Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Flood Debris in Kingsport

The rushing floodwaters carried a lot of mud and silt from the exterior of this home in Kingsport and deposited the mess on the hardwood floors. Fast water and ... READ MORE

Storm Damage - Kingsport

Storm damage struck this Kingsport home when rainwater penetrated to wood framed structure damaging the flooring, walls, and vanity cabinets. Facing this type o... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Kingsport Restaurant

Storm damage struck this Kingsport restaurant when a severe thunderstorm with high winds damaged the roof of the structure. A portion of the roof was torn away ... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Kingsport Warehouse

Storm Damage struck this Kingsport warehouse allowing muddy water to flow into the facility. SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol was called during the storm to help ... READ MORE

Kingsport Condominium Commercial Flooding

The main water line feeding this condominium building burst and spewed several hundred gallons of water onto the below ground level storage area adjacent to the... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Bristol Home

Storm damage occurred to this Bristol home due to high winds associated with a broad band of thunderstorms that passed through the area. We were first called to... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Mt Carmel Fallen Tree

Storm damage near Mt. Carmel carried winds strong enough to break this tree limb sending it through the roof of this home. We responded to the emergency call im... READ MORE