal Can Reduce Damages In Your Overflowing Bristol Residence

7/6/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Fast And Timely Water Removal Can Reduce Damages In Your Overflowing Bristol Residence When a pipe has burst apart, or a tub has overflowed, your home needs to have that excess water removed as quickly as possible.

Quick Water Removal Can Reduce Damages

SERVPRO is Faster To Any Size Disaster, and this quality provides many benefits for homeowners of waterlogged residences. When a pipe has burst apart, or a tub has overflowed, your home needs to have that excess water removed as quickly as possible.

Homes in Bristol that have excess water from disasters such as pipe failures and forgotten tubs dry out best when water removal services from SERVPRO are the first part of the entire process. Pumping out any water that is visible upon our arrival helps us gain a better visual so we can more easily assess the extent of the overall damage.

Larger amounts of porous materials require more aggressive drying methods than materials that are less porous. Our experience benefits homeowners in many different kinds of disasters that can damage a home by giving us insight into how best proceed in almost any type of situation imaginable, and overflowing toilets and tubs, exploding water heaters, burst pipes, and flooding from natural sources are only a few of those catastrophes.

Removing water starts the process, but then we need to move toward removing the moisture that has escaped into the air through evaporation. This moisture can find its way into every part of your home and create problems later unless it is captured and removed. Dehumidifiers, heaters, air movers, and even open windows can work wonders when used together. Moisture meters provide us with a beginning readings of areas in your home that are compared to later readings, showing us our progress in drying out your home.

When dry, remaining problems can still exist, such as unusual odors. This is because odors are caused by particles, that although tiny, produce smells when they have been disturbed. We can rectify this problem with odor control methods. Other problems that can remain behind include over-stretched carpeting, and we can fix that problem, also.

Because floors are always saturated in a situation where standing water exists, we take great care in ensuring that these surfaces are completely dry. This prevents warping of wooden floors and sub-flooring. Otherwise, walking in your home may soon become hazardous for your family and guests.

In situations that have left your home partially submerged, call us, SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol at (423) 245-5552. We can begin water removal efforts so that your home is once again as it should be, perfectly dry. Accidents can occur at all hours of the day and night, and because of this, we are always available to take your call.

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Dealing with Flood Damage Restoration in Bristol

6/28/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Dealing with Flood Damage Restoration in Bristol Flood damage can be devastating. Call SERVPRO to remove the water and help you through dealing with the entire restoration process.

SERVPRO Technicians Make Flood Damage Remediation in Your Home Our Priority

It is storm season in Tennessee. Creeks rise, rivers flood, and homeowners get to clean up the mess. It is a normal part of living in our area, but there are times that the weather overwhelms and we all could use a professional hand to help clean up.

When it comes to restoring Bristol homes after flood damage, SERVPRO has the experience to get the job done. We have been in Sullivan County for many years and understand the needs of our neighbors and fellow business owners. When disaster strikes, we respond with a 24-hour response team that arrives and starts work before the sun starts to come out or before it can set.

Our crew leader quickly determines the specific needs and directs efforts. If there is a continuing source of water coming into the home, our first task is to stop it. Team members stack sandbags to create a temporary break while others start hauling out pumps and extractors to remove any standing water. If the storm has damaged the home’s plumbing system, we turn off the water main. In the case of roof damage, we secure the area by nailing down plastic sheeting or plywood panels if it is very severe.

After we remove the standing water, technicians begin extracting water from the carpets and wood floors. If possible, we try to consider the sub-floor to determine if there is further water intrusion underneath. It may not be possible to insert a pump or extractor, but we can also use air movers connected to a flexible hose to force warm, dry air into the space to speed up the natural drying process.

Above the floor, we lift the carpet and use the same air movers to dry it. Carpet pads are difficult to dry and usually disintegrate after becoming wet. We recommend disposing of them immediately to remove a source of moisture that slows down drying out the carpet.

As the carpet and floors dry, technicians test the air and surrounding walls for excess moisture. If there is too much present, we install dehumidifiers to draw water from the air and place air movers to force warm air across walls to dry them and hopefully avoid demolition and replacement costs.

There is rain expected in town and across Sullivan County this week. If you have already had problems with any previous flooding or want to try and get ahead of the next thunderstorm, call SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol today at (423) 245-5552. We are here to help.

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