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Planning for the Unthinkable: Be Ready for Fire Damage in Bristol

3/11/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Planning for the Unthinkable: Be Ready for Fire Damage in Bristol Fires are very destructive. Contact SERVPRO to prevent damage or when dealing with the aftermath of a fire.

Preparation and Taking Stock are Key Parts of Home Ownership

It is unlikely that any residents of Bristol will forget the heartbreaking events of the fall of 2016 when wildfires destroyed vast areas in the Great Smoky Mountains. No one wants the challenge of such of a disaster, but all of us can learn a lesson from the experiences of those who made it through that crisis. We suggest an assessment and development of a fire damage recovery plan with the help of our trained managers and our unique mobile app.
Both commercial and residential clients can take advantage of our expertise in preventing and preparing for fire damage in Bristol. The aftermath of even a minor fire is stressful, and you as a homeowner are rarely experienced in the practical and emotional ramifications of such an event. We have built a rich knowledge base over the years of restoring fire damaged dwellings for other members of our community. Make use of our familiarity, training, and skills, and ready yourself for a problem you and we both hope you never encounter.
The SERVPRO Emergency Ready Plan and Profile (ERP) encourages you to take stock of your situation before a disaster happens. We help you assess your property and work out many of the logistics we need to master to deliver fast and efficient fire damage restoration if a blaze occurs. You assist us and also improve the odds of a successful fire restoration effort by creating a layout of your property, identifying the location of utility shutoffs, and clarifying a chain of command should you be unable to respond yourself.
You can designate another person to act on your behalf in the plan, helpful if you are injured or out of the area when the fire crisis occurs. This precaution is if you spend any time traveling or just as insurance if you think it possible you may have an issue with clarity of thought after a fire damages your property. Making decisions ahead of time helps SERVPRO follow a well-thought out plan rather than waiting for your instructions after a frightening event like a fire makes it hard for you to respond.
SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol wants to be certain our efforts always lead to the outcome you desire. Give us a call at (423) 245-5552 to schedule an assessment that will help us collaborate on an Emergency Ready Plan to protect and restore your property.

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Remediating Mold Damage in Your Bristol Home

3/11/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Remediating Mold Damage in Your Bristol Home Mold is not always easy to detect, call SERVPRO to inspect your home for hidden mold.

SERVPRO uses different cleaning methods for each unique surface to remediate mold

Mold is often undetectable in Tennessee homes until it has become a significant problem. Not every type of mold has that distinctive, ‘musty’ odor and if the growth started behind a wall or in the attic, the smell is not noticeable until the mold has grown into a large colony of spores.

Restoring a Bristol home of the effects from mold damage is a task that needs a professional service. SERVPRO keeps a trained crew on 24-hour notice to support our neighbors and customers. We have some of the best-trained personnel in the industry to clean mold from the property and safely remove it from each home.

These technicians first determine the type of surface infested. This inspection decides both the cleaning methods needed and how much time may be required to complete the job. We usually divide surfaces into porous, nonporous, and semi-porous categories.

Porous surfaces are typically building materials and fabrics; drywall and upholstery for example. They are often cleanable, but if the mold is very thick or has grown into the material, we dispose of it. Our cleaning methods for these surfaces involve vacuuming them with special HEPS filters that catch tiny amounts of loose mold, even a single spore.

After finishing vacuuming, we move on to using spray bottles with an antimicrobial cleaner and foaming agents to dampen the surface. Wetting loosens the mold and allows technicians to remove it with cloths and sponges.

Nonporous surfaces are the easiest to clean. This category includes metal and glass tabletops as well as marble and smooth stone kitchen countertops. In many cases, we can remove the mold with dry cloths and sponges. Technicians wipe down the surfaces from top to bottom to prevent accidentally leaving spores at the top or along the sides. If the mold layer is thick, we vacuum it first before dry wiping.

Semi-porous surfaces (concrete and wood decks for example) require methods not acceptable on other surfaces. Affected surfaces may need sanding to wire brushing and other abrasive tools to dig out the mold. The cleaners we use on these surfaces would mar or otherwise destroy glass and metal surfaces. If mold has penetrated the surface of the wood or concrete, technicians may have to sand them down by hand or with a power sander to remove it.

Returning your home to its pre-mold condition is not a quick or easy set of processes. SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol has years of experience in helping our customers through each step to put you back into your home. If you need us, call (423) 245-5552 today to set up an inspection.

You can learn more about Bristol at http://www.bristoltn.org/.

How to Remediate Water Damage in Your Bristol Home

3/10/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage How to Remediate Water Damage in Your Bristol Home Don't stress about water damage in your home, call SERVPRO for help today.

SERVPRO Drying Out Water Damaged Bristol Homes

After an inside plumbing disaster, Bristol homeowners need more than simply using a water-vac to pull water off the floor, open the doors and windows, and rent a rug shampooer from the local big box store. To completely restore a home takes a professional restoration service.
Drying out a home with water damage in Bristol requires attention to four key factors that affect humidity. SERVPRO restoration specialists train to analyze each one, so they know which drying methods and equipment they need to use in each home. It all comes down to HEAT.
Humidity levels are determined by the level of water vapor in the air in a home compared its capacity. A level of 60 percent or higher indicates the air is saturated. That greatly slows evaporation and increases drying time. Specialists use dehumidifiers to reduce the humidity level in each affected room. Properly working dehumidifiers can lower the level up to 20 percent every 24 hours.
Evaporation is the natural process of water converting to vapor. With large amounts of water, it is very slow. Our SERVPRO specialists use pumps and smaller extraction devices to remove the bulk of the standing water. Once they get the amount to less than two inches in depth, the rate evaporation rapidly increases. They can also augment the rate of evaporation with dehumidifiers and using exhaust fans to increase movement, forcing saturated air outside the home.
Air Movement can also be increased using air movers to force warm, dry air throughout affected rooms and across damp surfaces like walls, tables, and countertops to gently increase the rate of evaporation as well. The combination of air movers and fans to increase air movement is also very useful to dry out clothing in a gentle manner which does not damage the fabric.
Temperature is also an important factor, especially in cold weather. Since the preferred range to dry home and property is 70 to 90 degrees, we try to engage the HVAC system if it is operational carefully. If not, then specialists use space heaters to raise the internal temperature. They carefully monitor the temperature in every affected room to keep it under 80 degrees on the first day; however, since a higher temperature can increase the humidity.
At SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol, we use every tool and method available to return every residence to a dry, safe condition for families to live in once again. If you have had a recent water issue in your home, call us at (423) 245-5552 to schedule a visit. We are here for you.

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SERVPRO Can Prevent Secondary Fire Damage In Your Kingsport Home

2/27/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage SERVPRO Can Prevent Secondary Fire Damage In Your Kingsport Home If you have suffered from a fire call our team right away and we will help you prevent secondary damages. We are available 24/7 for your restoration.

SERVPRO - Emergency Services Needed After Fire Damage In Kingsport Homes

Most fires in a Kingsport home are usually small and restricted to one area like the kitchen with smoke and soot spreading out into the nearby dining area. In a smaller percentage of fires, however, physical damage can be severe and require additional steps to secure the home from further damage to even begin repair and restoration.

SERVPRO restoration teams can provide a series of emergency services designed to prevent secondary fire damage problems in Kingsport homes. They extend far beyond just boarding up doors and windows, taking care to keep the interior safe for the owner to occupy where possible and for our technicians to work.

At this time of year, flooding can still be a problem. Most water intrusion comes from inside the home though, so our teams examine the homes to ensure the plumbing leading into the home is insulated. If it is possible to restore electric and gas service, technicians work closely with the owner and the utility company to help bring the lights back on and heat throughout the home.

As they help get utilities restored, other SERVPRO team members remove all damaged property for disposal. Quick removal allows our inspectors to perform a thorough exam of the structure and determine what the team needs to operate and what to start on first. It also eliminates the source of many odors left behind by the fire.

After removing the non-salvageable property, our teams set up exhaust fans to circulate the odor-filled air, forcing it outside the home. We do this to provide a better environment for our technicians, the owners, and insurance inspectors. Once the fans are in place, our teams remove property still restorable to an unaffected part of the home or another location for cleaning and repair.

At SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol, our goal is to return you to your home as quickly as possible after a fire. If this is your situation now, call us today at (423) 245-5552 to get started on the process to restore your home. Regardless of the size of the fire damage, we are here for you.

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Why Professional Mold Remediation is Necessary for Your Kingsport Home

2/12/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Why Professional Mold Remediation is Necessary for Your Kingsport Home With Tennesee's humid conditions, mold has a thriving environment to grow.

Professional Remediation Vs. DIY for Your Kingsport Home

Many Kingsport homeowners would argue that their methods of repairing and restoring damage to their home are as effective as the professionals could produce. While there might be instances in which this could be as effective or more money-saving, mold remediation is not one of these situations. There are some things that every homeowner should know about the differences between DIY mold removal and professional remediation work for their property.

One of the first concerns about mold damage that any Kingsport homeowner should have is the extent of the damage that they are currently facing. Even a small colony can spread quickly throughout a home and pose a significant risk to both structural integrity of the property and those that get exposed to the colony. This safety concern is one of the defining factors that should deter homeowners from DIY removal. Without the appropriate personal protective equipment and training, removal efforts could cause acute health effects.

DIY approaches encourage homeowners to use a harsh detergent like bleach and scrub over present colonies to remove them, but this can prove problematic as well for multiple reasons. The first of these concerns is that bleach can react adversely with certain types of mold and become more volatile. Another reason that this is less effective is that this approach only takes off surface mold, and does not remove the entire hyphae like the equipment our SERVPRO Franchise professionals use can.

Another concern is the spread of the organism. Homeowners do not have the available equipment to contain a spreading mold colony as our SERVPRO Franchise professionals do. With the use of air scrubbers, hydroxyl generators, and physical plastic sheeting barriers, we can effectively prevent the spread of the organism to new areas of the home while remediation and mold removal efforts get underway.

As tempting as it might sound to save money and take care of mold growth on your own, many homeowners find that the situation only ends up continually getting worse despite their efforts. Give our SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol remediation specialists a call at (423) 245-5552 to make mold damage “Like it never even happened.”

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The Single Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Fire Damage Remediation in Kingsport

2/8/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage The Single Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Fire Damage Remediation in Kingsport Fire damage residues can be removed with our proven process. Contact SERVPRO right away for remediation.

Eliminating Fire Damage Odors From Kingsport Homes

With a wide variety of commercial and federal industry, Kingsport is a lively, growing community along the Holston River. Residents and homeowners have weathered economic downturns just as well as they have survived fires and other disasters. That is not to say, however, that restoring each home from a fire is a simple task.

One of the hardest types of fire damage in Kingsport to remove from homes are the odors left by burned materials and their residues. To fully eliminate them, every SERVPRO restoration team uses four different methods: Removal, Clean, Recreate, and Seal.

The quickest way to eliminate an odor in a home is to remove the source. Burned material is not repairable, so removing it must be accomplished immediately not just to remove odors, but as a safety issue inside the home as well. Technicians remove and demolish if needed, property before taking any other actions. After finishing, they install fans at entry and exit points to increase air circulation, further reducing odors.

Next, our teams clean the odor causing residues that smoke and soot leave on surfaces. While dry, powdery residues are cleanable with cloths, brushes, and a mild detergent, others require special cleaners and tools. Sprinklers and other firefighting efforts can spread wet, sticky residues from slower burning fires, then form very hard, thick layers once everything cools down. These thicker layers may even require an agitation device to break them free of the surfaces they cover.

For odors that penetrated surfaces, SERVPRO technicians recreate the same conditions to eliminate them. A smoke cloud of odor-causing particles can deeply penetrate wood, fabrics, and other property. Our teams use a thermal fogger and a strong deodorizing agent to create a second cloud which can go just as deeply into the property. The chemical agent bonds with the original odor-causing particles and neutralizes them.

In a few cases, sealing the property is an effective, and cheaper option. For milder odors in walls that were not otherwise affected by the fire, our specialists can coat the surfaces with a paint containing a deodorizing agent. Another circumstance where this is an option is sealing off the exterior surface of air ducts from leaking odors into the HVAC system and circulating through the entire home.

Our goal at SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol is to return every home to its original, pre-fire condition. That includes eliminating odors that can linger for months or even years. If your residence went through a fire but still is not home yet, call us at (423) 245-5552 today. We are here for you.

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Is Water 'Spilling' Damage to Your Bristol Home?

1/23/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Is Water 'Spilling' Damage to Your Bristol Home? Call SERVPRO before water permanently damages your hardwood floors.

Why SERVPRO Helps You Cope with Water Damage in Bristol Better

A water spill is a mixed bag of fortunes. On the one hand, it can lead to clean up in parts of your home that you never thought of cleaning since you occupied it. However, it is also likely to leave different kinds of damages that you have to work hard to fix. These damages range from staining of fabrics and deterioration materials like wood through warping, rotting, and microbial growth. Highly skilled technicians from SERVPRO can offer you services that reverse these damages or help you cope with the situation.  

Each case of water damage in Bristol is different depending on how the incident unfolds. If a pipe bursts when no one is home or a tap is left running, the water is likely to reach a vast section of the house ruining several contents. A small leak in a hidden part of the property might not cause such widespread damages, but since it might take time to notice, it creates a chance for microbial growth and rotting or other similar problems, which are harder to address. Our SERVPRO technicians, certified in different fields including ASD, Applied Structural Drying and Applied Microbial Remediation, allow us to respond to any situation that arises.  

Water has detrimental effects on almost every material when left submerged over extended periods. From our vast experience, we can anticipate different types of damage. In metals, the harm is limited to rust only. Organic materials like wood are damaged the most because they can warp, buckle, rot or develop mold. Wood also absorbs copious amounts of water, which can keep causing problems long after the initial incident. For example, failing to dry the lower side of floorboards can lead to cupping, and if not addressed, it can ruin the floor permanently. Using truck-mounted extractors and submersible pumps, our SERVPRO technicians can remove water before it causes severe damage. We also have specialized drying equipment like the injectidry system, which removes water from concealed spaces such as below floorboards.  

Some steps involved when fixing water damage are tedious or require special skills. For example, removing the carpet for drying or restorative cleaning is a tedious process. It also requires special skills to avoid damaging other fixtures like baseboards. Our SERVPRO technicians have the necessary tools and skills to remove and replace your carpet without damaging it.  

A water spill incident can be unbearable if not handled. Call SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol at (423) 245-5552 to help you cope. We're Faster To Size Disaster.

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Does Your Long Island Home Struggle With a Mold Situation?

1/13/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Does Your Long Island Home Struggle With a Mold Situation? Regardless of the room that the mold infestation affects, contact SERVPRO for effective remediation and mitigation services.

Mold Remediation Specialists Discuss How to Control Microbial Populations in Long Island Residences

Long Island residences often succumb to mold infestations because of elevated humidity in the home. SERVPRO can remediate infested areas but helping you prevent such situations from affecting your home helps save you money and time.

Here are some ways that you can help protect your home from requiring mold remediation services in Long Island. Our specialists explain that prevention efforts on the part of the homeowner require less work while providing the best outcome. SERVPRO is always here for you when efforts begin too late or lapse and result in microbial overgrowth in the house.
Controlling the home's humidity level can mean microbes cannot grow. According to the CDC, humidity levels should remain below 50% in the residence. This can mean you need to use a dehumidifier during more humid periods. Some months become more humid than others, and during these, the humidifier might need to run continuously instead of only at certain hours of the day.
Two methods can help prevent mold growth by protecting walls and other surfaces. When repainting walls and ceilings, adding a mold inhibitor to the paint can prevent microbes from surviving once settling on the surface. Another method is to use mold-killing cleansers in bathrooms and kitchens.
Keeping your bathroom from retaining moisture happens more easily when a working ventilation system pulls moist air out of the bathroom and forces it outside of your home. Ventilation ducts should contain no extra bends or extra length that allow moist air to get trapped before exiting through the outside vent. Residents should also use exhaust fans to remove steam from the kitchen, as well. It is essential to allow the fan to run for a few minutes after all of the steam has left, to ensure such dampness is pushed out of the home altogether.
Eliminating components that hold moisture means fewer places exist for moisture, and mold, to hide. One primary culprit in retaining moisture and dampness in bathrooms is carpeting and padding. While getting out of the shower and standing on a warm, cushy surface appeals to many, achieving this with the use of bath mats also reduces moisture levels.
SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol wants to help your family through effective prevention methods that reduce humidity levels in your home and through skilled mold remediation where needed. Call us at (423) 245-5552, and we can provide you with more information specific to your property and how we can help you maintain it well.

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SERVPRO Keeps Commercial Properties Open for Business with Rapid Water Removal and Cleanup

1/2/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial SERVPRO Keeps Commercial Properties Open for Business with Rapid Water Removal and Cleanup Bristol Hotels and Commercial Buildings Rely on SERVPRO for Water Removal and Cleanup

Commercial Water Removal Gets Your Bristol Hotel Dried Out and Guest-Ready Fast

Not knowing when a disaster might strike can create severe problems for your hotel in the Bristol area. SERVPRO can help business owners recover quickly after a crisis. When water covers floors and makes a mess, safety also becomes an issue that can cause problems for guests, particularly those with mobility concerns.
Hotels and other hospitality-based businesses rely on their guests to keep their businesses vibrant, and when soaked and saturated, commercial water removal in Bristol can restore normal operations. SERVPRO knows that this needs to happen quickly, especially when bookings and current guests rely on your continued ability to provide their lodging when expected. We always consider the needs of both your staff and your guests as we perform extraction and drying services.
When the water's depth reaches more than a couple of inches high, we use our truck-mounted and portable submersible pumps. These pull the water out of rooms, halls, and other areas. However, these areas remain damp and prone to developing problems. Mold and odors can make your hotel seem unsafe and feel unclean. Specialists from SERVPRO can also contain both mold and odor-producing substances and help you maintain your hotel's interior environment's condition that keeps health effects to a minimum.
Part of how we control mold growth and the development of odors after a water incident is through the use of our highly effective air scrubbers. These scrubbers have HEPA filters attached that remove such particles from the air. As our air movers pull moisture out of surfaces, the moist air flows toward these air scrubbers. We also can use desiccant and LGR dehumidifiers to extract additional moisture from the air.
We continually monitor the progress we make in drying out your hotel. Our specialists use both infrared thermal imaging cameras that locate damp areas and highly accurate moisture meters that help us determine when an area is reaching an acceptable percentage of moisture, thus achieving the proper baseline.
We highly recommend area businesses request information about our Emergency READY Profile Plan (ERP) before a disaster happens. We can visit your enterprise offer suggests and key in vital information to if not prevent a mishap, at least mitigate its consequences. Because water can invade into the tiniest areas of your business and cause enormous levels of damage, the time saved by such a Plan can significantly reduce the expenses involved in recovering and restoring your business.
SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol provides water removal and extraction services to the businesses in and around Morrison City, Bloomingdale, and Walnut Hill. Call (423) 245-5552 to start recovering your business.

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Is Moisture Causing Mold Growth in Your Kingsport Home?

12/26/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Is Moisture Causing Mold Growth in Your Kingsport Home? Without proper mitigation, mold is often a secondary damage after a water loss incident.

Lingering Moisture Can Cause Mold Growth in Kingsport

Many Kingsport homeowners work to clean up their houses on their own without involving professional cleaning and restoration crews unless it is evident they are necessary. The trouble with this determination for water loss incidents is that many homeowners do not realize when the situation has gotten out of their control and continues to be a problem once they think it has gotten resolved. Lingering moisture not only continues to threaten the construction materials, flooring, and other exposed materials but also opens the door for more health hazardous effects like mold growth.

In a matter of a few days, lingering moisture and dampness out of sight can allow for colonization and mold damages to begin in your Kingsport home. With the situation occurring out of your line of sight, this problem can grow and spread before it gets significant enough to breach the surface where you can see. Our SERVPRO technicians can respond quickly to mold growth that you discover in your home with the tools and expertise to remove these colonies fast.

With widespread mold growth through materials in your home, often the only effective solution is to remove these damaged materials and replace it with new ones. We utilize controlled demolition techniques to remove only the portions that have become affected by the spreading organism and spray the portions that get left with an antimicrobial solution to deter mold and fungal growth while the area gets thoroughly dried with air movers and dehumidification equipment. The area gets extensively checked with thermal imagery cameras to ensure that any lingering moisture gets addressed.

Once these damaged materials have gotten removed and the affected areas of your home have gotten dried thoroughly, our reconstruction contractors can get to work on reinstalling drywall, flooring, and other components requiring replacement.

While taking matters into your own hands can sometimes save you money, with water loss incidents, it is often better to trust our SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol rapid response team to clean up the mess and dry up the damage to prevent effects like mold. Give us a call anytime that you need us at (423) 245-5552.

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Our Team Knows How To Help After Heavy Rains Cause Damage To Your Bristol Home

12/10/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Our Team Knows How To Help After Heavy Rains Cause Damage To Your Bristol Home If a flood unexpectedly damages your home, never hesitate to get help.

Heavy Rains Can Cause Flood Damage To Your Bristol Home

When your city of residence is situated near both a river and a lake, heavy rainfall can lead to flood damage. As the riverbed swells and the lake floods, the excess water has to go somewhere. Unfortunately for you, as the water rushed through your city, it also rushed into your home.

Dirty and unsanitary water settled in both the entryway and recreational room causing flood damage in a Bristol home. The problem with floodwaters, and what separates flood damage from home-based water damage, is how contaminated the water that enters your home is. As the floodwaters rush through your city, there is no telling what they may pick up and begin to carry with them. It is not uncommon to find contaminants like bacteria, feces, biohazardous materials, and petroleum among the water.

It is essential for this reason not to try and deal with flood damage by yourself. The water could be unsafe for human contact. Getting in touch with a cleanup and restoration company, like SERVPRO, can result in your home getting the professional services that it needs while also keeping you safe from harmful materials.

When our SERVPRO IICRC-certified technicians arrive at your home, the first thing we can do is use industry grade wet-dry vacuums to remove the standing floodwater from your recreational room and entryway. Once the water is removed, SERVPRO can focus on removing any debris from your home as well as carpets. Due to the nature of carpets, they cannot be thoroughly cleaned once they have come in contact with black water and must be removed.

After the debris is gone, we can make flood cuts to the walls around your home, to ensure that further problems such as mold damage do not arise. From there, our technicians can set up drying equipment such as dehumidifiers and air movers to restore any damaged furniture to its previous state. After a thorough cleaning of your home to ensure that no bacteria from the floodwater lingers, SERVPRO can return your home to you.

If a flood unexpectedly damages your home, never hesitate to get help. Dial (423) 245-5552 on your phone to speak with SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol. We are open 24/7 and available to help you in your time of need.

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Bristol Property Owners Benefit from SERVPRO for Cleaning and Sanitizing Cluttered Structures

12/3/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Bristol Property Owners Benefit from SERVPRO for Cleaning and Sanitizing Cluttered Structures SERVPRO Can Cleanup, Clear Out Debris, and Sanitize Bristol Homes with Safety and Empathy

Why Choosing SERVPRO for Hoarding Cleanup in Bristol Is Your Best Choice

Not every disaster to strike a Bristol home comes from the weather, or a fire started in the kitchen or elsewhere in the structure. Hoarding is an increasing problem for many families that require a professional cleaning and restoration service.
In Bristol, hoarding cleanup can be accomplished with residents still in the home or not. In each circumstance, SERVPRO cleaning crews work quickly to remove the accumulate unwanted property, clean the structure, and restore each home to a livable state.
In any situation, speed is important, but so is being understanding of the underlying issues. If the hoarder still resides on the property, our personnel understand that moving too fast can cause the person to stop all work and make the situation worse. Our crew leader works carefully with the hoarder and the people supporting him or her to move at the quickest, acceptable pace.
If the hoarder is no longer in the home, our personnel move faster, but still work carefully with relatives or whoever may be in charge. Although most of what we remove may go to a landfill, there are still items like furniture, photo albums, artwork that can be important to someone and require care in removing them from the home during the cleanup process. We can store off-site possessions and belongings until the time for returning has arrived.
In many of these homes, SERVPRO personnel discover mold and animal wastes. While mold is not usually a health problem, the presence of urine and feces may indicate the threat of the Hantavirus or another infectious disease. When this happens, our personnel don masks or other breathing gear. Technicians next spray the affected areas with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents to kill both threats and make them easier to remove.
Once they clear the home of the accumulated property, our technicians scrub the home clean and inspect it for possible damage requiring replacement. Although our office is not a contractor, we can perform minor repairs like replacing drywall for interior walls, stop previously unseen plumbing leaks, and repaint affected areas of the home stained by old food containers and the ink leeched from newspapers and magazines.
Cleaning up after a hoarder is not a quick process, but at SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol, we try to make it as simple and empathetic as possible to everyone. If you need help returning your, or someone else’s home to a livable condition, contact us at (423) 245-5552 today.

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Give SERVPRO a Ring When You Want Dependable Water Restoration Services

12/2/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage  Give SERVPRO a Ring When You Want Dependable Water Restoration Services Our team will respond immediately when water damage strikes!

We Provide Dependable Water Cleanup Services In Bristol

The hose on your large-size portable dishwasher came loose during the rinse cycle, and water now stands all over your kitchen floor. Contacting skilled and trained professionals, like us, as soon as possible can lessen damages to your property. Plus, quick action by you may also help lower restoration costs. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster and can restore your home when possible.

The water cleanup services SERVPRO provides in Bristol are efficient and reliable and can help in this type of situation. In this case, our crew may utilize mops, portable extractors, pumps, vacuums or wands to remove water fast. If necessary, we can employ trunk-mounted extractors to eliminate water quickly. The technicians may also utilize probes and sensors to detect hidden moisture from behind the lower walls and baseboards and from under the floor tiles. Wet materials can ruin your kitchen floor and sub-flooring. Plus, it can cause mold growth and rot, which makes calling us to do the job a wise decision.

Once our SERVPRO team removes all excess water from the premises, they can begin the drying phase of the restoration process. The techs can use various pieces of equipment such as heaters, professional air movers or high-velocity axial fans to force moisture from the structure, which helps enhance evaporation and dryness. Our crew members may also employ dehumidifiers to help bring down the level of humidity inside the affected area. This step can also help increase drying.

We set goals to get work fast during the extraction and drying phases, which can prevent further damages to your home. It is our policy to remove water and dry structures as quickly as we can. Whenever possible, you can trust our team to return your kitchen to its preloss state. We aim to make it look, “Like it never even happened.”

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol is close by and ready to serve your area as well as surrounding cities that includes Blountville, Colonial Heights, Walnut Hill, and Blair Gap. Our teams are experts when it comes to water cleanup emergencies. Contact us 24/7 at (423) 245-5552 at any time of the day or night.

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How Flood Damage Can Effect Your Bristol Home

11/15/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO How Flood Damage Can Effect Your Bristol Home With flood damages in your Bristol home, the longer that you wait to resolve the spreading effects, the worse they become.

The Widespread Effects Of Flooding In Your Bristol Home

Many disasters have impacted Bristol homes throughout the last two centuries, and yet there are still many homeowners caught unaware by severe weather systems that result in flooding. From the moment that a disaster like this strikes your property, you need assurances that the situation can get resolved using a combination of experience and advanced equipment available to you through our rapid response team.

With flood damages in your Bristol home, the longer that you wait to resolve the spreading effects, the worse they become. Taking care of the situation as quickly as possible is critical to ensuring that structural elements and the contents of your home can get salvaged from the impending damages. Our SERVPRO team is available 24/7 to help you mitigate your losses through a traumatic experience like flooding without requiring excessive tear out and reconstruction.

Much of the mitigation work that our experienced professionals can do for your flood-damaged home is a direct product of the investment our franchise has made to have the best possible equipment utilizing advanced technologies. These tools and machines like our truck-mounted pumps can extract water fast from your house with 300 psi draw to make short work of the pooling.

Improving the air quality in your home following widespread flooding is often an important step in protecting both our SERVPRO technicians and the occupants of the house. We utilize air scrubbers to capture particulates, debris, dirt, and mold spores circulating throughout the environment. Additionally, we utilize thermal imagery cameras to find moisture pockets in inaccessible areas to direct our professionals where drying equipment needs to continue getting used. With drier conditions, the likelihood of mold growth drops significantly.

Recovering from a flood in your home takes some critical steps on your end to secure the services of a team of professionals with the equipment and fast response to make a difference. Our SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol emergency response team can react fast to your emergency to help you preserve the structure and the contents of your home from becoming irreparably damaged. Give us a call today at (423) 245-5552.

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Our State-Of-The-Art Extraction Equipment Will Restore Your Water Damaged Commercial Property In Bristol

11/6/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Our State-Of-The-Art Extraction Equipment Will Restore Your Water Damaged Commercial Property In Bristol Once materials inside your office get wet, humidity levels inside the building rise and create an environment conducive for mold growth.

Commercial Water Removal Experts In Bristol Talk About The Different Types Of Extraction Equipment

If the plumbing system ever fails inside your Bristol dentist office, you might come into work one day and find yourself knee deep in a murky liquid. Even if the problem is not that severe, prompt commercial water removal conducted by a professional company like SERVPRO can help reduce the amount of damage that occurs. Plumbing system failures happen more often than you may think and are responsible for the majority of moisture-related problems that occur in buildings. Joints in the plumbing can wear after time and develop slow leaks or pipes can break and lose a lot of water out of even the smallest cracks. If commercial water removal is not completed quickly, wet materials can turn into breeding grounds for harmful bacterias and molds.

Once materials inside your office get wet, humidity levels inside the building rise and create an environment conducive for mold growth. Conducting prompt commercial water removal to your Bristol dentist office can help prevent secondary damage like mold or issues caused by vapor in the air from occurring. The first step to removing moisture from contents and building materials is the extraction phase. During this step, our SERVPRO restoration crew uses industrially advanced equipment to remove both standing water and moisture that exists inside saturated, porous building materials.

Depending on each specific situation and how wet materials got, we can utilize different types of equipment designed for certain items and scenarios. For example, for tight areas that do not have an excessive amount of moisture we can choose to use a portable extractor to pull out water from carpet and other flooring materials. If the water is excessive, we can use a truck-mounted, heavy-duty extractor that has a much more powerful vacuum motor.

We also have a choice in what type of tool we use during extraction. For upholstered items like couches, we often use a handheld extraction wand. For thick carpets that are saturated, we can use a weighted extractor that the operator stands on so that his weight can get used to compress the carpet and allow more moisture to get pulled out. If you ever noticed standing water inside your dentist office, call SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol at (423) 245-5552 any day of the week.

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Our Professionals Are Ready 24/7 To Respond To Your Commercial Water Damage Emergency In Bristol

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Commercial Our Professionals Are Ready 24/7 To Respond To Your Commercial Water Damage Emergency In Bristol We suggest that you call professionals like us to extract the water quickly and get you back in operation.

We Provide Fast Commercial Water Cleanup In Bristol

Your hardware offers customers a great place to browse and shop for items they may need to make various home repairs such as hammers, nails, furnace filters and so much more. There was a water breach in the storage room that flowed into the main area. Unfortunately, you are going to have to shut down your store due to the amount of water on the floor. We suggest that you call professionals like us to extract the water quickly and get you back in operation.

SERVPRO commercial water cleanup services in Bristol are reliable and can restore your shop when possible. Our team works fast to remove all standing water and can use industrial grade portable or trunk-mounted extractors, pumps, wands, and wet vacuums to do the job. Excess water might flow and penetrate areas such as behind walls and under flooring, which can cause damages if it left there. Our crew can utilize sensors and probes to find and remove hidden areas of moisture, which can help reduce the loss of property and materials.

It is essential for us to remove water rapidly. Plus, we may have to pack-out some of your merchandise in the affected areas. Water can damage your stock as well as items in the showroom, which can cost you money. Our Crew strives to get you back in business as soon as we can and to lessen damages to your shop.

After, our skilled techs remove all standing water from the structure; they can start the drying phase. The team can use air movers, heaters or axial fans to eliminate moisture. They may also employ dehumidifiers to increase evaporation and to enhance drying. We know that for you to make a profit your business has to be open. You can depend on our techs to work fast so you can open your hardware and get back to servicing your many customers.

Our skilled and highly trained SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol commercial cleanup restoration team is nearby and can assist you with your water emergency. When possible, we can restore your business to its preloss state. Contact us 24/7 at (423) 245-5552.

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The A - Z of Flood Damage in a Bristol Home

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Storm Damage The A - Z of Flood Damage in a Bristol Home Our area can quickly flood during a storm. Call SERVPRO when you and your family are safe to start the water removal process in your home.

Making the Right Decisions When Your Bristol Property Experiences Flood Damage 

The danger is not completely gone after the water has gone down when your property experiences flood damage. Some risks set in when such incidents happen, and as a homeowner, you need to play it safe. Even when most of your contents look beyond hope, experienced technicians can restore most of your items. We can clean up, dry out, and perform some repairs to your Bristol home during the restoration process.
Some of the hazards that flood damage in Bristol brings along when it happens in your home include a weak foundation, shorting of the electrical system, cracking walls, sagging roofs, and floors. Our SERVPRO technicians perform an inspection to determine whether it is safe to re-enter the building. It helps both the occupants and our team to stay away from avoidable injuries.
When items such as mattresses and wallboard come into contact with the contamination, replacing them may be necessary. It is also crucial to clean up the mud and debris that the flood waters carry along. If some surfaces do not dry within 24 - 48 hours, there is a possibility that mold might start to grow. Since the secret of preventing the mold problems is cleaning and drying wet areas, our SERVPRO technicians use specialized techniques to perform the same. For instance, we can enhance air circulation in the building by setting up air movers and introducing space heaters to speed up the drying process. Placing dehumidifiers in the site can also address the high humidity problem.
Safety and personal protections are so important during the restoration work, and we want to look at some of the precautions that we observe. We disconnect your utilities - gas, and electricity - before entering the site. Our SERVPRO technicians use rubber gloves, high rubber boots, and wear respirators since the water may be contaminated with mold or sewage. Depending on the situation we are dealing with, we may use an N95 respirator, a half-face respirators, or a full-face respirator.
SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol is a locally owned service provider with the equipment and resources to provide services at any time of the day. Whether you need commercial or residential cleaning and restoration services, call us at (423) 245-5552 for a stress-free process.
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MOLD?? OH NO!! On Long Island, Call SERVPRO for Quick Remediation

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Mold Remediation MOLD?? OH NO!!  On Long Island, Call SERVPRO for Quick Remediation Hidden Moisture Can Mean Mold Damage in a Kingsport Property--Call SERVPRO

How Mold Colonies Form in Your Long Island House

Perhaps one of the most troubling things about owning your Long Island home is the understanding that whatever happens to it is a responsibility that rests on your shoulders. With this in mind, you take the necessary precautions and preventative care to keep it safe from damages, but many homeowners still do not fully prepare for all of the possibilities. Mold growth is a situation that catches many people by surprise and can prove hazardous to ignore.

When it comes to mold damage, many Long Island homeowners do not understand what these are much less how the colony formed in the first place. The more that you can understand about the presence of mold inside of your house, the more prepared you become to deal with the situation as soon as you discover it. Our SERVPRO applied microbial remediation technicians are available 24/7 to help you overcome mold growth in your house.

One of the first points that you need to understand about mold is that every single home can be susceptible to this fungal growth. Cleanliness or clutter has no bearing on the colonization of mold spores, and the conditions to allow a colony to form rest exclusively in the presence of moisture in your house and a consistent temperature. Several situations could lead to lingering moisture and dampness concerns throughout various areas of your house, and naturally occurring mold spores in the environment have the means to seat and thrive in nearby surfaces and organic materials.

To overcome the colony, which continually weakens the materials to the point of being unsalvageable, is to act quickly. Our SERVPRO technicians can isolate the colony and get to work fast on removing the organism through advanced techniques or removing the material entirely should the damage be too severe.

One of the essential things to remember about mold growth in your home is that the situation does not get better on its own. Our SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol remediation specialists can help you through every step of the process to remove the colony and restore your home to the way it used to be. (423) 245-5552.

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How To Recover From A Water Damage Emergency In Colonial Heights With Help From The Professionals At SERVPRO

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Water Damage How To Recover From A Water Damage Emergency In Colonial Heights With Help From The Professionals At SERVPRO Proper water cleanup is essential in ensuring your home is restored and reduce additional damage.

Ensuring Proper Water Cleanup In Your Colonial Heights Home

Proper water cleanup is essential in ensuring your home is restored and reduce additional damage. You need trained personnel using specialized equipment to ensure that the restoration work in your home is done effectively and lower possible structural or health hazards. It is essential to understand how we work in Colonial Heights to return properties to their preloss condition.

Proper drying is vital during water cleanup in Colonial Heights. Some areas of your home may require specialized drying and our SERVPRO technicians have the expertise to meet those requirements. Attics and crawl spaces, for example, can be challenging to deal with because they are often difficult to access. The access door is usually small and passing through the equipment may prove challenging. If we encounter a scenario, we might have to perform minor demolitions and put in place appropriate submersible pump to remove the standing water before moving on to the next step. After that, our team determines the best way to dry the floor and its components.

Dehumidification is one of the procedures that we perform when drying your property. A flexible hose can be used as a duct to move air into inaccessible areas of your home when using a dehumidifier. The SERVPRO technicians often use a light gauge sheet metal that is cut to fit the Dehumidifiers’ outlet. Dry air is, therefore, able to reach inaccessible areas of your home ensuring proper cleanup and drying.

Document drying is critical when it comes to proper water cleanup. Wet documents need to be stored in a freezer facility to stop further damage and to give our team time to determine the drying procedure to use. Documents often require drying through sublimation, and it can be time-consuming, especially when the level of damage is extensive.

SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol is a locally owned and operated company that is strategically located to help you with water cleanup emergencies. Call us at (423) 245-5552 to get trained personnel with adequate equipment to help you.

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Flood Damages Could Stop Customer Traffic to Your Bristol Retail Store

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Commercial Flood Damages Could Stop Customer Traffic to Your Bristol Retail Store When your business location faces the effects of flooding after a storm, it is time to contact SERVPRO for mitigation services.

Team SERVPRO Offers Expertise and Equipment to Dry Out Your Store After Flooding

Running a retail location in Bristol means offering competitive prices and products that entice the everyday shopper, but it also means providing an atmosphere and environment that welcomes those customers into your store in the first place. While flooding throughout the area might affect multiple homes and businesses all at once, you have to focus on the impact that it has on the foot traffic into your own store as you combat the effects.

One of the first things that any business owner should keep in mind when it comes to battling commercial flood damages in Bristol is that most are inadequately prepared to restore these damages. With the widespread nature of the effects and how deeply water can penetrate into unseen areas and materials, finding professional restoration services like our SERVPRO team to help can ensure that the job gets done correctly.

Among the most pressing of concerns for the business owner posed with flood damages is removing the water and drying up the moisture and dampness. These effects can ruin the stock and supply of your store, not to mention adversely affect flooring, walls, and furniture within the affected areas. Our SERVPRO professionals respond quickly to your emergency, helping to mitigate the potential losses that you face when you encounter flooding in your store.

Flooding rarely only brings water into your storefront, however. Debris, mud, and any number of contaminants could travel along with this water that requires cleanup from professionals with the right equipment. Our SERVPRO professionals have the right tools and expertise to restore heavily soiled fabrics and surfaces, successfully restoring them instead of choosing the demolition and reconstruction route.

Flood damages can wreak havoc on the materials used to construct your retail location, not to mention the damage they could do to your profits by impacting the stock and supply within the store. Choose SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol restoration specialists to help you mitigate these losses by safely removing at-risk items and working quickly to restore your business. Give us a call anytime at (423) 245-5552.

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Flood Damage Restoration In Colonial Heights

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Storm Damage Flood Damage Restoration In Colonial Heights We are here to return your home to its original, clean, safe condition.

Flood Damage Restoration

Colonial Heights homeowners often deal with flooding. Usually, the intrusion is small and limited to garages and carports. Occasionally though, a storm drops an incredible amount of rainwater in area neighborhoods, running into living rooms, kitchens, and the rest of the homes.

Since this is Colonial Heights flood damage and not water damage, SERVPRO restoration teams deal with contaminated water issues. Since the source comes from outside the home, technicians know there could be animal feces and urine in the water, as well as the possibility of sewage from an overwhelmed sewer or septic tank system.

The restoration team sprays every water surface and nearby property with an anti-bacterial spray to reduce and eliminate the health risk to themselves and residents. After a few minutes, they bring in commercial water pumps and extraction wands to remove the contaminated water. If there is a functioning sewer entry point nearby, technicians pump everything directly into the sewer system. If a septic tank services the home, they pump it all into a tank truck. Once they complete the job or fill the tank truck, the team sends it to a water treatment plant for disposal or recycling.

With the water removed, SERVPRO technicians spray the now exposed surfaces with the anti-bacterial agent. Once it dries, they examine structural and personal property for damage and if the items can be restored or require disposal. Carpets soaked in contaminated water are not restorable to a 100% clean condition, and our technicians do not attempt it.

Drywall becomes fragile after absorbing a large amount of water, which makes it extremely difficult to clean, so it is much cheaper to replace affected panels. Team members quickly remove contaminated and damaged items from every home and place them in a waste container near the home.

Next, the restoration team examines any wood floors in the home. If the floorboards did not absorb too much water, technicians look under them for standing water and spray where needed. To dry the floor, they install air movers to force warm air across the surface. Technicians can control the temperature and direction to avoid cracking or splitting the wood while drying it.

If this describes problems you have in your home now, contact SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol today. Call us at (423) 245-5552 for an appointment. We are here to return your home to its original, clean, safe condition.

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Restoring an Area with Fire Damage Protects Your Colonial Heights Home

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Fire Damage Restoring an Area with Fire Damage Protects Your Colonial Heights Home Regardless of the size of the fire, proper remediation ensures that secondary damages and odors do not continue in your home.

SERVPRO Technicians Remediate Fire Damage Including Any Remaining Odors

A small fire caused by a charger for a cell phone or other electronic device can leave a terrible mess in your Colonial Heights home. These small-sized items can quickly overheat and their plastic components can melt, exposing interior parts. Small flames can easily catch surroundings on fire.
SERVPRO handles both large and small disasters, so mitigating fire damage in Colonial Heights from small electrical fires is the safest option for homeowners to choose. We can handle the mess and make things look like they did before, just “Like it never even happened.” We use special equipment to help us remove the damage, clean areas covered in soot from the fire, and deodorize when needed.
A crew of highly trained technicians carry any materials or furnishings that burned during the fire out of your home for disposal. We cut drywall in a manner that makes replacing the damaged area as simple and easy as possible. Damaged paneling also requires removal. We cut all of these materials into smaller pieces so we can bag them up with little risk of them ripping them. We also double our bags to increase their strength.
Sometimes, upholstered furniture also ends up wearing a coating of soot, but we can clean these items with the use of gentle brushes and a vacuum. More challenging pieces might require wet solutions to remove tougher deposits. We also clean wooden furniture pieces of soot deposits. Our cleaning technicians quickly clean up hard and non-porous items, like knick-knacks, hard plastic items that show no signs of melted areas or other damage, and any other locations or belongings where soot landed and clung to during the fire.
Any sized fire can create smelly spots in your house. We can send an Odor Control Technician (OCT) who can rapidly eliminate the scent left in your home. Thermal fogging can work for homes of any size and it is a highly effective method. For weaker but still persistent odors, other methods can produce the desired effects for you.
SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol serves our beautiful region, including Blountville, Blair Gap, and Long Island. When residents' homes sustain fire damage and other disasters, we are always on call to mitigate the damage. Contact us at (423) 245-5552 for 24/7 service.

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Decontamination of Flood Damage in a Long Island Home

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Storm Damage Decontamination of Flood Damage in a Long Island Home Don't Let Your Flooded Long Island Furniture Hang Around--Call SERVPRO for Cleanup and Restoration

SERVPRO Extracts Stormwater, Dries the Long Island Structure, and then Disinfects "Like it never even happened."

Flooding carried a multitude of different pathogen types into homes and businesses on Long Island. Satisfactorily eliminating this risk from all surfaces in your property requires the removal and disposal of some materials that suffer the most severe and destructive damage.

Long Island homes that sustain even slight flood damage need new carpets and padding, along with the drastic removal of soaked wall materials. These items can no longer remain in your home. They contain water, pathogens, and odor-causing molecules. Restoration of these items in a cost-effective manner is not possible, so SERVPRO's IICRC-certified employees pull them out of their locations. Then we bag them up securely and remove them so they can no longer spread contamination or damage other parts of your home, nor become a tripping hazard for our workers.
Cabinets and furniture not made of solid wood can suffer much, as well. These items swell and disintegrate quickly after exposure to standing water. We cannot repair these items to preloss condition, and they can only continue to disintegrate over time. Where we can, we block furniture with high-density foam or non-staining wood blocks to prevent the wicking of stormwater. Other surfaces, including porous fabric coverings on furniture, can become safely sanitary again when we use special germ-killing agents to clean them. Metal fasteners and hinges can rust and affect other materials nearby, so we protect these pieces of metal wherever we find them.
Thoroughly cleaning everything resolves one aspect of flood damage. SERVPRO technicians also remove the moisture that can continue to damage your home by causing high humidity levels, and degrade the indoor air quality IAQ as well as increases the probability of mold infesting your residence.
We use applicable dehumidification equipment designed to dry out your home through increased evaporation and subsequent extraction of airborne water vapor. We use all sorts of devices to make things dry again, including units that heat small areas of your home's interior which forces evaporation at a faster pace.
SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol has the tools and methods to clean up your home after it sustains flood damage. Call us at (423) 245-5552 so we can protect your Morrison City or Walnut Hill property from the effects of this and other disasters.

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Why Does Mold Grow In Your Long Island Basement?

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Mold Remediation Why Does Mold Grow In Your Long Island Basement? Mold spores exist all over your house and in the environment outside of your home as well.

Mold Damage In Your Basement

There are plenty of questions that people have about mold growth in their Long Island residence. With a plethora of bad information that can get found across the internet, it is important to get the facts straight about a discovery like this in your home, and the best approach to remove this fungal colony before it causes too much damage.

Since many of the instances of mold damages that our SERVPRO professionals encounter in Long Island homes gets uncovered in the basement, many homeowners are naturally curious as to the reason. Of all the places that mold growth could occur in your home, what makes the basement such a common location to find a colony?

Mold spores exist all over your house and in the environment outside of your home as well. These microscopic organisms are waiting for the conditions to get met so they can seat on materials and colonize. Basements often provide an essential component to this colonization with persistent moisture. This area of your home is continually under attack by the external water looking to force its way into your property. In cracks and crevices, and even through seeping into the concrete flooring from below, moisture finds a path inside the basement and provides a damp environment.

Another condition that basements tend to allow to aid mold growth is darkness. Do not assume that mold colonies require darkness to grow and thrive, but rather these areas provide better conditions for rapid expansion. Many varieties of household mold can spread more quickly in the dark, which in turn means a broader remediation area for our SERVPRO technicians.

Warmth is another condition that many basements have to offer mold spores, which can accelerate their growth rate. Since many homes have their furnaces in the basement, this persistent warmth throughout the months this is in use provides a continual breeding ground for mold spores if the moisture conditions already get met.

Better understanding the conditions required for mold growth and the likelihood that any basement could be at risk for colonization should help homeowners appreciate the need for regular inspections. You can usually quickly tell if mold is present by a musty odor or by physically seeing the colony. If mold is growing in your home, give our SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol mold remediation technicians a call right away at (423) 245-5552.

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The Benefits Of Professional Restoration When Your Colonial Heights Home Needs Water Removal

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Water Damage The Benefits Of Professional Restoration When Your Colonial Heights Home Needs Water Removal Water loss events in your home occur from multiple sources including natural disasters like flooding or disasters like appliance malfunctions.

The Benefits Of Professional Restoration

Water loss events in your home occur from multiple sources including natural disasters like flooding or more homemade disasters like appliance malfunctions. Overcoming the kind of high volumes of water that can end up in your Colonial Heights residence after an unfortunate circumstance like this can prove a challenge, but with professional restoration assistance, the situation is simpler to manage.

With water disasters in the home, many homeowners choose to attempt to clean up the mess on their own and do what they can to dry out the area. There are a couple of different reasons why home solutions are less effective than professional restoration for your Colonial Heights water removal and restoration work.

The first of these considerations is that most homeowners have very little idea about the reach of the damage that their home actually faces. While you can treat the issues that you can see, with high volumes of water present, a considerable amount of damage lies under flooring, in wall cavities, and above ceiling material. Our SERVPRO technicians employ thermal imagery to see beyond these obstructions to find lingering moisture and dampness.

Another thing to consider is the lack of the appropriate equipment to effectively restore your home following a water loss incident. Some substantial concerns require extraction tools that are much stronger than wet-vacs and portable sump pumps. With high volumes of pooled water, the most efficient approach is a truck-mounted pump from our SERVPRO fleet of vehicles.

One of the final considerations is the likelihood that your insurance company is going to encourage you to seek out the work of a professional restoration company rather than attempting to do the work on your own. This approach better guarantees the quality of the restoration and that the job gets finished efficiently and correctly.

You might not consider the ways that you can face water damage on your own in your house, as you can already appreciate the benefits of choosing professional assistance. No matter which side of the fence you are on, our SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol water damage restoration technicians can help you to return your home to preloss conditions quickly. Give us a call anytime that you need us at (423) 245-5552.

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Overcoming Soot Damage in Your Bristol Residence

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Fire Damage Overcoming Soot Damage in Your Bristol Residence When you find yourself staring in disbelief at the fire damage in your home, it is time to contact SERVPRO for efficient remediation services.

Team SERVPRO Has the Experience to Eliminate Many Different Types of Soot Residues Remaining in Your Home After a Fire

Your Bristol home was not intended to stop fires before they spread to other areas of the house. In fact, most of the materials used for the construction of your home have the ability to catch fire and help it to spread throughout the structure. Unfortunately, this can spread the effects of this blaze all throughout your property and cause a lot of work for the professional restoration team that you choose to help clean up this mess.
Working to clean up the mess after the incident is over is no easy task, either. Most often the substantial effects that stand out are smoke and soot damages. These are common fire damages to Bristol homes, and they can often prove to be challenging to remove without the right equipment.
Fortunately, our SERVPRO professionals have the tools and expertise to help you through often widespread soot damages throughout your household. While the most concentrated of this effect can get found around the fires originating point where it burned the longest, this is not always the case. This matted debris and film from the combustion leaves a dark, often black residue on surfaces, furniture, flooring, and other materials.
Removing this residue requires multiple approaches. For wall surfaces, scrubbing with wet and dry sponges can often remove the bulk of the present film. Confined spaces like ductwork require high powered vacuums to get used instead.
Smoke damage often presents itself in the form of a harsh odor lingering in fabrics, carpeting and open spaces throughout affected areas of your house. Removal of this odor typically requires thermal fogging, a process that releases an unscented chemical compound into the environment and contents of the room to break apart odor molecules and leave no discernable scent behind.
There is very little that most homeowners can do alone to bring their homes back from the harmful effects of a fire. When you face these kinds of damages, seek out the professionals we employ at SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol. We can respond quickly and get your home back to preloss conditions as soon as possible. Give us a call 24/7 at (423) 245-5552.

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Kitchen and Bathroom Mold Remediation in Your Colonial Heights Residence

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Mold Remediation Kitchen and Bathroom Mold Remediation in Your Colonial Heights Residence Finding mold in your kitchen or bathroom can cause you to panic. Call SERVPRO and let us handle the remediation.

Certified and Experienced SERVPRO Technicians Remediate Household Mold Infestations and Offer Tips to Help Prevent Recurrences

While you might have experienced mold growth throughout your life in various places, no homeowner wants to find this same occurrence in their Colonial Heights residence. The basement is often a common location for such an incident, as it is often difficult to keep this area completely dry throughout the better part of the year, but surprisingly, it is also common to see these colonies sprouting up in poorly ventilated rooms like bathrooms and kitchens.

Finding mold damages in your Colonial Heights home can be overwhelming to see, but even harder to combat on your own. While you might have seen sites online that encourage DIY methods for mold removal, the truth is that exposure to these colonies could cause health effects. This situation is always one that should get handled by certified, experienced professionals.

Fortunately, our SERVPRO applied microbial remediation technicians get uniquely trained to handle any variety of mold or fungal growth and the best approaches to remove this presence from your home completely. When we arrive at your home, our first step is to isolate the room where the colony has gotten located to prevent the spread of spores to new areas of the house.

With a bathroom or a kitchen being so heavily used, it is critical for our team of SERVPRO professionals to act quickly to remove a colony from where it seated. Often sanding and soda blasting can be two effective approaches, and in more challenging areas we often combine these efforts along with a penetrative antimicrobial solution sprayed on the colony. These efforts help our team to remove the entire organism, unlike DIY methods which often only remove the surface mold.

Finding mold growing in your home, especially in a heavily used area, is nothing that any homeowner gets prepared to find. Fortunately, with our training and expertise, our SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol remediation technicians can help you to overcome this presence in your house and restore your home to its original condition. We are available 24/7, so call us anytime you need us at (423) 245-5552.

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Health Club Needs Help with Mold damage in Bristol

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Commercial Health Club Needs Help with Mold damage in Bristol If your health club starts exhibiting mold damage or has the tell-tale musty smell, call SERVPRO for remediation before your members find alternative.

Team SERVPRO Arrives on the Scene Quickly to Help Keep Your Club Doors Open After a Mold Infestation

Workout spaces of many kinds enrich life in Bristol. Full-service complexes with pools, basketball courts, tracks, cardio, and weight areas contrast with boutique spaces that cater to yoga or women’s fitness. All of these enterprises can contend with microbial infestation because of high moisture and humidity levels. These businesses promote health and wellness and need to control any issues that create concern about safe and sanitary areas for their patrons to exercise. Our microbial remediation technicians can help.
When a musty smell and streaks of mildew greet members of your health club, the Bristol commercial mold damage requires professional remediation. Your daily faithful have other options in the area, so you need to manage the problem swiftly. Working with a mold abatement company that designs creative solutions permitting a portion of the facility to remain open gives your customers confidence that their loyalty to you and your motivational staff is well placed.
SERVPRO mold remediation crews receive thorough applied microbial technician training from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC). We employ the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocol during a project, showing beneficial results in eradicating current mold infestation and helping to inhibit future outbreaks.
An experienced project manager assesses the extent of the mold damage in your facility and then creates a plan to keep all safe and secure during remediation. The EPA procedure mandates a containment strategy to separate the affected area from spaces in your center that show no mold growth. Heavy plastic sheeting and negative pressure air scrubbers with HEPA filters isolate the mold-containing structures and fixtures. Temporary air ducts operating with the air scrubbers exhaust the air from the moldy sections as SERVPRO remediators scrape and soda blast the mold off surfaces.
We remove any surfaces extensively infested with mold hyphae, bagging these building materials with the mold debris removed and vacuumed from floors after the physical loosening and elimination of current mold colonies. SERVPRO is familiar with local hazardous waste rules and disposes of the bagged residues in compliance with their parameters.
As we concentrate on the moldy areas, other spaces in your health clue continue to operate. After we rid your business of the mold colonies, we treat affected areas with EPA registered disinfectants. To limit future mold growth on other surfaces in your business we use professional products that discourage the proliferation of tiny mold spores into expanding colonies.
Partner with SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol if your fitness center shows signs of mold growth, Call us at (423) 245-5552 to set up a consultation to craft a remediation plan.

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When Water Damage Threatens Your Bristol Retail Store

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Commercial When Water Damage Threatens Your Bristol Retail Store When your retail location suffers from a water damage incident, contact the certified technicians at SERVPRO for efficient remediation services.

Our SERVPRO Technicians Understand the Need for a Quick Turn Around Remediating Damage to Your Busy Store

Your Bristol retail location lives and dies on the foot traffic and loyal local customers that it receives on a daily basis. Even at the most successful of times, something lurks in the shadows that threatens to close your doors and keep you from serving the community around you: a water loss incident. While you cannot predict how or when it might happen, this is something that is a legitimate threat that any business owner should prepare for in whatever way that they can. The more prepared that you are for the possibility of a water emergency in your building, the faster you can respond and get resolution.

From busted water lines to leaking sprinkler systems, your store can see all kinds of commercial water damage in Bristol that happens quickly and spreads out through the stock you have in the building. Combatting this damage is often something that business owners cannot do on their own, but fortunately, you do not have to. You can always depend on the experience and rapid response of our SERVPRO team to help you restore your business and get your doors back open again quickly.

When our team arrives at your store, we get to work on repairing the source of the problem that you faced if the situation has not already gotten repaired. Once this completes, we can evaluate the full scope of the damage and what needs to happen to restore your building and allow for customers to return.

From weighted extractors to remove water from saturated carpets to our SERVPRO injectidry system, removing the moisture and dampness from the incident is critical. Lingering moisture can allow mold growth to occur, which can significantly extend the time until you can return to business as usual.

Contending with water damages, whatever their cause, can seem overwhelming and stressful when you appreciate that lost time is lost profits. Our SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol team of restoration specialists can respond quickly to your call and work as efficiently as possible in cleaning up the mess and preparing your storefront for its grand reopening. Give us a call anytime at (423) 245-5552.
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Inspecting Your Bristol Home For Damages After A Fire

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Fire Damage Inspecting Your Bristol Home For Damages After A Fire When it comes to loss incidents, fire in your home can prove challenging to overcome.

Inspecting Your Home For Damages After A Fire

When it comes to loss incidents, fire in your Bristol home can prove challenging to overcome. Even without crippling structural damage, the effects of a recent fire can often be too far-reaching for the average homeowner to face on their own. Conventional cleaning efforts and general deodorization, for example, pale in comparison to the effectiveness of professional restoration services.

Reacting to the fire damage in your Bristol home can seem almost impossible. Once the extinguishment completes, you can get your first look at the effects of the fire and what you have to overcome to get your house back to the way it was. Fortunately, this is not a battle that you have to fight on your own. Our SERVPRO team gets trained to handle all manner of fire restoration, from soot clean up to deodorization to help make the steps towards getting your house to original condition more effectively.

Our estimator and project manager work to identify the full scope of the damage from the time that we arrive at your home. We survey every area, whether directly connected to the fire in your home or not. This thorough inspection ensures that all of the damage gets cataloged and that our SERVPRO professionals have the right equipment and strategies to contend with what they face.

This assessment of your damage gets delivered to the insurance company that covers your home. Most claims cannot get pushed through without a detailed itinerary of the work that needs to get done and a general estimated cost for materials and labor to restore the home to preloss conditions.

Whether the damage in your home was widespread or not, this process remains the same. Our professionals take great care in assessing the scope of the damage that your home faces so that no stone gets left unturned in the restoration process. You can trust our SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol fire restoration specialists to work quickly to bring your home back to how it should be. Give us a call anytime at (423) 245-5552.

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Packing Out Your Home During Water Removal At Your Colonial Heights Home

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Water Damage Packing Out Your Home During Water Removal At Your Colonial Heights Home Whether a pipe burst in your plumbing or an appliance came disconnected unexpectedly, there are multiple reasons why you might require water removal.

Packing Out Your Home During Water Removal

While no one wants to think about the likelihood of substantial water damages in their Colonial Heights residence, it is often a wise practice to prepare for what you might do in the event that it occurs. While it would be customary to reach out to your home insurance company to begin the necessary steps to afford the repairs and restoration you require, it might also fall to you to get that same professional outfit at your home and getting to work on the problems that you face.

Whether a pipe burst in your plumbing or an appliance came disconnected unexpectedly, there are multiple reasons why you might require water removal services for your Colonial Heights home. The right team for the job is one that can respond quickly to these emergencies and work to keep the contents of your home, as well as its structural elements, from getting irreparably damaged as much as possible.

From the moment that our SERVPRO team responds to your call, we start working to determine the full scope of the damage that your home faces. Our technicians understand that water extraction is a critical component to the restoration your home needs, and employs pumps and wet-vacs (among other specialized equipment) to begin removing the water from the area.

If this affected area has contents which could become highly damaged by the present pooled water, packing out these items is a common practice of our SERVPRO team. This service takes these items to a nearby facility for concentrated restoration (where needed) and opens up the area inside of your home for the right personnel and equipment to get the water removed and the area thoroughly dried.

Once the moisture and dampness have all gotten eliminated with air movers, dehumidification machines, and other equipment, we can safely bring the removed items back into your home and place them how they originally were.

When you have substantial water damage in your home, time is of the essence to get the situation handled. You can count on the emergency response team that we have at SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol. Our technicians are available 24/7 by calling (423) 245-5552.

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Flood Damage Restoration in Bristol

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Storm Damage Flood Damage Restoration in Bristol Finding your home flooded after a storm can be devastating. Contact SERVPRO for a quick response and thorough remediation services.

SERVPRO Technicians Offer Many Types of Services When Dealing With Moisture and Odors After Flooding

Stormy weather in Bristol can bring about excessive rain and high-speed winds. Rain can cause places in town to flood that can cause water to enter your home. High-speed winds can blow objects like rocks and branches into windows allowing rainwater to get inside the house.
Any time rainwater enters a building; pungent aromas can exist. A vital step in flood damage restoration in Bristol is the deodorization process. After moisture gets extracted and dried out of the structure, mildew-like smells can still exist from the rainwater.
When combatting odors, the first step our SERVPRO technicians take is to remove the source. If the source of unpleasant aromas is rainwater, then anything that got wet gets extracted and dried. If there are wet contents inside the home creating the smells, then they get cleaned and dried, or discarded.
In most cases, odors come from a variety of sources. To figure out every source and the specific methods to battle each smell would take technical equipment and extensive knowledge. Instead, we use multiple ways to combat the fragrances so that we cover all of the most common sources.
There are many industrially-approved methods that are proven to work with different types of malodor particles. For each practice used, there are specialized chemicals or equipment as well as specific application methods. Each technique is designed to get rid of unpleasant fragrances in different ways.
Some chemicals work as masking agents that cover up foul odors with more pleasant ones. These chemicals come as time release beads or product additives. Other methods are absorption or filtration agents that absorb moisture from humidity and some oils. An example of this is activated charcoal for air filtration systems.
Pairing agents are products that combine with odor particles causing them to fall onto a surface to be cleaned up. Pairing agents are often dispensed from an ultra-low volume fogger. Disinfectants and sanitizers are used to inhibit bacterial and fungal growth. Most of these chemicals come in liquid form that can be sprayed from a pump or hand sprayer.
During most restoration projects that take place after a flood, deodorization takes place as well as disinfecting and sanitizing to prevent mold growth. For help with deodorization, call SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol at (423) 245-5552 any day of the week.

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A Window Was Left Open And Caused Water Damage In Your Long Island Family Room

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Water Damage A Window Was Left Open And Caused Water Damage In Your Long Island Family Room While accidents can happen, it is not good when they lead to trouble such as water damage.

Water Damage In Your Family Room

While accidents can happen, it is not good when they lead to trouble such as water damage. Your family room is a place where televisions, game systems, and other valuable belongings are stored. It is where your family gathers to spend time together. However, if a window gets left open during a severe storm, and water makes its way inside, you may find yourself with a room filled with water instead of your family.

Leaving the water damage in your Long Island family room for too long can cause further problems. Electronics can break when exposed to water, wood can warp, and furniture can become mildewy. When water damage impacts your home, it should be dealt with as quickly as possible, so extra damage cannot be done over time. Fortunately, this situation can be addressed professionally with a simple phone call.

At SERVPRO we strive to get to your home quickly after your call. Our employees can be there within hours. If there are any pools of water on your hardwood floors, we can extract them first so we may begin to dry out the structure of your home and your belongings. SERVPRO uses advanced trade-tools such as air movers, ventilation box fans, and desiccant dehumidifiers to reduce the moisture levels inside of your home.

We can create drying spaces based on the unique structure of your home. If we find a patch of your hardwood floor remains wet after the structure of your home has been dried, we can create a fix for that situation. A standard solution is to create a tent of polyethylene so that the dehumidifiers are removing moisture from the air in a concentrated space. Here at SERVPRO, if we hit a snag in our drying plan, we are determined to find a solution.

If an open window allows water to damage your home, do not hesitate. Phone SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol at (423) 245-5552. Day or night, we can quickly arrive at your home to help return it to its pre-damaged condition.

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After A Fire Damage Takes Place In Bristol, Structural Components Require Cleaning

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Fire Damage After A Fire Damage Takes Place In Bristol, Structural Components Require Cleaning Our SERVPRO technicians have the proper equipment to safely remove soot from all your personal belongings.

Say No To Fire & Soot Damage and Say Yes to SERVPRO Restoration Services

Smoke coming from a fire that accidentally started inside your Bristol home can travel throughout the entire house. Smoke leaves behind soot residues on just about every surface it contacts. Cleaning materials and contents are cheaper than replacing them and works well in many different cases.

The cleaning stage can be the most time consuming, yet most essential part of the process. During fire damage restoration in Bristol, all affected contents and structural components get cleaned and deodorized. Certain structural components inside your house require specific methods and chemicals to remove all of the soot residues.

When cabinets get affected by smoke, different methods get used on the finished and unfinished parts of the cabinet. Finished wooden surfaces get cleaned with dry sponges or wet cleaning methods. Surfaces such as the wood inside the cabinet that is not finished first gets wiped down with a dry sponge that collects the soils and soot. If soils still exist, we use denatured alcohol to remove the soot so that it does not soak into the wood.

Lighting fixtures are other items that are attached to the building's structure and are prone to collect soot. Before we clean light fixtures we pretest the chemical mixtures to make sure it does not damage the finish on the fixture. We then turn off the power and remove the entire fixture and clean every part of it.

Windows also are common places for soot residues to exist. Cleaning smoke damage from windows requires cleaning the glass, frame and any components. When our SERVPRO technicians clean smoke damaged glass, we use a low-alkaline glass cleaner to prevent streaking.

The draperies and rods around your windows get removed and taken down for soot removal and cleaning. Fabric draperies get washed in a washing machine and deodorized. The rods that hold the curtains get cleaned with wet cleaning methods that remove soot from all of the cracks and grooves.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

The various items inside a home get affected by smoke differently depending on things like what fuel was burned and how hot the fire got. Soot residues are composed of different chemicals so one method may not work for all affected areas. Seeking out professional help from SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol by calling (423) 245-5552 after a loss can save you a lot of time and money.

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Heavy Spring Rains Result in Blountville Flood Damage

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Storm Damage Heavy Spring Rains Result in Blountville Flood Damage Flooding can often be devastating. Contact SERVPRO quickly to remediate the damage to your home.

Team SERVPRO Efficiently Dries Out Your Property After Flooding

Historic homes in the Blountville area risk flooding during periods of relentless rain often seen in the late winter and spring. The area is tangled with many smaller streams and creeks that swell and overflow during the precipitation, adding to the threat of floods. Overwhelmed sewer systems also can send contaminated waters into basements, foundations, and crawl spaces. Professional assessment from a reputable flood recovery company is a wise plan.
Seeking the assistance of experts when flood damage invades your Blountville dwelling increases the chances of a successful and safe resolution. Our focus on premium customer service is second to none, and our crews are ready for all flood-related challenges because of the commitment our employees have to master IICRC training. Evaluating the quality of the water invading your home is fundamental to devising the most appropriate water removal, structural drying, and disinfection plan for your circumstances.
SERVPRO production managers assess the level of contamination of the flood waters inside your home, choosing the legally mandated method to contain and dispose of gray or black water. Gray water is slightly tainted, but flooding often confronts homeowners with black water, particularly if sewer back up in involved. Human and animal waste requires mitigation by technicians dressed in personal protective equipment, a service with which our crews have experience and training. If the flooded area of your home provides storage for paints and household chemicals, the need for expert hazardous waste management increases if they spill or are absorbed into the water.
Once SERVPRO crews pump and extract the water, we search for hidden recesses that contain moisture. Meters and scanners help, and if necessary we drill holes in masonry or remove sections of walls to release and capture the water. Drying goals determined by the levels of moisture and ambient humidity are achieved using our high-efficiency air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers. Thorough drying is a must to avoid microbial growth. We also use our training to apply registered disinfectants to inhibit any remaining risk posed by the pathogens the flood waters brought.
Take the opportunity to let the professionals at SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol guide your through a flood damage restoration in your home. One call to (423) 245-5552 puts you in touch with all our years of experience and considerable flood damage recovery resources.

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What to Do When a Dishwasher Leaks in Your Bristol Home and Causes Water Damage

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Water Damage What to Do When a Dishwasher Leaks in Your Bristol Home and Causes Water Damage Dishwashers are a necessary part of the modern home. Should yours fail and dump water onto your kitchen floor, contact SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Arrives to Assess and Then Dry Out Your Water Damaged Property

Water damage can quietly sneak up on you from leaks in your home without you ever being aware of it. When a situation like that arises, it can quickly cause a headache. However, the problem can become even worse when it is your dishwasher that broke and leaked water all over your kitchen floor while you were away at work. The liquid can end up sitting for the entirety of the day, and during that time it has free reign to soak into your floors, walls, and cupboards. Fortunately, there is qualified help near you to assist.
While you are away at work, the stagnant pool can cause water damage to your Bristol home. Excess water can encourage the growth of dangerous mold, cause rot, and weaken the structure of your residence. While the water might seem to be gone, the truth is that is has absorbed into your belongings and they are holding that moisture. However, our IICRC-certified technicians know how to tackle excessive moisture content and water damage.
SERVPRO is a leader in the restoration and cleanup services industry. Our technicians are equipped with advanced drying technology. Through the use of air movers, dehumidifiers, and axial fans, we can create an environment that encourages evaporation. An environment that is not too moist is essential for drying out your furnishings and belongings. Without the creation of an ideal environment, the water can just find something else nearby to sink into instead.
Once SERVPRO receives your call, we can send out our technicians immediately. Once at the scene, they can address the spots of your home that need to be dried and begin to work as soon as possible. We strive to get to work as quickly as we can because water damage, like other damages, is better addressed sooner than later.
When an appliance breaks in your home, call SERVPRO of the Kingsport / Bristol area at (423) 245-5552. We strive to return your home to its preloss condition as quickly as we can.

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There is No Need to Panic After Experiencing Fire Damage in Colonial Heights

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Fire Damage There is No Need to Panic After Experiencing Fire Damage in Colonial Heights Smoke particles and soot settle on surfaces during a fire and SERVPRO removes during the restoration process.

SERVPRO’s Highly Trained Technicians Properly Clean Fire Damage

Despite the specialized fire prevention and detection systems that we have in our buildings, fire damage remains a top concern. It is also worth noting that different challenges arise from different fire situations. While we expect to remove the dirt that smoke residues leave behind, there are several processes that restorers perform to return your Colonial Heights home to its former state, and all that requires specific equipment and skills.

You need to treat all fire damage events in Colonial Heights as an emergency to prevent further damage. When our SERVPRO team arrives at your property, we perform a pretest and identify items we can replace, clean, and those that need further examination. From our inspection, it is possible to determine the scope of the loss and share with the adjuster, and after that schedule the estimated mitigation processes.

Given that smoke particles and soot settle on surfaces, removing them is necessary during the restoration. Our SERVPRO technicians know the behavior of smoke during a fire, and that makes it easy when finding the most massive smoke deposits. For instance, hot smoke settles typically around cold areas, and we usually find it near closed drawers, unheated rooms and outside windows and walls. Also, closing doors is not enough to stop the movement of smoke, and that is why our team always inspects all the rooms in the building.

There are a number of factors that determine the cleaning method we choose when cleaning surfaces and items. These include the amount of heat, the age of the surface, the moisture content, type of area, material type, air pressure and temperature change. For instance, it is hard to clean areas where the fire was too hot since in such cases the heat makes surfaces to become porous. Therefore, odors and residues can easily penetrate into those areas, and we might be forced to perform some refinishing once we complete the cleaning.

When water comes into contact with some smoke particles, odors may result. Where possible, our SERVPRO technicians remove the odor source and perform deodorization. When the smells are coming from cracks, we direct deodorizing fog or smoke into those spaces by using thermal foggers.

At SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster whether it is storm, mold, fire or water related. Call us at (423) 245-5552 if you want your property to return to its preloss state.  

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The Right Call for Mold Damage in Your Colonial Heights Home

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Mold Remediation The Right Call for Mold Damage in Your Colonial Heights Home Mold can sneak up on you and spread rapidly in your home. Call SERVPRO to investigate the situation and remediate any damage.

SERVPRO Quickly Investigates a Mold Infestation Throughout Your Home

With the humid air through a significant part of the year, your Colonial Heights home might be more at risk of mold growth and fungal colonies than you know. The conditions necessary for mold growth in your home are only dampness and moisture combined with an increase in temperature. When these two conditions get met, spores in the air can find the nutrients and food they need to seat themselves on surfaces in that area and grow a thriving organism.
You would not be the first Colonial Heights home to experience mold damage, but too often homeowners believe that the problem is not severe, or it is something that they can remedy on their own. To be clear, it is widely understood that mold can cause health effects to you or your family coming into contact with the colonies, so it is something that should get handled promptly. Moreover, conventional cleaning methods are often ineffective for removing the entire hyphae, meaning that the colony itself could merely sprout forth again after a short time.
When our SERVPRO remediation specialists begin work on your home, we focus our efforts both on removing the present growth and identifying the source that fed the spores in the first place. Understanding where the source of the water is can aid our technicians in sealing off these areas and keeping conditions from allowing further colonies to grow again in this same area of your home.
With the latest techniques and equipment, our SERVPRO IICRC-certified technicians get to work quickly on isolating the area where the growth occurs and preventing these spores from spreading to new areas of your house. Once the colonies have gotten removed, dehumidification begins to pull all of the moisture from the area. It could get recommended, in very damp areas of your house, to run similar equipment indefinitely to keep spores from being fed and forming damaging fungal growths.
Discovering mold damage in your home does not have to be an overwhelming experience, nor do you have to handle it alone. Our experienced team at SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol is available to help you anytime you need us just by calling (423) 245-5552.

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Make The Correct, Informed Decisions Concerning Fire Damage In Your Bristol Area Home

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Fire Damage Make The Correct, Informed Decisions Concerning Fire Damage In Your Bristol Area Home Bristol Fire Damage and Prevention May Be Possible with the SERVPRO ERP Emergency READY Profile Plan

SERVPRO's ERP Plan Provides Fire & Smoke Support and Advice

In some cases, fire damage to your home may be unavoidable. Lightning could strike on or around your property; a neighbor could have a fire that spreads your way or a wildfire in the area could get out of control. Under these circumstances, it may be impossible to control the situation. 

However, there are still many steps you can take to limit the losses you suffer after fire damage strikes your Bristol family home. Having an existing relationship with a local fire restoration company can provide you with the best opportunity for recovery. Giving you access to the personnel, equipment, and resources necessary to mitigate fire hazards that already exist and the attention you deserve should a disaster occur.
A variety of fire hazards, such as those that arise from cooking, misuse, or negligence can be prevented by just changing your habits. Make the correct, informed decisions necessary to keep your home safe and help IICRC-industry certified technicians from SERVPRO protect your property the right way. Install fire-safety features throughout your home, including the smoke and fire alarms, fire doors, extinguishers, and fire resistant materials whenever possible.

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Fire potential still exists, regardless of what you do to prevent it. Get your family ready by creating a plan of action that each member of your family should follow to remain safe, obtain the proper insurance, and use every tool available to protect your investment the right way. SERVPRO works hard to limit any losses you might experience, by helping you eliminate existing hazards, and showing you how to minimize the effects of water, fire, and smoke damage in your home. 

SERVPRO's Ready Plan App helps provide accessibility to workers and gives pre-existing instructions that help get you back into your fire-damaged home, faster. By filling out an Emergency READY Profile, you gain access to expertly trained disaster mitigation and restoration providers, a no-cost assessment of your property and the ability to document critical information that helps reduce the stress involved in processing your insurance claim.
SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol stands ready 24-hours a day, 7-days a week to provide you with emergency cleanup and restoration services throughout the Blountville, Colonial Heights, Long Island area, call today. (423) 245-5552

Eliminating the Conditions that Can Lead to Mold Damage in Your Bloomingdale Home

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Mold Remediation Eliminating the Conditions that Can Lead to Mold Damage in Your Bloomingdale Home Past flooding, leaking pipes, and saturated ground outside your home can all cause higher humidity levels in your home which can lead to mold growth.

SERVPRO Remediates Mold Damage and Takes Steps to Prevent Future Mold Growth

A continuous state of elevated humidity is a primary cause of excessive microbial growth in Bloomingdale residences and can quickly increase the amount of damage that follows. Other factors, such as the presence of absorbent materials in the home can also play a role in how rapidly microbial growth occurs.

Whenever a residence in Bloomingdale sustains mold damage, one of the aspects examined inside the home includes the presence of water sources. Leaky water lines, past flooding events, and saturated ground near the home can all increase the amount of humidity the interior of the home experiences. SERVPRO technicians use moisture meters and other devices to locate the sources as well as areas where moisture accumulated. Once we locate these areas and sources, we can then resolve the situation that caused microbial growth to affect the home.

Mold remediation experts know that the existence of future invasive water can cause the microbial problem to return, rendering mold remediation efforts useless. Once we eliminate these sources, we can then begin removing mold-damaged materials, laundering and cleaning household items and furniture, and caring for the carpeting throughout the home. Walls that harbor mold, even if dormant, need cleaning and dried.

During our work, maintaining a set of controls to keep all mold contained safely, affects the overall outcome of our labor. This includes the use of plastic sheeting surrounding areas within the home, along with the use of our air scrubbers. Sending microbes outdoors helps keep them from entering other areas of your property.

However, ensuring that moisture sources no longer exist where they should not helps keep old from returning in full force. Effectively starving microbes, their population growth stays under control. Once we complete our remediation work, diligent homeowners know to keep an eye out for leaking water lines, loose connections, and other sources of moisture. Microbes do not need a great deal of moisture to begin growing again and causing future problems.

SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol is always ready to serve those in our communities, including Blountville and Marilyn Hills. Contact us by calling our 24-hour service line at (423) 245-5552. Your family does not need to live with the effects of mold damage in your home.

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Who To Call When Your Bristol School Suffers Fire Damages

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Commercial Who To Call When Your Bristol School Suffers Fire Damages Parents do not want their kids to return to a dirty, foul smelling environment after your school sustains a fire. Contact SERVPRO asap.

SERVPRO Technicians Prioritize Remediating Fire Damage at Your School

Fires to any business or commercial property can be devastating, but when it happens to a local Bristol school, there are many more problems that could arise. While any area business might have the clientele to think of when they get faced with a disaster that forces the doors closed for restoration efforts, when you are forced to close a school for even a short while, this is not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination.
While all the fires that typically happen in schools stay fairly contained because of the materials used to construct them and fireproofing efforts, nothing is a guarantee. With fire damage to a Bristol school, hundreds of families are impacted all at the same time, so getting the lingering symptoms of the fire under control and restored are paramount to functioning as a regular facility again.
Our SERVPRO team of restoration specialists have the tools and expertise to handle any sized disaster and work quickly to ensure that your doors do not have to stay closed a moment longer than necessary. With lingering fire symptoms and effects, certain combinations can be problematic to expose your usual maintenance team to, and many conventional cleaning practices are insufficient to clear out these effects entirely.
Even something as typical as a lingering odor from the fire can prove to be a noxious scent in the air that is challenging to be around for long. Fortunately, our SERVPRO professionals have the deodorizing equipment to alter the foul smell at a molecular level chemically. Our odorless compound used through the fogging machines can get used on hard surfaces, carpets, and furniture.
Cleaning the affected areas is another critical component of our restoration process, and with our scrubbers, we can use them in several ways. Depending on the severity of the smoke and soot damage, these scrubbers can get used dry, operating much like a vacuum with a brush. For more labor-intensive projects, a wet solution can get used with the scrubbers for deeper cleaning.
Fire in your school does not have to shut you down for long stretches when you know the right restoration company to call. Trust the experienced specialists we have at SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol. You can reach our emergency response team 24/7 by calling (423) 245-5552.

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Structural Damage Can Result In Flooding To Your Bristol House

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Storm Damage Structural Damage Can Result In Flooding To Your Bristol House Flood damage to your Bristol home can often be the result of severe storm events.

Flood Damage To Your House

When severe weather strikes your Bristol home, you can get a sense of all of the things that were potential threats that you did not take care of when you had the chance. Low hanging branches or weak looking trees have been the primary culprit to much structural damage to homes, but one thing that their looming presence might not always bring to mind: water penetration and potential flooding.

As if the significant amount of structural damage done to your home was not enough after the storm finally subsided, this same issue has likely allowed untold amounts of water to enter your home unabated. Flood damage to your Bristol home can often be the result of such unfortunate severe storm events, and some steps need to be taken quickly to help prevent even more substantial damage from occurring.

Once you have called our experienced and professional SERVPRO restoration team, we can start formulating our unique strategy specifically for your home to bring it back to how it used to be before the damage occurred. The first thing that our team does when we enter a storm damaged and the flood-damaged house is to board up broken windows and holes in your home to prevent further elemental exposure that could weaken structural components or compound on the existing problem and make it significantly worse.

Extraction of the water is paramount to the success of our restoration effort. In cases of substantial flooding, we bring out a pump truck from our fleet that can pull large volumes from the floor much more quickly than with traditional wet vacs and portable pumps that we might also utilize. Drying and dehumidification are next on the list, entirely drying affected structural components and the contents of your home.

While construction is not something that our team ordinarily gets involved with, we can thoroughly prep the storm-damaged areas of your home for a construction contractor. Ultimately, this process allows you to get your home back to its normal conditions much more quickly because you are not waiting for that same contractor to demolish areas in need of replacement.

If you are dealing with any flooding emergency, be sure to contact SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol. Our experienced emergency responders can be reached anytime at (423) 245-5552.

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Water Damage Cleanup in Your Colonial Heights Home from Sink Overflow

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Water Damage Water Damage Cleanup in Your Colonial Heights Home from Sink Overflow An overflowing sink in your home can cause extensive damage and requires immediate professional restoration services.

SERVPRO Thoroughly Restores Your Home after Water Damage

An overflowing sink can create more than just a big wet mess in your Colonial Heights home. If it gets out of control or goes unnoticed for a while, it can result in severe water damage to your property and flooding inside your home. If it is in an upstairs bathroom, you are possibly looking at damage to the room underneath it as well.

Water damage like this to your Colonial Heights home is a big job and should be left to the professionals to clean up. With our experience and training, SERVPRO knows where to find any hidden moisture inside walls and ceilings. We have all the tools to get your home dry again, plus get rid of any additional damage, such as mold growth.

After arriving at your home, our first step is extracting any standing water. If needed, we have truck-mounted pumps to help us do this job. The water is removed, and we can then see if any materials in your structure need replacing.

SERVPRO techs also look for any hidden moisture. Using special infrared cameras and moisture detectors we can find any water that has made its way into walls and ceilings. This water is also cleaned up, and if we detect any mold growth, we clean that with solvents and disinfect the affected area.

Thoroughly drying your structure is also necessary, as pumps do not get rid of everything. We need to return the air inside your home to its normal humidity as well. Industrial dehumidifiers, fans, and air-movers help us to get your home dried out again. These machines are checked on a daily basis and moved when needed to ensure the fastest drying time.

Once the drying process is complete, our IICRC certified technicians use special cleaning agents and deodorizing materials to treat any areas of the home which were affected. Water may have damaged materials in your home such as subflooring or drywall. If needed, we work with a contractor to reconstruct the areas that need replacing to get your home to its preloss condition.

SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol understands how overwhelming any water damage can be in your home in Bristol, Marilyn Hills, or Blountville. That is why we are available at any time to help you out when you give us a call at (423) 245-5552.

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Planning for Common Causes of Fire Damage to Office Buildings in Colonial Heights

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Commercial Planning for Common Causes of Fire Damage to Office Buildings in Colonial Heights Colonial Heights Businesses Rely on SERVPRO Post Fire Damaging Events

SERVPRO Offers Advice and Software to Mitigate Fire & Smoke Damage

When fire damage strikes an office building in Colonial Heights, it can be both difficult and expensive to restore things back to how they were before the disaster. Typically, the best strategy to reduce costs associated with damage and disaster is to learn how to prevent calamities from happening in the first place. Understanding what causes most fires in local offices can help you to avoid them in the future and decrease financial risk to your business in the long term. Ask us about our ERP Program to protect and mitigate damages of all types to your enterprise.

Electrical Fires
With computers, printers, and other devices now ubiquitous in modern office buildings in Colonial Heights, fire damage from electrical fires is never far away. Devices can malfunction, short circuit, come into contact with fire, overheat, or otherwise begin to catch fire and become a disaster even if the fire stays contained. Even if sprinklers or fire extinguishers manage to quell the blaze, you may incur smoke damage, burns to nearby surfaces, and chemical contamination. SERVPRO can help to clean up the effects of electrical fires large and small. Quite often, water removal from a sprinkler system activation is itself a major cleanup event.

HVAC Malfunctions
In Tennessee, winters can get cold, and many offices are prone to fire damage from a malfunctioning or clogged heating system. Depending on the heating your building uses, any number of potential disasters could occur, many of which are typically large and difficult to contain. SERVPRO technicians are trained to identify and plan for all types of HVAC fires and know how to keep the situation under control. "Puff-Back" from heating furnace malfunctions needs professional cleanup and restoration so that the soot tags do not permanently stain surfaces.

Smoking remains one of the most significant causes of fire damage in the country, even though smoking has recently decreased in popularity among all age groups. To best avoid smoke damage from nicotine and accidental fires, ban smoking from the entire building and enforce punishment against those who break the rules.

SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol has provided expert fire damage mitigation and restoration services to the local area for years. Call us 24/7 at (423) 245-5552.

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Removing Mold Damage In Long Island

1/10/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Removing Mold Damage In Long Island Mold is a quiet threat which can affect every apartment, condo or house on Long Island.

Removing Mold Damage

Mold is a quiet threat which can affect every apartment, condo or house on Long Island. Usually, mold spores are inactive. In this state, they are no more harmful than common, household dirt. Inactive spores are in virtually every structure in the city.

Remediating the effects of Long Island mold damage is not a short or simple process. To ensure every residence is clean, owners need to engage a service specializing in removing mold. SERVPRO has a set of four procedures designed to contain mold, clean mold from the property, remove it, and dry the home.

The first procedure is to install mold barriers. Our technicians cover every entrance to the infested area with plastic sheeting and use negative air pressure to force loose spores in the quickest direction out of the home. Installation includes covering the air vents to prevent accidentally spreading the mold to other areas of the home. We also use the sheeting to create a clean room, if needed, for storing tools and protective gear.

Now, we clean the mold off surfaces. There are two types, non-porous like glass, plastics, and metal, and porous surfaces such as carpets, drywall, and fabrics. Non-porous surfaces are simpler to wipe down and clean. In many cases, SERVPRO can even do this inside the contaminated area. Our specialists remove most spores on these surfaces with a dry sponge or use an anti-fungal cleaner to dampen thick layers and then wipe them down.

Porous surfaces are more difficult to clean. If the mold has been in place for an extended period, it may not be possible to clean them, even with a strong detergent and a brush to agitate the surface, loosening the mold layers.

With both types of surfaces, we use vacuums with specially designed HEPA filters to trap mold spores after cleaning. For property we could not clean, we remove and dispose of according to state regulations along with the collected mold spores.

Our last procedure is to dry the affected area of the home and any property that we had to dampen to remove mold spores. Drying is necessary to reduce moisture which also reduces the chance of future mold growth. In most cases, we set up dehumidifiers to draw enough moisture from the air and surrounding property.

Cleaning and removing mold from your home can be a time-consuming and costly process. At SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol, we have more than twenty years of restoring homes to their original condition. For further information about our procedures, call us at (423) 245-5552 today.

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Fabric Shop Needs a Fast Pack Out Before Water Removal in Colonial Heights

12/31/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Fabric Shop Needs a Fast Pack Out Before Water Removal in Colonial Heights Fabric stores and other retailers can face water damage in the future. Should your store have a water damage emergency, call SERVPRO right away.

Our Water Damage Restoration Team Offers Many Services to Customers After an Incident

Any company in Colonial Heights can face the need for water removal. Pipes leak, windows permit rain to blow inside, and appliances malfunction. All of these problems and more cause water to soak into building materials and damage contents. Some types of businesses present special considerations when water intrudes, and we are up to the challenge.
Your fabric store in Colonial Heights requires commercial water removal after a pipe bursts in the common wall with a neighboring retailer. Because your store is full of fine fabrics and sewing supplies, your business needs an efficient and professional pack-out to minimize loss of your precious goods. Our crews are familiar with a thorough and proven protocol that creates a comprehensive inventory of your fabric, sewing machines and supplies, business documents, and more. Designated members of our crew pack up and move articles threatened by the moisture to a dry area of your property or an off-site space before your building receives necessary water removal and drying services.
Business owners depend upon SERVPRO’s full-service restoration approach to take care not only of the immediate problem but also issues that arise later if water is allowed to damage the goods and products you sell. We scale up our response upon entering your business, assigning workers to move vital items immediately so that other members of the crew can begin pumping and extracting the water. Throughout the process, we communicate with your insurance company to clarify what is wet or damaged and what has been removed until the store is dry and ready for business. Our communications form the basis for any successful insurance claims you make.
During the time that crew members are assessing moisture levels, scanning for hidden pockets of water, and releasing and clearing standing water, you can review and consider the condition of the items we packed out. Any of your goods that sustained some water damage can be identified and restored via proper laundering or dry cleaning techniques. You make decisions about your inventory not in a panic, but with calm and deliberation.
Meanwhile, the SERVPRO crew moves past the water extraction in your business to employing professional drying techniques to ready your space to reopen. Air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers are some of the tools our workers use to return your retail space to preloss condition. Once the space is ready, you refer to our inventory to reverse the process and move your products back to the shop.
SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol offers many kinds of help when your commercial space fills with water. Let us assist you to get your business back on track with a call to (423) 245-5552.

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Local Creeks Can Cause Flood Damage To Homes In The Bristol Area

12/28/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Local Creeks Can Cause Flood Damage To Homes In The Bristol Area Bristol's two main creeks can overflow into residential areas whenever precipitation persists for too long a period.

Local Creeks Can Cause Flood Damage

Bristol's two main creeks can overflow into residential areas whenever precipitation persists for too long a period. Even with help from local and federal government agencies, revitalization efforts to clean Beaver and Sinking Creeks cannot rid the water of dangerous pathogens that exist in the waters. The evidence shows that E. Coli's presence remains strong, leaving Sinking Creek on the Impaired Streams 303(d) list. [1]

Residents near Bristol enjoy activities on the two creeks but know that their homes can suffer flood damage whenever their banks fail to hold them. Testing that shows high pathogen levels mean that flooding from either creek can pose severe threats to the health of those restoring homes and the families who return home upon completion of any necessary work. Technicians at SERVPRO understand the risks and keep their skills sharp when using personal protective equipment (PPE) and Universal Precautions while working.

Our goal is to leave your home looking “Like it never even happened.” while keeping ourselves protected from possible risks. The elimination of pathogens helps to ensure that your home's environment poses no dangers to you or your family. We achieve this by drying out your flooded home using methods taught by the IICRC.

As we eliminate soggy carpet and waterlogged wall materials, much of the floodwater comes out of your home, also. However, the air and other materials that we can dry out still retain a great deal of moisture. We use huge air movers, desiccant machines, and air scrubbers to remove this moisture from all areas of your residence.

Pathogens and other microbes require increased moisture in their environment to live and propagate themselves. Unable to obtain adequate water, any remaining microbes soon die. While the water we removed contained many of the pathogens, many remain behind in silt and mud. We also remove this debris, carried in by the flooding and then dumped into your home.

SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol hires employees who understand our community and the concerns of our citizens. We want to assist families affected by flood damage in any way possible, and restoring homes can help us reach our goals. Contact us for assistance with any disaster you and your family face by calling us at (423) 245-5552. SERVPRO is always ready and able to help you.

[1] https://wiki.epa.gov/watershed2/index.php?title=Sinking_Creek_Watershed_Rutherford_County,_Tennessee&action=edit

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An Answer For Mold Damage In Your Colonial Heights Home

12/8/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation An Answer For Mold Damage In Your Colonial Heights Home There are a lot of reason for mold to develop in the attic of your Colonial Heights property that you might not be aware of until it is too late.

Mold Damage In Your Home

Many of us assume that mold only occurs in a bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room, somewhere in your home with a regular water source. However, there are a lot of reason for mold to develop in the attic of your Colonial Heights property that you might not be aware of until it is too late.

Heavy rainfall, plumbing issues, and problems with appliances or inadequate maintenance can all cause severe problems in the attic of your Colonial Heights home that often lead to mold damage. Without accessing your attic on a regular basis, it can be easy for things to get out of control, causing structural damage, and leaving corrosion, rot, or mold to thrive.

SERVPRO technicians check more accurate, pinpointed locations for attic problems. Finding the source causing the problem and controlling water in your home is the first step of any mold remediation. With that said, there are some common causes of attic mold that warrant discussion.

A leaky roof can allow water into unprotected areas of your home below including your attic, walls, ceilings, floors, and basement. SERVPRO technicians take roof damage very seriously since even a small amount can wreak havoc on several areas of your home. Water tends to follow the least path of resistance, settling into the lowest area of your home.

Missing or improperly installed insulation can also have a severe impact, allowing moisture into your attic that gets trapped and produces mold. Poor installation can act as a vapor barrier while the wrong kind of insulation results in higher heating and cooling costs. Improper attic ventilation can also trap warm moist air inside, creating the ideal environment for mold to grow.

SERVPRO professionals can perform a full inspection of your attic space and introduce ideas and implement suggestions that give you control over the humidity level in your attic, basement, and home. Many of which improve your indoor living environment while drastically reducing the possibility of mold growth in your home and giving you more of a healthy, clean atmosphere to enjoy.

SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol has IICRC technicians standing by to answer your call, today. We can perform mold damage mitigation services and help you protect your property better (423) 245-5552.

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Trusted Water Damage Restoration Services in Blountville

11/30/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Trusted Water Damage Restoration Services in Blountville Finding flooded areas in your home can be downright frightening. Contact SERVPRO for dedicated remediation efforts and restoration services.

Our SERVPRO Technicians Thoroughly Remediate Water Damage in Your Home

If you are a resident of Blountville and you happen to experience a water damage incident, you have to treat everything as an emergency. Contacting licensed restoration providers is highly recommended so that the damaged areas can be pre-inspected and mitigating measures put in place. Some of the dangerous situations to address at that time include deteriorated subfloors, falling ceilings, and electrical hazards.
Water damage in Blountville may lead to standing water on your property which has to be pumped out using appropriate pumps. Our SERVPRO technicians who operate in the area carefully examine the damaged area and check whether there is any standing water in the crawl spaces, walls, and floors below it. A moisture meter is used to determine the extent of water penetration in your property. During that process, the technicians move and block your furniture as required. Detaching the carpets and extracting water from the surface flooring also takes place.
After completing water extraction, treating the surfaces follows. Here, appropriate antimicrobial and deodorizing products are used to treat floors and carpets. Before treating a carpet, it is necessary to examine damages like visible mold, bad seams, and delamination. If the carpet cannot be salvaged because of too much damage, you may be advised to do a replacement. At this point, the SERVPRO technicians will also remove stains from your furniture.
Drying wet surfaces is a crucial goal of the restoration, and for that to happen, technicians may position air movers to facilitate the flow of air. Based on IICRC standards, the professionals determine the number and size of dehumidifiers to put in place. The work of the dehumidifiers is to move dry air into the affected areas and increase the rate of evaporation.
After finishing the job, our technicians from SERVPRO ensure that all supplies and tools that are not needed at the site are put away. Additionally, we make sure your property is ready for use by removing all the debris.
SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol is here to attend to all your mold, storm, fire and water damage disasters. Call us at (423) 245-5552 to learn more about our restoration and cleaning options.

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Keeping Your Daycare Open with Commercial Water Removal Services in Colonial Heights

11/14/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Keeping Your Daycare Open with Commercial Water Removal Services in Colonial Heights Water from an overflowing toilet is always considered black water and highly contaminated, needing professional water removal services.

SERVPRO Thoroughly Sanitizes Your Commercial Space after Water Damage  

Daycare centers in Colonial Heights are hectic places with a great deal of responsibility for the protection and care of children. With this many children, accidents are bound to happen.

When a disaster develops after a child flushes a toy or other objects down a toilet, your Colonial Heights daycare needs commercial water removal. SERVPRO is Faster To Any Size Disaster, day or night, making us the perfect choice when you need us most. With water overflowing into your daycare from a toilet, things can go from bad to intolerable quickly. Even without solid waste in the toilet, water from backups is always considered black water, and highly contaminated. Local health regulations can require the closure of affected businesses until resolution of the situation.

SERVPRO wants to help prevent the closure of essential businesses such as yours. We know that without your services and facility, many families face unexpected problems finding suitable childcare arrangements, possibly hindering their ability to perform their work duties, snowballing as it affects additional businesses in our community.

We can assure you that not only do we remove the water invading your daycare, but also perform decontamination of the affected area. We earn IICRC certificates in Commercial Drying (CDS) as well as Applied Microbial Remediation (AMRT). Once we complete the work, things look “Like it never even happened,” and you can return to your regular routines.

Restoring a daycare after such an incident includes sanitizing all the toys, equipment, and furnishings near the affected bathroom. While it might seem to contain little risk, parents of young children appreciate the efforts made to provide a clean environment.

Also, odors often arise after an area is saturated, and our Odor Control Technician (OCT) can fix this situation quickly, as well. After an affected area is clean once again, odors can interfere with parents' perceptions of your facility.

SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol's technicians always strive to perform the work needed to ensure our customers receive the restorative work their businesses need. Locally owned and operated, we stay in tune with the needs of our local economy. Whenever our services, including commercial water removal, are required, we treat your business as an essential part of our community. Contact us at (423) 245-5552 for 24-hour services, every day of the year.

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How Will Your Home Exterior in Bristol Resist Flood Damage?

11/3/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage How Will Your Home Exterior in Bristol Resist Flood Damage? Brick exteriors can protect your home against heavy floodwater, but can be very expensive to repair if cracked or damaged.

Four Home Exteriors and How They Hold Up Against Flood Damage

In some cases, flood damage in Bristol may damage your home's exterior much more than the interior. The flood may simply not work its way in, or may not reach far inside. Knowing how your home's exterior can withstand flood waters could be important in such a situation to determine what treatment it needs, from a light hosing-down to a much larger restoration project.


Vinyl siding remains one of the most popular home exteriors across the United States, and it overall provides excellent protection against flood damage in Bristol. While individual panels may crack, break, or tear off, they are often easy to repair or replace without doing much to the rest of the exterior. Most vinyl siding is also weather-resistant by nature and should be relatively easy to clean off and make right.


Homes with brick exteriors can resist greater volumes of floodwater but can be much more costly to repair if significant damage does occur. Repairing a cracked or destroyed brick exterior is much more time-consuming and costly than merely reattaching vinyl sides. Water may also work its way into the brick and mortar, potentially creating pockets that can expand and contract cyclically, causing damage over time.


Stucco siding may be highly likely to chip and break in a flood and can be damaged in many of the same ways as brick exteriors. While stucco may be somewhat less costly to repair and restore than other types of siding, it is among the most likely to be damaged in a storm.


Metal exteriors are usually the ideal protection against a flood. They are thoroughly waterproof, usually resistant to the effects of water and oxidation, and can hold fast against debris and impacts. Metal exteriors rarely need more than a cleanup and repainting after a flood.

SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol is a local company with national resources and backing that provides damage mitigation and restoration services to residents in the area. Give us a call at (423) 245-5552.

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Pack Out Alternative as Part of Fire Damage Plan in Colonial Heights

10/24/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Pack Out Alternative as Part of Fire Damage Plan in Colonial Heights Rummaging through your property after a fire is overwhelming. SERVPRO technicians handle that and itemize your property for you and insurance claims.

SERVPRO Technicians Offer Many Options When Assessing the Scene After a Fire

When a fire causes significant damage in Colonial Heights, the immediate aftermath can be overwhelming to the homeowner. There are so many different issues to resolve in a short period that mistakes can be made, and solutions can be missed. Hiring a reliable restoration service helps sort and order tasks during this stressful time.
One way to manage a vital component to fire damage remediation in Colonial Heights is to participate in a pack out of documents and personal belongings. Our technicians receive specific and detailed training on how to implement a professional pack out. Working with our crew to accomplish a pack out is a wise way to divide fire damage recovery into manageable portions for you.
When SERVPRO packs out your home, expect all items to be removed to a safe and secure area for review at a later time. If there is an area on your property that is untouched by the fire and the remediation efforts such as a detached garage or another outbuilding we may stage the items there. In many cases, there is no clean space nearby, so we transport the items to an off-site spot.
Expect a detailed inventory to be developed by the SERVPRO workers as we box and remove the items. We create this paper chain of command to be able to locate needed items quickly and provide claim evidence for your insurance agency. Once the items are removed, you make decisions about the need and efficacy to restore any or all of them.
Since water damage commonly occurs during firefighting efforts, one of the first things to consider is whether documents and pictures should receive special treatment using a freeze-drying technique that removes water vapor after freezing items without permitting it to return to a liquid state. Although papers treated in this matter may still show some damage, it is an advantageous method to prevent the speedy destruction of wet papers that would be the result otherwise.
The upside of a pack out is to give you time when you can focus and not feel unduly rushed to sort through and determine which items to restore and which can be discarded. You also have information about coverage for the cost of restoring items and the probability of coverage of claims for the expense available from your insurance company when reviewing the packed out materials.
SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol provides a pack-out option for personal belongings during the fire damage restoration process. Ask about it when you call (423) 245-5552 to request a fire damage evaluation if you are curious about how this opportunity may benefit you.

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Heavy Rains Require Commercial Water Removal In Blountville

10/17/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Heavy Rains Require Commercial Water Removal In Blountville When heavy rains pour down on the Blountville area, adjoining commercial or municipal building sometimes share the unfortunate bounty.

Commercial Water Removal

When heavy rains pour down on the Blountville area, adjoining commercial or municipal building sometimes share the unfortunate bounty. Older structures with additions or passageways connecting one to another often see the building with an interior space further below ground than the others collect the runoff from many roofs. Our water removal crews determine the water pathways and make the best plan to evacuate the water from all sources.

As your family business grew, it stayed in place but annexed neighboring buildings. A complicated situation presents when several roofs or drainage systems spring leaks during torrential rains, and the water migrates mainly into one subterranean space. Not only do you need an expert Blountville water removal company, but you also must find a firm that can recreate the flow of water to ensure no hidden pockets of damaging moisture remain.

SERVPRO meets your needs on all counts. We have the technicians and the equipment ready to react quickly when a commercial space fills with water. If the power is out because of high winds knocking out the grid or for safety reasons, our trucks feature vehicle mounted equipment so the pumping and water removal proceeds immediately. In addition to self-contained extraction machinery, our project managers and highly trained crews are familiar with the ways water pools and hides when interconnected buildings are involved.

Expect multiple moisture level probes to be used by our workers in critical areas of the affected space as the water recedes, and the use of technologically advanced scanners to locate obscured water reservoirs. If the SERVPRO team does not remove all of the water, even in unexpected places, the structure and contents of your amalgamated commercial space are at risk of continued and secondary water damage. Wooden framing, metal supports, brick, concrete, and other materials are all vulnerable to deterioration and eventual collapse from residual water. Microbial growth is possible if water remains for more than 24 to 48 hours.

We find the water between walls, over ceilings, and along the edges of passageways and use proven strategies to remove it. Methods may include using wet vacuums with extended wands to pull water from above, drilling holes in mortar joints or at the bottom of walls to release moisture, or removal of wall panels or other structures to get at difficult to reach recesses. Once the standing water is gone, we then move on to efficient drying techniques to get your commercial spaces back to normal operating condition.

Rely on SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol to remove the water that collects anywhere in your business’s buildings after significant rains. One call to (423) 245-5552 brings an experienced and trained team to your aid fast.

For more about the city of Blountville visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blountville,_Tennessee.

Colonial Heights Flood Damage Restoration

10/9/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Colonial Heights Flood Damage Restoration Leaky pipes can cause flooding in your home. Should you find a leak, contact SERVPRO to repair and remediate the damage the leak may have caused.

SERVPRO Regularly Handles Flooding From BOTH External and Internal Sources

In spite of the recent news and the massive destruction we see on TV, most water damage to U.S. homes comes from more common sources. Leaky faucets, broken pipes, and improperly installed appliances like dishwashers cost Colonial Heights homeowners and insurance companies more than storms every year.
Flood damage to Colonial Heights and other Tennessee homes primarily affects the floors and personal property of a home. If the water rises higher than an inch or two, the surrounding walls are now at risk as well. Much of SERVPRO’s work centers on the floors and carpets of a house and lowering the inside humidity to reduce the risk of future damage by water or mold.
To return a home to its preloss condition, we start by removing the water. Our restoration crews use two machines to accomplish this; commercial grade water pumps and water extraction wands. We start with the pumps if the water is high enough. It usually takes our crews less than a day to complete this task.
Once we have the water level down to what remains trapped in the carpet or just barely visible on the surface of a wood floor, we change to the extraction wands. The smaller machine is designed to draw water out and not damage the surface of the wood or pull fibers from the carpet. After drawing out the water, SERVPRO technicians lift the carpet and remove the pad underneath. Carpet pads disintegrate quickly after being soaked in water and it cheaper to replace them than attempt to restore them.
As part of our crew finishes with the floors, other members check the moisture content of the air. If this humidity level is over 60 percent, we set-up a dehumidifier in the largest room. This machine draws up to 30 gallons of water from the air each day, and to boost the efforts of the device, technicians set-up exhaust fans to draw the damp air out of the house and force it outside. We continue this operation until we have the interior humidity as close to 40 percent as we can.
Failed plumbing and broken appliances are a greater risk to area homes than the Holston River cresting its banks. Call us today at (423) 245-5552 if you have a flooding problem or a question about what SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol can do for you.

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Inspect For Mold Damage This Fall in Bristol

9/25/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Inspect For Mold Damage This Fall in Bristol Mold can hide or exist in plain sight. Regardless of the mold type, contact SERVPRO to figure out the cause and remediate the damage.

SERVPRO Technicians Find the Cause of the Mold Infestation Before Starting the Remediation Process

The hot summer months come to an end, and the leaves begin to fall. Moving into a new season is a perfect time to check for mold issues in areas of your home you may neglect. Our area can see some ice and snow during the winter, and if gutters, eaves, and shingles need maintenance, moisture pushes in and creates a perfect environment for mold damage.
Your home experiences all four seasons, exposing it to mold damage risk in Bristol. Before we move into the colder months, evaluate the musty smell you notice when you open the door to your attic. Ice dams from winters and early springs past may have created a pathway for water to invade and saturate rafters and studs right under your roof. Severe cases allow that moisture to seep into your living areas. Do you see dark staining on ceilings or walls? A mold inspection is in order.
Often the only sign you notice when mold damages your home is an earthy, unpleasant smell. SERVPRO responds by sending an experienced mold remediation technician to check out concerns. If mold is detected, we work with you to discover where the moisture mold needs for growth is intruding. Our workers determine how to manage the current infestation and make recommendations to eliminate the water problem.
SERVPRO is a multi-service restoration company, able to make repairs and remediate serious problems like mold. We follow EPA industry standards when containing, removing, and sanitizing areas suffering from mold outbreaks. Keeping the moldy material in place until safely removing it prevents spread to other spaces within your home. Physical barriers like heavy duty plastic sheeting and high-technology equipment like negative air pressure scrubbers assist us in this endeavor.
We restore the appearance of your exterior and interior after abating a broad range of damaging processes and work with other contractors hired to make specific repairs. Ice dams frequently trace their cause to poorly maintained or clogged gutters and drains. SERVPRO remediates the mold and pinpoints the reasons it plagues you. We help you complete or arrange for repairs that stop moisture from feeding mold spores in your attic.
Rely on SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol to investigate your potential mold issues. Our office staff at (423) 245-5552 schedules an appointment with one of our project managers at a time convenient for you.

For more information about the Bristol, Tennessee visit: http://www.bristoltn.org/

Science Project Mishaps Turn Water Damage into an In-Home Experiment for Bristol Households

9/15/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Science Project Mishaps Turn Water Damage into an In-Home Experiment for Bristol Households Many projects can erupt and send water and other materials onto your ceiling and living room couches. Contact SERVPRO right away after damage.

Professionals Quickly Assess and Remediate Damage and Moisture Levels in Your Home

Science projects are part of almost every grade level's activities because learning about science is much more enjoyable and memorable with hands-on experience. Students in Bristol often prepare their projects at home. As these projects progress, accidents happen, unexpected chemical reactions occur, and little siblings and pets touch forbidden tools and models.
Parents can help protect their homes from water damage in Bristol during science project season by providing waterproof sheeting under the area used by their child. Inspecting for cracks, especially along seams, of aquariums, water bottles, and other containers intended for use can cut down the risk, but spills can still happen.
While water from bottles can ruin your floor quickly, water sprayed into the air can end up on ceilings and walls. If water is part of a projectile-centered project, furniture can also take a hit or two. We can help clean up any water damage caused by your junior scientist. Walls and ceilings, as well as carpeting, furniture, and other belongings all react to water in different ways. We have a SERVPRO technician for each one, providing homeowners with excellent protection no matter what happened.
Based on research and scientific developments, our protocols work well to eliminate damage-causing water. The process of earning our IICRC certificates in Water Damage Restoration (WRT) teaches us an enormous amount regarding the science behind water damage and the best methods we can use to mitigate the damage in someone's home. Experienced in using the equipment needed to restore a living room after an accident involving a science project or other water event, our employees quickly resolve the situation and prevent larger problems from developing.
When water is not cleaned up, secondary water damage becomes much more likely to happen. Mold is only one kind of microbe that can grow out of control in the presence of water and increased moisture. Stopping it before it can begin protects you from extra expenses.
Call (423) 245-5552 as soon as possible after a significant spill or accident. SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol responds to water damage emergencies in our community ready to take care of the problem, no matter how large or small.

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Bristol Area Retail Stores Obtain Water Removal Services From SERVPRO

8/2/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Bristol Area Retail Stores Obtain Water Removal Services From SERVPRO If your retail store or other property suffers a water damage event, contact the technicians at SERVPRO to remediate the damage fast.

Quick Response and Thorough Training in Dealing With Water Emergencies Sets Us Ahead of the Rest

Running a small retail outlet is rough enough without having to deal with water issues as well. A large spill on your property can lead to hundreds upon thousands of damage to stock and company assets, especially when you do not understand what to do during an emergency.
Retail stores throughout the Bristol area, rejoice. You have professional commercial water removal services available that help you manage emergency situations on your property, saving you from potential losses that have the ability to close your doors forever. A locally owned and operated company can provide you with these services and a whole lot more.
Whether your water problem occurs due to major weather systems, suppression system malfunctions, or plumbing issues, SERVPRO can help. We supply you with an entire team of professionals that understand how water affects assets in your store. Our technicians do everything they can to save products from water damage, moving them to a safe, dry location either onsite or in our warehouse.  
SERVPRO locates and repairs the source of the problem, then works with industrial-grade water extractors, air movers, dehumidifiers, and moisture detection equipment to ensure every area of your property gets the attention needed to return things to normal as quickly and efficiently as possible.  
It does not matter if a single department or the entire store becomes involved. SERVPRO has the resources and personnel necessary to provide you with a stress-free restoration process any day of the week, 24-hours a day. On top of that, we offer each customer the opportunity of receiving regular or specialty cleaning services that go beyond what a regular janitorial staff can provide.
We also give recommendations to help prevent future problems and help you develop a plan to implement safety precautions. Our technicians provide you with a safe, clean, professional work space that often exceeds any expectations you might have had before work began.
Contact SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol for more detailed information about water removal services available in your area, today. (423) 245-5552

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The Bad Habits That Could Put Your Bristol Home At Risk Of Fire Damage

7/22/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage The Bad Habits That Could Put Your Bristol Home At Risk Of Fire Damage SERVPRO TIP--Prevent Bristol FIre Damage by Inspecting Your Electrical Appliances and Wiring

Diligence Prevents Fire Damage to Your Bristol Property

No one wants to think about the possibility of a house fire, but it is a genuine risk that every householder needs to consider. A fire in the home has the potential to cause untold damage. In some cases, the cleanup operation involves a full pack-out of your possessions while your home is restored to a livable condition again.
SERVPRO is on hand to help clean and deodorize your Bristol home after fire damage. It is nice to know help is at hand – but is there anything you can do to help prevent a blaze from breaking out? The answer is yes, there is. Several home habits are easy to fall into but increase the risk of fire.
Unattended food left cooking on the stovetop is one of the leading causes of home fires. A few seconds is all it takes for an unattended pan to catch fire and start a terrible blaze. That is why we recommend always watching your food and never leaving the pan unattended.
Electrical safety awareness reduces the risk of home fires. Do not leave power drawing electrical appliances on when you exit the house. Switch everything off and unplug it before you go out and also before you go to bed at night. Check appliance cords regularly. Worn or damaged appliance cords are a fire risk, so if you notice any damage, replace the cord at once.
Dryer lint is another common cause of house fires. Clean your lint filter regularly and do not forget to check the drum and vent. It is also a good idea to check your dryer hose for lint clogs at least once a year. SERVPRO offers a vent and duct cleaning service to keep the circulation of the heated air from your dryer exiting properly. Save on electricity and help prevent home fires by calling us in once a year to check, and service if needed.
We also advise you to be very careful when burning candles. One small candle can spark a massive blaze. Make sure your candle is in a sturdy holder on a flat surface away from children, pets, breezes and loose drapes or throws. Always extinguish a lit candle before leaving the room.
In the event of a fire, SERVPRO is here to help. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster and have equipment including powerful HEPA vacuums and Esporta washers at our disposal to remediate soot and smoke damage and restore your home and belongings.
For help with fire cleanup, call SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol at (423) 245-5552 for help.

Here is Bristol, TN

Fast And Timely Water Removal Can Reduce Damages In Your Overflowing Bristol Residence

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Water Damage Fast And Timely Water Removal Can Reduce Damages In Your Overflowing Bristol Residence When a pipe has burst apart, or a tub has overflowed, your home needs to have that excess water removed as quickly as possible.

Quick Water Removal Can Reduce Damages

SERVPRO is Faster To Any Size Disaster, and this quality provides many benefits for homeowners of waterlogged residences. When a pipe has burst apart, or a tub has overflowed, your home needs to have that excess water removed as quickly as possible.

Homes in Bristol that have excess water from disasters such as pipe failures and forgotten tubs dry out best when water removal services from SERVPRO are the first part of the entire process. Pumping out any water that is visible upon our arrival helps us gain a better visual so we can more easily assess the extent of the overall damage.

Larger amounts of porous materials require more aggressive drying methods than materials that are less porous. Our experience benefits homeowners in many different kinds of disasters that can damage a home by giving us insight into how best proceed in almost any type of situation imaginable, and overflowing toilets and tubs, exploding water heaters, burst pipes, and flooding from natural sources are only a few of those catastrophes.

Removing water starts the process, but then we need to move toward removing the moisture that has escaped into the air through evaporation. This moisture can find its way into every part of your home and create problems later unless it is captured and removed. Dehumidifiers, heaters, air movers, and even open windows can work wonders when used together. Moisture meters provide us with a beginning readings of areas in your home that are compared to later readings, showing us our progress in drying out your home.

When dry, remaining problems can still exist, such as unusual odors. This is because odors are caused by particles, that although tiny, produce smells when they have been disturbed. We can rectify this problem with odor control methods. Other problems that can remain behind include over-stretched carpeting, and we can fix that problem, also.

Because floors are always saturated in a situation where standing water exists, we take great care in ensuring that these surfaces are completely dry. This prevents warping of wooden floors and sub-flooring. Otherwise, walking in your home may soon become hazardous for your family and guests.

In situations that have left your home partially submerged, call us, SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol at (423) 245-5552. We can begin water removal efforts so that your home is once again as it should be, perfectly dry. Accidents can occur at all hours of the day and night, and because of this, we are always available to take your call.

For more information about Bristol visit http://www.bristoltn.org/.

Dealing with Flood Damage Restoration in Bristol

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Storm Damage Dealing with Flood Damage Restoration in Bristol Flood damage can be devastating. Call SERVPRO to remove the water and help you through dealing with the entire restoration process.

SERVPRO Technicians Make Flood Damage Remediation in Your Home Our Priority

It is storm season in Tennessee. Creeks rise, rivers flood, and homeowners get to clean up the mess. It is a normal part of living in our area, but there are times that the weather overwhelms and we all could use a professional hand to help clean up.

When it comes to restoring Bristol homes after flood damage, SERVPRO has the experience to get the job done. We have been in Sullivan County for many years and understand the needs of our neighbors and fellow business owners. When disaster strikes, we respond with a 24-hour response team that arrives and starts work before the sun starts to come out or before it can set.

Our crew leader quickly determines the specific needs and directs efforts. If there is a continuing source of water coming into the home, our first task is to stop it. Team members stack sandbags to create a temporary break while others start hauling out pumps and extractors to remove any standing water. If the storm has damaged the home’s plumbing system, we turn off the water main. In the case of roof damage, we secure the area by nailing down plastic sheeting or plywood panels if it is very severe.

After we remove the standing water, technicians begin extracting water from the carpets and wood floors. If possible, we try to consider the sub-floor to determine if there is further water intrusion underneath. It may not be possible to insert a pump or extractor, but we can also use air movers connected to a flexible hose to force warm, dry air into the space to speed up the natural drying process.

Above the floor, we lift the carpet and use the same air movers to dry it. Carpet pads are difficult to dry and usually disintegrate after becoming wet. We recommend disposing of them immediately to remove a source of moisture that slows down drying out the carpet.

As the carpet and floors dry, technicians test the air and surrounding walls for excess moisture. If there is too much present, we install dehumidifiers to draw water from the air and place air movers to force warm air across walls to dry them and hopefully avoid demolition and replacement costs.

There is rain expected in town and across Sullivan County this week. If you have already had problems with any previous flooding or want to try and get ahead of the next thunderstorm, call SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol today at (423) 245-5552. We are here to help.

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From Start To Finish - Professional Fire Damage Restoration Services Available In Bristol

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Fire Damage From Start To Finish - Professional Fire Damage Restoration Services Available In Bristol Charred Elements in a Bristol Home Require Fire Damage Restoration and Repair.

SERVPRO Restores Smoke & Fire Damage to Your Property

Most general contractor can dismantle, transport, and dispose of damaged materials or other contents found in your home after a fire. However, it takes true skill to eliminate smoke residue, clean and deodorize the entire structure and overcome specific challenges that make each situation we face unique.  

There are very few restoration companies that can say they handle your complete restoration process from start to finish. Most usually perform one function or the other and leave the rest up to you. When it comes to fire damage in your Bristol area home, you want someone who can do everything you need, while limiting your loss and recovering as much as possible.  
In most cases, fires that occur in your kitchen, living room, dining area, bathroom, or bedrooms provide technicians with repetitive actions that they face daily. These are sections of your home that often contain fewer complications and require easier solutions.  
What you want is a company, like SERVPRO that excels at dealing with fires that reach outside of common household areas such as your attic, basement, or crawlspaces. These areas provide restoration technicians with challenging circumstances that require a particular level of experience, execution, and expertise to overcome.   
As with most fires, heat causes smoke to travel throughout your home, rising to the highest section possible, your attic. Along the way, smoke residues and other particles settle onto various surfaces, including exposed timber used for structural framing in your attic.  
The longer these residues remain, the harder they are to dislodge, creating smoke odors and damaging a variety of materials, some that require extensive cleaning, fogging, and deodorization services that SERVPRO technicians provide. You can imagine that the tight, confined space available in most attics, makes this one of the biggest challenges for technicians with less experience.  
However, basements and crawlspaces under your home can be just as challenging. Fires produce huge amounts of ash and soot that, when combined with water used during firefighting efforts, provide additional challenges that any technician must understand how to handle correctly to protect your home properly.  
Thankfully, SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol has the edge over other companies when a fire reaches an area that restricts movement or poses specific challenges. Our technicians train hard to overcome situations just like this regularly, providing you with the services you deserve to recover quickly. Call Today. (423) 245-5552

Investigating Flood Damage In Bloomingdale Caused By A Ground Floor Pipe Leak

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Storm Damage Investigating Flood Damage In Bloomingdale Caused By A Ground Floor Pipe Leak At SERVPRO, we spend time helping customers recognize and deal with the warning signs of flood damage before it occurs.

Flood Damage Caused By A Pipe Leak

At SERVPRO, we spend time helping customers recognize and deal with the warning signs of flood damage before it occurs. However, unexpected incidents happen all the time, and it is not always possible to prepare for a residential leak. If water intrusion becomes an urgent issue, the best step is to call in the experts.

The secret to repairing flood damage in Bloomingdale homes is a familiarity with how water behaves. It is what our team can offer you; the knowledge of how different materials respond to flooding. Before we even turn up at your location, we have a good idea of what to expect and where to start the structural drying process.

The Scenario
Imagine a relatively common scenario. Flooding has occurred in a home because a ground floor pipe has burst or cracked and emptied water into the property. It is cold, clear liquid (likely free of bacteria), but it is covering the whole of the bottom floor with two inches of water. The efficiency and quality of the drying process, in this situation, depends on how quickly we can pump out the standing water and get fans, air movers, and dehumidifiers set up.

Soft Materials And Fabrics
Often, carpets turn out to be some of the hardest items to dry. It is because they are too large to lift up and out of the wet area. So, the SERVPRO technicians have to find a way to remediate them directly. The success of this is, once again, dependent on the fiber type and construction/manufacturing features.

Generally, it is more cost effective and causes less damage to leave the carpet where it is. However, what we can do is lift it up a few inches off the floor. It is a really effective way to dry because fans get directed underneath. They blow out cold, wet air and ensure that the most vulnerable parts (concealed subflooring) start drying first (from the inside outwards).

Hard Floor Coverings
Normally, we do not try to salvage floor coverings with a fibreboard construction, like laminate. They are highly permeable. So much so that the material can end up behaving like cardboard. It expands at a rapid rate and any adhesive qualities degrade. For this reason, it is not usually a cost-effective option to try and dry the covering.

On the other hand, if the leak has affected hardwood surfaces (block or plank), the rate of absorption is not such an urgent problem. Nevertheless, the drying capabilities depend on the fixing features, the age of the materials, the condition of the floor, the quality of the subflooring, and duration of water exposure.

Time is a crucial factor when it comes to drying any structural material. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch with SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol if internal flooding hits your home. Call us 24/7 at (423) 245-5552 for fast, reliable water damage repairs.

Prevent Water Damage To Your Bloomingdale Bathroom

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Water Damage Prevent Water Damage To Your Bloomingdale Bathroom Bathroom Leaks Lead to Bloomingdale Bathrooms Water Damage--Dial Up SERVPRO for Help

SERVPRO Suggest a Rapid Response to Mitigate the Effects of Water to Your Property

Water damage is a homeowner’s nightmare. Leaks, drips, and floods lead to water-logged carpets, broken furniture, and even structural issues. When it comes to leaks in the home, the bathroom is one of the riskiest areas. There are many potential sources of leaks including a malfunctioning toilet, a burst pipe, a damaged bath seal, or even a bath or faucet left to run and forgotten!
It is always best to prevent a leak if you can. Water damage to your Bloomingdale bathroom may be expensive and inconvenient to fix. That is why SERVPRO recommends taking steps to stop it from happening in the first place.
Check Your Bathroom Regularly
You can prevent water damage by regularly checking your bathroom. Take the time to look under the sink and inspect the floor around the toilet. Examine shower screens and bath seals for leaks and look out for cracked tiles. Repair any damages quickly – the longer you leave them, the more chance of a problem developing. Replace caulking if need be, always a bathroom problem.
Look For Signs Of Leaks
Visible water is not always the first sign of a leak. A musty or damp odor or discoloration to walls and ceilings are also potential signs. If you suspect a leak, it is important to put in a call to SERVPRO straight away. Our IICRC-certified teams use thermal hygrometers, thermal imaging, and specialized moisture probes to examine your home for signs of damp, leaks, and raised humidity.
Be Careful With Your Drywall
Damp drywall is a serious issue that requires swift remedy. Water leaks are quickly picked up by drywall and the porous material acts like a sponge, wicking up water and quickly becoming saturated. That leads to wet walls, waterlogged insulation, and damp baseboards or molding.

Softened or bubbled drywall is a sure sign of excess moisture. If in doubt do not delay – our technicians have all the equipment necessary to test your drywall for moisture. If there is a problem, we remove baseboards and insulation so we can thoroughly dry out the wall. Doing this yourself is not only time consuming it can also be costly. Let our experts take care of it – we put everything back “Like it never even happened.”
We use plastic sheeting to create a sealed environment for drying. Next, we use air blowers, axial box fans, and dehumidifiers to dry the surface and inside of your bathroom wall. Bathrooms are humid places, so getting the right dehumidifiers in place is vital. Our teams monitor the drying process at every step to restore your wall and minimize the risk of further damage.
Do not wait for damage to worsen. If you suspect an issue with water leaks in your bathroom, call SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol at (423) 245-5552 today for assistance.

Cleaning Up Attics And Basements After A Fire In Bristol

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Fire Damage Cleaning Up Attics And Basements After A Fire In Bristol Fire cleanup in attics and basements are two challenging but also highly different tasks.

Fire Damage Cleanup

Fire cleanup in attics and basements are two challenging but also highly different tasks. Each carries a range of challenges and obstacles for SERVPRO technicians to overcome but in remarkably different ways. In many cases, the main areas of a home can be considered our comfort zones, where we see the fewest unique situations and are most practiced. However, we have the edge over other companies when the fire reaches above or below the main levels, as our technicians are trained to deal with these challenging areas.

Challenges In Attics
Perhaps the biggest general obstacle we have to contend with in fire damaged Bristol attics is smoke. Smoke tends to travel up through the home, and many fires dump the material and its residues into the home's attic. For the exposed timber that lines most American attics, this is a disaster, as smoke particles can penetrate deep into the material and prove difficult to dislodge. We often have to use our heaviest and longest thermal fogging programs in attics to remove all smoke smells and extensively clean surfaces by hand to get in a thorough clean.

Challenges In Basements
Basements can also feel the effects of smoke, but ash is a much more typical and burdensome factor. Fires produce large volumes of ash and soot, which can stain surfaces, clog pipes, destroy electronics, and emit a strong odor. It can also mix heavily with water, creating additional challenges for SERVPRO technicians. This material usually requires a heavy cleaning: we use various high-powered mixtures and solutions to scrub out every bit of it from the home, along with the same fogging machines used for attic smoke damage to remove odors that could otherwise last for years.

SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol is a local provider of fire restoration and cleanup services. Whether the blaze is large or small, we have the resolve and equipment to get things back to normal as quickly as possible. Call us 24/7 at (423) 245-5552.

Hidden Mold in Bloomingdale Needs Professional Abatement

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Mold Remediation Hidden Mold in Bloomingdale Needs Professional Abatement Don't let mold lurk in the corner. Call SERVPRO quickly to remediate.

SERVPRO Technicians Have an Arsenal of Assessment Tools to Find the Source of Your Mold Infestation

Every home has nooks and crannies within which to hide treasures, or, sometimes, to breed fungi and other nasty microbes. Musty and unpleasant smells often encourage you to spray air fresheners or other cover-ups and hope for the best. This superficial approach is not effective. Contact SERVPRO for a proper inspection and to devise a plan if mold is the culprit.
Resist the urge to try to manage mold damage in your Bloomingdale residence on your own. Although the health effects of molds can only be assessed by a physician, microbial colonies also damage the structure of and contents inside your home. Very specific protocols must be followed to remediate mold growth. An assessment of the causes that led to the mold proliferation is part of the comprehensive approach we take as mold recurs if the source of its food remains in place.
Mold needs moisture to activate and grow. Homes, offices, schools and other indoor areas harbor mold spores as a matter of course. The spores are also found outside and hitch a ride on pets, shoes, clothing, and the wind through your open doors and windows to infest your home. SERVPRO mold remediation experts receive special initial training and continuing education on the most effective and safe ways to isolate, contain, and remove fungal colonies. We do this while protecting unaffected areas of your home, sometimes with barriers and, in severe cases, with negative pressure ventilation.
The most important step after mold removal is to find the moisture and stop it from invading your home. Water moves in mysterious ways, and SERVPRO technicians are real detectives as they figure out where the problem resides. Ice dams, overflowing gutters, and ordinary roof leaks are common offenders. Slow leaks in plumbing or poorly vented appliances are also on the list of mold encouragers. On occasion, high ambient humidity within your home is the villain. An assessment of the conditions contributing to mold growth considers all potential sources. Then SERVPRO technicians go into action to eradicate the water to reduce the possibility of future mold growth and damage. Sealing gaps, reducing humidity, and repairing appliances are just some of the options.
Smelling something nasty? Hurry to contact SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol to have the odor checked out. The longer you wait to call the more difficult the remedy. Our dispatchers at (423) 245-5552 send out trained mold inspectors within hours.

Fire Damage In Bloomingdale

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Fire Damage Fire Damage In Bloomingdale The truth is that smoke and soot contamination make up most of the cost damage when it comes to restoration and replacement of property.

Fire Damage Cleanup

The worst effects of fire are visual to most people. A charred roof or a burned out kitchen makes the heart skip a beat. The same is not true for the smoke residue which covers a living room wall or discolors the family sofa. The truth is that smoke and soot contamination make up most of the cost damage when it comes to restoration and replacement of property.

When it comes to restoring fire damage effects in a Bloomingdale home, SERVPRO follows four specific cleaning actions to loosen soils and residues from structure and property surfaces. They are mechanical, lubrication, chemical, and suspension and dispersion.

Mechanical Action
Agitation of the residue or soil is an effective way to loosen most of them from the surfaces they attach to when settling. Mechanical is the first action taken to pre-clean surfaces that have an excess of non-greasy, dry residues before applying water-based or solvent-based cleaners. It is necessary in some cases because depending on the surface, applying a liquid cleaner first increases particle absorption into the surface.

Lubrication Action
The goal here is to make the contamination slippery by breaking the connection between it and the surface. A lubricating detergent adheres to the soil and residues, making them slide off of the surface and into the cleaning solution.

Chemical Action
With this method, our technicians use a cleaner to change or alter the contamination. The conversion of the residue or soil helps break its connection to the surface; allowing for easier removal. Two of the products in our inventory are Natural Fabric Brightener and Shampoo Super Concentrate. When mixed, they are exceptional at removing stains from cotton fibers and wool carpeting.

Suspension And Dispersion
Suspension happens when a contaminant dissolves or emulsifies into one of our cleaning products. Dispersion occurs after the contaminant is agitated into the cleaning product and mixes completely with it.

Each of these methods is useful for a variety of surfaces and types of contaminants. SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol has decades of experience in using them to restore your home and property to its appearance before the smoke and soot. Call us at (423) 245-5552 today to get started with an initial inspection.

Supposedly Odd Uses Of Air Movers Actually Make A Lot Of Sense In Long Island

3/3/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Supposedly Odd Uses Of Air Movers Actually Make A Lot Of Sense In Long Island Office spaces often contain copious amounts of carpeting, which is usually among the most severely damaged materials in offices with water damage.

Air Movers

One of our most heavily-used and critical pieces of machinery is the air mover. Air movers are high-powered fans that can create directed, precision air currents in a room. Much planning goes into the arrangement and operation of these machines, and our technicians may change their orientations regularly to maximize efficiency in the drying process. You may even witness some unusual or seemingly damaging processes, but these are part of SERVPRO policy and are designed only to increase the speed at which we dry an area.

Floating Carpet
Office spaces often contain copious amounts of carpeting, which is also usually among the most severely damaged materials in Long Island offices with water damage. To dry large areas of carpet quickly, our technicians may commonly lift up two ends of the carpet and allow one or more air movers to pump air underneath it. This can seem risky or even detrimental to some onlookers, but it, in fact, helps to dry the hard-to-reach undersides of carpeting more efficiently.

Unusual Angles And Orientations
Some business owners get confused when they observe technicians setting up air movers in seemingly arbitrary positions or wrong directions. However, more often than not, this is to make sure a circular current is established in the room. If the air movers were oriented head-on at walls and other surfaces, they would only press the water further into the surface and worsen the damage. By setting up angular arrangements, we help to whisk away water droplets without causing further damage to the materials underneath.

Baseboard Removal
In offices with baseboards mounted along the walls, these may need to be removed during or even before air movers are set up. Water tends to collect beneath baseboard, whether it is made of wood or vinyl, and by removing it, SERVPRO gains access to some of the most inaccessible and often damaged parts of your walls.

SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol helps businesses of all shapes and sizes to recover from and get doors open as soon after disasters as possible. Call us at (423) 245-5552.

Help With Mold Damage Found In Your Colonial Heights Home

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Mold Remediation Help With Mold Damage Found In Your Colonial Heights Home Mold growths often look like common dirt blotches but may develop into patches with many different colors and have a musty odor associated with them.

Mold Damage In Your Home

The battle against mold damage developing in your home is a constant one. Since mold is everywhere, in the air and on many surfaces throughout our environment, exposure is inevitable where moisture is present.

Damp, dark spaces within your Colonial Heights home are perfect breeding grounds for mold damage. However, controlling the sources of moisture found in your home can significantly increase your chance of avoiding these types of damages from developing in your house entirely. At SERVPRO we prefer to maintain a relative humidity level below 50%, promptly repairing plumbing leaks, damaged roofs, and windows. Thoroughly cleaning and drying any areas affected by flooding, properly ventilating your shower, laundry room and cooking area, all of which greatly increase your chances.

However, how do you know what mold even looks like if you have never seen it before? Mold growths often look like common dirt blotches but may develop into patches with many different colors and have a musty odor associated with them. If you find mold spores growing in your home, there is no reason to discover which type of mold you have. If you can see it, or smell mold, a possible health risk may already be present, requiring you to contact a restoration company, like SERVPRO, to deal with the situation properly.

A company with expertly trained remediation technicians can perform the proper services and repair the source of moisture causing the issue. The best thing you can do is have the mold removed and work on ways to prevent future growths from forming within your living space. SERVPRO technicians highly suggest seeking professional assistance with any area larger than 10 square feet. It is likely that you do not have the resources or experience to handle the larger contaminated areas on your own.

Contact SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol today for additional information or assistance regarding mold contamination in your home. We are here to help (423) 245-5552.

Flood Damage To Your Long Island Home Caused By Your Water Heater

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Storm Damage Flood Damage To Your Long Island Home Caused By Your Water Heater A cracked water heater can cause significant flood damage to your property.

Flood Damage Restoration

You ignored the signs for too long, and now your aging water heater’s base cracked, and 50 gallons of hot water flooded your basement. You lined up a local plumber to replace the heater. SERVPRO fits your criteria for a flood restoration company “near me” to help with wet carpeting and furnishings.

Flood damage, when you have living spaces on all levels of your Long Island home, hits hard. Laundry facilities, heating and cooling systems, and an extra bedroom are all at risk when the water heater fails. We send a restoration team equipped to pump and extract water and then begin the drying cycle to your home. The earlier you call for assistance, the better when water threatens your furnace and electrical appliances. Our staff will determine first if it is safe to work in the flooded area and to shut off any electricity or natural gas that could cause danger during the water removal.

SERVPRO staff have the training to dry floor coverings in place. If the subfloor of your basement is concrete, we loosen the carpet to check the condition of the pad, depending on how long the padding was under water an effort may be made to dry it along with the carpeting. We pull and replace questionable pads even if the carpet can be dried. Air movers placed strategically reduce the moisture in the carpeting; often some aimed to dry under the carpet.

If a bedframe kept the mattress above the water, we operate dehumidifiers to dry the air. Wooden and plastic furniture withstand surface disinfecting with proper solutions. Any upholstered couch or chairs need water extraction with our professional wet vacs and then airflow and heat for further drying. Again the length of time the water had stood before we arrived is key. Mold grows in less than 48 hours if conditions are right. We can treat porous materials like padded furniture with disinfectants, but vigilance must occur for the tell-tale signs of a musty odor and mold bloom. If mold takes hold, we recommend disposal for safety.

Water flooding your basement is your cue to contact SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol for the best advice and assistance. Call (423) 245-5552 to dispatch a flood damage abatement crew.

Dangers Of An Overflowing Bathtub In Bristol

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Water Damage Dangers Of An Overflowing Bathtub In Bristol Water damage causes the most home insurance claims.

Water Damage Caused By An Overflowing Bathtub

Water damage causes the most home insurance claims. Torrential rains, bursting pipes and bathtub overflows are just a few potential causes for water damage. In fact, water damage is often caused by an overflowing bathtub. There are several reasons why this can happen, but no matter the cause, SERVPRO, a professional water remediation company, will need to step in to help you with the cleanup and restoration.

No matter the cause for your bathtub overflow and water damage, you should know the six major reasons why this event can cause damage to your home in Bristol.

Bacteria Growth
Even if the water is clean, it can still cause bacteria to grow that could be harmful. This threat can develop when a significant amount of time passes before you get it cleaned up. The bacteria can grow with warm temperatures and time.

Leaky Ceilings
If your bathtub is on the second floor, even if the overflow is quickly caught it could make small bubbles in your downstairs ceiling. Water could begin leaking, and you can have discoloration, with some expensive repair bills to go with it. If the amount of water is large, it could make your ceiling sag. Avoid entering the room if this happens, since more water or debris could fall and hurt you. Keep everyone out of the area until you have it fixed by an experienced technician from SERVPRO.

Wet Plasterboard
An overflowing tub can easily damage plasterboard. It can weaken so badly when wet that you cannot fix it, and must be replaced. This can be inconvenient and expensive. If there is a significant amount of water running down the walls, you should shut off the electricity. An electrician and plumber will need to check out the damage in this case along with SERVPRO professionals to ensure the leak is fixed and your home is safe and restored.

Ruined Flooring
Your floors can be ruined as well, especially wood or linoleum. This issue can be difficult to get your home insurance to pay for repairs.

Damp Carpets And Furniture
Water coming through the ceiling can damage appliances and furniture. Mold can start to grow in your furniture and carpeting and can create a bad smell.

Unsafe And Weak Subflooring
Subflooring that has been soaked by water will need to be replaced. This is the only way to ensure your home is dry. Even if it is not completely soaked, even the slightest bit of moisture can create damage. SERVPRO can help you determine if the flooring needs to be replaced, and do the repairs for you.

If your bathtub overflows, shut the source of the water off right away and give SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol a call. We understand how damaging water can be and will be out to your property as quickly as possible to prevent more damage. Contact us day or night so we can come out to your home and return it to its state before the accident - (423) 245-5552.

Remediation for Commercial Mold Damage in Bloomingdale Hotels

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Commercial Remediation for Commercial Mold Damage in Bloomingdale Hotels Mold in a Bloomingdale Hotel Needs SERVPRO for Remediation

Fungi Growth Can Be Mitigated by the Professionals from SERVPRO

Mold damage can affect any building, including hotels. As guests stay in one room or another, they can bring mold spores with them. These spores can initially come from their own homes, vehicles, or other locations. When someone shakes out their clothing to freshen them up after being in a suitcase for a while, mold spores can become airborne in a guest's room. This is particularly the case of luggage that has collected mold spores while being stored between uses. Mold spores will soon settle on surfaces in the unit, but if the air conditioning or heating is running at the time, those spores can enter the ducts and contaminate the rest of the hotel. Naturally, mold spores are endemic in nature and reducing moisture, and a food source are of paramount importance.
Some Bloomingdale area hotels have been found to have mold damage that may have been caused by mold spores that were introduced to the hotel's interior by guests' belongings. Because there is no possible way to control the introduction of mold spores when a multitude of people use any particular building, cleaning ducts, air conditioners and central heating and air systems on a regular basis is important. Mold and spores cannot be eliminated from any setting, but cleaning with HEPA filter-equipped vacuums can remove most of the microorganisms living in heating and cooling systems and their ducts.
SERVPRO can handle any size project and recommends that facilities, including hotels, have their air circulation systems regularly maintained to keep mold contamination under control. Mold can quickly begin to grow elsewhere inside a hotel, as guests use the pool and showers, leaving wet towels in locations that can easily accumulate moisture. Damp or even waterlogged areas are often not dried or cleaned to eliminate moisture by hotel cleaning personnel. We can also clean carpets that may be harboring mold and mold spores, further protecting a hotel from future mold damage. Spills on commercial grade carpeting in the corridors should always not just be wiped up, but also thoroughly dried.
SERVPRO is not only experienced and skilled in using our equipment, but also in working in a manner that will not affect your guests' comfort. We work as efficiently as possible, so the time required to complete the job is minimized. If air scrubbers are needed due to the discovery of high levels of mold, we'll ensure they're always placed in a manner that won't obstruct your hallways and bother your guests.
If you've noticed a musty odor in any area of your hotel, or simply want to begin a regular air cleaning to protect your business, call us, SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol at (423) 245-5552.

Mold Damage Challenges in Bloomingdale

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Mold Remediation Mold Damage Challenges in Bloomingdale Call SERVPRO to investigate the mold in your home or business.

SERVPRO Tailors a Unique Restoration Process Based on the Damage in Your Home

Most of the time, the first signs of a mold infestation in your home is a musty odor emanating from somewhere that you cannot quite locate. By the time you can see visible signs of a mold infestation, things are beyond your capabilities, and expertly trained professionals are required to deal with the situation appropriately. Attempting to tackle a mold situation on your own has the possibility of causing greater damage to your home that you many think. If you take the wrong approach to your situation, you can spread mold spores throughout your home without even realizing that you are doing it.
Use this opportunity to acquire the services of an expertly trained mold damage restoration specialist in your Bloomingdale home. We have several years of experience dealing with situations just like yours and provide you with the proper services to fit your unique circumstances. We will walk you through every step of our remediation process and get your mold damage under control. Contact our locally owned and operated franchise today.
SERVPRO offers many services to assist you with restoring your belongings and take great care to ensure your safety and the safety of the occupants of your property. Many mold-contaminated buildings offer a unique situation and must be properly handled to eliminate exposure. Our professional technicians perform a post-cleanup assessment and thoroughly inspect the level of contamination in your home before attempting our remediation process.
All of the services SERVPRO technicians provide include proper containment and control procedures to prevent the spread of microscopic spores throughout your home. We can assist with repairing plumbing leaks, clean off affected surfaces, properly remove and dispose of any infected materials and restore your property to a quality pre-damage condition.
If you insist on attempting mold remediation on your own, the professionals at SERVPRO recommend a few things to assist you with the process. Always locate and remove the source of moisture, drying all affected areas thoroughly. Scrub mold off of any hard surfaces with a quality detergent and water, making sure to dry the area completely. Ensure proper handling and disposal of any absorbent or porous materials that have extensive mold growth. They cannot be saved, don't try.
Avoid exposing yourself and others by properly cordoning off the affected area that you are working on and control the spread by wearing the proper protective equipment during repairs. If you are unsure or need advice on how to proceed, take a few minutes to contact us. We are happy to help you get started off on the right foot.
Call SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol today to get the help you need. (423) 245-5552

Immediate and Later Benefits of Fast Mitigation Response Times in Bristol

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Commercial Immediate and Later Benefits of Fast Mitigation Response Times in Bristol Commercial damage can be devastating. Call SERVPRO to assess and remediate!

SERVPRO Technicians are Ready to Tackle Your Business Damage Quickly

Timing is critical for a business taking flood damage, and mere minutes can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars' difference later on in the restoration and reconstruction process. SERVPRO's strategy when dealing with commercial flood damage is centered around mitigation through fast responses. With 24/7 customer support and technology such as our new ERP system, we are able to respond around the clock, quickly, to help cut off damage sources and make preliminary efforts at restoration before damage can get too serious. Here's what you can expect from a fast SERVPRO response to your flood damage call.

Immediate Damage Evaluation and Mitigation Efforts

When you first contact us about commercial flood damage in Bristol, our most immediate priority is to evaluate the extent and type of damage to the property. Our technicians will examine the building and any relevant floor plans or blueprints, shut off any pipes or pumps which may be causing the damage, find the most concerning damage spots and conditions, and begin efforts to extract water and dry out the area. These are all time-sensitive tasks, and the faster you can call us, the sooner they can be completed. Our newly-released Emergency Ready Profile system can help to expedite this process, allowing us to access critical information early on, and without hassle.

Follow-Up Restorations

A fast and early response can often precipitate an overall easier restoration process. Our technicians can set up drying equipment, halt mold growth before it gets a chance to start, and extract water before it can seep into deep recesses and cracks to cause even greater amounts of damage. Immediate responses and quick reactions can end up allowing us to spend less time on or even skip over certain restoration tasks, getting doors open quicker and costing you less.

SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol is available around the clock to help mitigate damages for local businesses in need. Just give us a call at (423) 245-5552.

Flood Damage Solution In Bristol

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Storm Damage Flood Damage Solution In Bristol Bristol Flood Waters Need a SERVPRO Removal

Rely on the Expertise of SERVPRO to Help After Flood Has Damaged Your Property

When flooding is a part of the history of the area that you live in, you should consider it as a part of your duties as a property owner to plan for these types of situations. Obtaining the proper insurance and budgeting for some of the preventive measures that exist to assist you with preparation for a flood is only the beginning. However, it is far better than merely reacting to a crisis. It is our goal to inform you more about what to do when a water damage emergency hits and help you with getting back to normal, with the least amount of disturbance to your everyday lives.
We have expertly trained technicians who have experience in dealing with flood damage restoration near your Bristol home. It is possible that the person who arrives to help you with your situation is someone that you already know within the community that you live, a neighbor, a friend or even a family member.
SERVPRO Franchises are locally owned and operated by people just like you. Our technicians go through rigorous training to learn the proper steps to assist with your recovery as promptly and professionally as possible. However, we can also help you prepare to combat the possibility before it ever occurs, limit the damage caused by flooding and even save more of your belongings in the process.
Our expertly trained technicians at SERVPRO offer you services that are unique to your situation and help you understand what you can expect; even during the worst possible conditions. We will be there to assist you through the entire process, from beginning to end and even provide you with any assistance you need filling out the proper paperwork to deal with your insurance company.
The restoration process at SERVPRO starts with your initial phone call. We will perform an inspection on your property and thoroughly explain what is needed to get you back on your feet. Then we will quickly and efficiently cover the steps of the action plan that we have described to remove any excess water and completely dry everything within the affected area. We can uncover those hard to locate moisture pockets that require specialized equipment to find. All of your household items get handled as if they were our own, and each restorable item is taken care of and returned to a quality pre-damage condition "Like it never even happened."
Our SERVPRO of Kingsport - Bristol staff is waiting to assist you. Make the call today - (423) 245-5552

Commercial Water Removal in Bloomingdale

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Commercial Commercial Water Removal in Bloomingdale SERVPRO Removes Water From Block Foundations After Commercial Damage in Bloomingdale

Storage Facilities and Warehouses Have Water Damage Needs

Flood damage can be a door closer to Tennessee businesses. Although we've had quite a few storms this year, plumbing failures still make up many of the damages to local offices and stores.

Water removal in a Bloomingdale commercial business is not necessarily a quick and painless process. Storage facilities aren't immune to this and SERVPRO knows how important it gets a warehouse or temporary storage area to be safe for customers again.
Cinder block construction of storage and warehouse structures present a unique set of problems when it comes to getting rid of water. Although it is simple to pump standing water, it is removing the excess moisture from inside these walls that can present a difficulty.

The open cells in the center of each block can retain a relatively large amount of moisture. Blocks that have been submerged for an extended period may have standing water inside. When this happens, the blocks eventually begin to 'sweat,' and the moisture slowly passes to the outside. Unfortunately, this can affect property and material stored inside the warehouse or individual unit if it is placed against the wall. To combat this, our technicians will drill a hole in the mortar joints near the bottom of an affected wall. This drains any standing water and will increase airflow through the individual blocks. Increased flow speeds up the 'sweating' or transfer of moisture from inside to the outside of the wall. Additional holes can be drilled to speed further along the process.

We ensure that moisture levels have returned to normal; our SERVPRO techs use a non-penetrating moisture meter throughout the process. Once a normal level registers on the meter, these holes can be easily filled in to return the wall to its original state.

SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol knows how important it is to keep the doors open and the lights on. Every business has its own problems when it comes to water damage. Storage facilities are no different. Call us today at (423) 245-5552 to begin restoring your business to its original state.

Repairing Your Home's Flood Damage in Long Island

10/30/2016 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Repairing Your Home's Flood Damage in Long Island Storm damage can be devastating. Call SERVPRO to get started with the remediation process!

SERVPRO Cleans your Home Thoroughly After Flood Damage to Prevent Any Secondary Damage

If your home is ever flooded by either an internal water source or an external one, you will want to get the water removed as fast as possible. SERVPRO can assist you by using one of our trucks that can pump out the water, emptying your home of unwanted water quickly. After the majority of the water is removed, we will remove even more from the interior of your home with specialized equipment that can extract moisture from semi-porous materials such as paneling, drywall, or wood flooring.
In Long Island, we will make sure that flood damage becomes a thing of the past as we restore your home so that it is "Like it never even happened." As we are taking care of the increased moisture throughout your home, we will also be cleaning and restoring your belongings to a pre-flood state. Some items will need to be sent out for specialized service, especially electronics, and we will work closely with you on this aspect. A flood can be stressful enough without adding in unknowns such as where your things are going to and when you will see them again.
Structurally, a flood can create hidden damage in a home that won't show itself for months. At SERVPRO, we have learned through training and experience what unrepaired flood damage can do to a home. We do not want that to happen to yours so we will take the needed steps so you can avoid that headache in the future. Mold and bacterial growths, rotting walls and support beams, rusting or corroding metal fittings and moldings, and other problems can plague those who have had a flood long after everything is cleaned up. As we clean, we will prevent these problems, and also possible health problems by sanitizing areas that have become contaminated. We realize a flood is multi-faceted in the problems it creates, and we respond accordingly.
Calling SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol at (423) 245-5552 should be one of the first things you do post-flood so we can help you with the entire process of undoing the damage caused. Available 24/7 to meet your needs, we are always ready to assist you.

Call SERVPRO if You Have Water Damage

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Water Damage Call SERVPRO if You Have Water Damage If you are forced to deal with water damage inside your home, you probably feel overwhelmed.

If You Have Water Damage, Call SERVPRO

If you are forced to deal with water damage inside your home, you probably feel overwhelmed. The truth is, you might be feeling like you are in over your head because it's easy to find yourself in exactly that type of situation when you are dealing with a home that has been compromised by water damage. When you are in this kind of situation, you need someone that can help you right away. It's simply too much to think about if you try to handle everything on your own. That is why you need us at SERVPRO.

Dealing With What You Can See...And What You Can’t See

One of the most deceiving things about water damage is that it can look like everything is cleaned up and largely unscathed, yet there can be problems brewing that is not necessarily visible to the naked eye.

Finding an effective solution to the problem requires the use of proven techniques that are designed to get rid of the musky, dank odor that usually comes with any water damage. You also have to get rid of things like mold growth and other microbes through an extensive restoration process. If you have experienced water damage in your Colonial Heights home, it is imperative that you get the help you need as quickly as possible. At SERVPRO, you can call us 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We will extract the water, dry the entire structure and then use our proper restoration and sanitation techniques to ensure that you don't experience any problems related to the water damage from that point forward. We achieve these results by drying, dehumidifying and sanitizing everything, not just what is on the surface. We have years of experience in these techniques. Because of that experience, we can make your home look and smell its best while simultaneously restoring that safe environment that is so important to you and your loved ones.


Contact Us

If you have experienced any water damage, contact us at SERVPRO of Kingsport/Bristol anytime of the day by calling (423) 245-5552.

Fire Damage can cause Lingering Smoke Odors, but there are Solutions

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Fire Damage Fire Damage can cause Lingering Smoke Odors, but there are Solutions Homes that have been damaged by a fire will also have a particular, and peculiar, odor to them.

Contact A Fire Damage Restoration Company To Remove Smoke Odors

There are many different parts to restoring a home after a house fire has blazed through it. Many times, areas need only a small amount of work, while other areas need to be completely gutted and rebuilt. At SERVPRO, we know that it isn't just a structural or aesthetic part of an area that we are rebuilding. We're also removing the aroma of burning materials as we work.

Homes in Long Island that have been damaged by a fire will also have a particular, and peculiar, odor to them. Technicians at SERVPRO are trained in the equipment used to remove this odor. From air scrubbers to ozone machines, we can have your odor problems under control quickly. There's no need to continue breathing in the tiny particles that cause the odors you're smelling. SERVPRO has the equipment needed to remove these particles.

We also understand that summertime heat and humidity can cause these odors to increase and that in the winter, the use of humidifiers, combined with the heat of your furnace, can mimic summer's environment. This can cause odors to resurface, making you uncomfortable at any time of the year. This can make it easier to remove the particles that create the odors, simply because they are now airborne and can be removed more easily. Other ways of deodorizing your home that can be done right after fire damage have been repaired and restored include fabric cleaning of upholstered furniture, cleaning of hard surfaces, repainting of walls and ceilings, and also injection of deodorizing chemicals into carpeting. At SERVPRO, we understand that there is more than one way a fire can create odor problems in a home, and we have more than one technique to eliminate those same odors.

When odors are still a part of fire damage in your home, call us, SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol at (423) 245-5552. We are available to advise you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We want to make your home-sweet-home a reality for you again.

Dealing With Mold Damage in Tennessee

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Mold Remediation Dealing With Mold Damage in Tennessee Mold Remediation In Bloomingdale Gets Fixed by SERVPRO

SERVPRO Certified Technicians Remediate Mold Damage Professionally and Safely

Water has to be removed quickly when flooding occurs. Even when the visible effects, such as standing water and warped flooring, has been eliminated and replaced, there is the hazard of mold spores. Please continue reading.

Mold damage in Bloomingdale homes is caused not just by pools of standing water, but in spaces, such as behind drywall, which has not been dried out properly. If a previously flooded area isn't taken care of, then mold will grow quickly. SERVPRO has the expertise and the equipment to help prevent breeding grounds for mold and remove it if needed.

If you're concerned about earlier flooding, we can inspect your home to determine if there may be any areas that need cleaning or may just require drying and dehumidification to prevent the growth of mold. If our inspectors discover any fungi, we will test further to see how far it has grown. In cases of obvious mold patches, we can immediately start the remediation process. Once the area of infestation is determined, our technicians have a variety of anti-fungal and anti-microbial cleaners at their disposal to scrub the area clean.

To make sure the process is thorough, your heating and air system will need to be scrubbed using specialized equipment and anti-fungal product filled foggers to destroy any trace of the infestation within the air ducts. All of the air filters will be replaced as well. If the source of the mold is within the walls, then that section of drywall or framing will need to be removed. If there is no mold, but an excess amount of moisture is discovered, our technicians will use a series of dehumidifiers and exhaust fans to clear out the wetness. These same units are also used to remove mold spores from your home by blowing outside using a technique called negative pressure. HEPA filtration systems are also used by our SERVPRO Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians (AMRT) to restore your home to its pre-loss condition "Like it never even happened."

With the weather like it is in Sullivan and surrounding counties, excessive moisture and humidity is almost the norm. If you are concerned about possible mold damage to your home, contact us here at SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol today at (423) 245-5552.

Storm Restorers for Flood Damage

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Storm Damage Storm Restorers for Flood Damage Flood Damaged Buildings

Our SERVPRO Technicians are Trained to Restore Damage with Specialized Equipment

Sullivan County, Tennessee has a history of heavy flooding. Nearby lakes, streams, and rivers can overflow their banks during extreme storms. Flood damage causes roads to close and causes damage to homes and businesses. Flooding leaves behind mud, debris and damage to the foundation of a building's structure. Due to the rush of water entering homes and businesses, moisture penetrates walls, ceilings, flooring, and basements. Within 24 to 48 hours, mold begins to grow exponentially, spreading everywhere.
Flood damage in Bristol, which is called the “birthplace of country music,” could be devastating to historic residential and commercial buildings, as well as their valuable contents. This is the time when you need professional flood damage restoration specialists. When you contact SERVPRO, without hesitation, we are pulling up to your flood-damaged site with the advanced equipment, tools, and experience needed in this crisis. We immediately begin to assess and inspect the damage so that we can customize a flood damage restoration plan for you.
We start working immediately to prevent further mitigating damages. Our SERVPRO flood damage processes include using powerful pumps and vacuums. Our specialized equipment is designed to measure each room's temperature, humidity and to find hidden water areas. Our air movers and dehumidifiers go a long way to dry your home or business. We are adept at cleaning and sanitizing whatever contents you direct us towards. Our goal is to save as much of your valuable belongings as possible. We would like to restore you to a pre-loss condition and not to destroy.
Our SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol is a locally owned and operated business within the community. We are available 24/7, including holidays with any flood damage emergency assistance you need. We are happy to serve our Tennesseans with all their flood, mold, water or fire emergencies. Call us at (423) 245-5552 to learn more about our services.

Water Damage 101

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Water Damage Water Damage 101 SERVPRO of Kingsport/Bristol will respond quickly to your Bluff City water damage and make it "Like it never even happened."

101 Water Damage 

Water damage can describe any large number of possible losses caused by water intrusion into your business or home. No matter how it got there, water can be very destructive, causing the rusting of steel, rotting of wood, de-laminating of materials like plywood and the growth of mold, plus much more. 

Bluff City water damage can be imperceptibly minor and slow like water spots which could appear on your wall or ceiling, or they can be catastrophic and instantaneous like flooding. No matter how fast it happens, water damage is a huge contributor to the loss of property. 

Insurance Coverage 

Your insurance policy may or may not cover costs that are associated with water damage and the water damage restoration process. You should look at your insurance policy before a disaster happens so that you know what is covered and what is not. With floods, you will usually need separate flood insurance. Speak with your insurance agent if you are not sure what your policy covers. 


There are different water removal methods and remediation procedures depending upon the category of water. Because of the destructive nature of water, restoration methods heavily rely on how much water is involved, and how much time the water has been allowed to stay stagnant. Contacting a professional water damage restoration specialist, such as our team at SERVPRO, is the safest way to restore your property that has been damaged by water because our training and experience are extensive. 

Mold Growth 

Slight discolorations on your ceiling or walls might go unnoticed for an extended period of time, but they gradually spread and become more severe. They are often ignored even if they are noticed because it is thought that discoloration is a normal part of wear and tear in a home. However, mold spreads throughout a structure and when it does it can lead to serious health issues. If you suspect at all that you have mold, contact us at SERVPRO so that we can check it out for you. 

If you delay in calling us to help you with your water damage, you will wind up with additional damage to your building. It may cause things that could have been salvaged to no longer be viable; mold will begin to grow and quickly spread through the structure, plus you may wind up with a lot more structural damage than you would have had we been able to get out there in a timely fashion. This is why it is important to act quickly when you experience any water damage. Not only will your repair costs rise significantly, but you will also have much more loss than you would have. 

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

So when you experience water damage of any kind, do not hesitate to contact us at SERVPRO of Kingsport/Bristol by calling (423) 245-5552 any time of day or night. We will be to your property quickly so we can begin assessing the damages and work out a plan for remediation. 

Common Causes of Kingsport Commerical Fire Damage

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Fire Damage Common Causes of Kingsport Commerical Fire Damage When you're dealing with a commercial fire in Kingsport, SERVPRO of Kingsport/Bristol can respond and restore your home "Like it never even happened."

Common Causes of Commerical Fire Damage in Kingsport

In the United States, commercial fires are fairly common, meaning if you are a business owner in Kingsport, you might, unfortunately, experience commercial fire damage in Kingsport one day. The United States averages about eight thousand commercial fire occurrences every year. The nation sees around eighteen thousand injuries and three thousand fatalities with these annual fires, plus ten billion dollars or more in damages. Some of these commercial fires are out of anyone’s control, but a whopping eight five percent of commercial fires occur because of intent or error by someone. Therefore, it is always helpful for all who own or work in a commercial building to understand what the common causes of commercial fires are and how they can help to prevent them. 

Commercial Fires Common Causes 

The Kitchen  

Kitchen fires are usually associated with just residential fires, but they are the most common cause of any fire throughout the whole nation. Kingsport commercial fires which happen because of cooking are usually worker caused by the employee making food away from areas designated as kitchen areas. 


People usually think that electrical fires are caused by electrician error, but this is not the case at all. Commercial fires in Kingsport are created because of a system which is overloaded or a building contractor who has not followed electrical coding. 

Boilers and Heaters 

This type of commercial fire occurs when heaters, boilers, and furnaces have not been properly cared for and lack the regular maintenance they should have. These fires also occur when the building is using these areas for storage. 


Even though smoking is not a leading cause of fires in the nation anymore, it still poses a threat. Commercial fires from smoking usually start in areas which have been designated for smoking or when the staff tries to sneak a smoke break inside the building somewhere. 


Even though many times these fires happen in buildings which are left unused or are abandoned, they still will cause damage which is serious and will cost the owners of the building a large sum of money. 


A lot of commercial fires start because workers and staff use storage methods which are improper. These methods generally place materials which are flammable in contact with a heating source, making the perfect setup for a fire to start. 

No matter the cause, Kingsport commercial fire damage can be quite devastating and costly to your business. To prevent any further damage, you will want to contact a professional company, such as SERVPRO, right away, so we can assess your damage and do the remediation you need to get your company back up and running as soon as possible. 

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Contact us, SERVPRO of Kingsport/Bristol by dialing (423) 245-5552 any time of the day or night, and we will come to your property as soon as possible, so we get things back to normal for you. 

Piney Flats Water Damage - Five Things You Should Know About Water Damage In Piney Flats

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Water Damage Piney Flats Water Damage - Five Things You Should Know About Water Damage In Piney Flats If water damage strikes your Piney Flats home, SERVPRO of Kingsport/Bristol will be there to clean and restore your property!

Five Tips You Should Know About Piney Flats Water Damage 

Water damage in Piney Flats is a common problem that occurs in many homes, and if your house has been affected, you need to take immediate action. Fortunately, there are many renowned Piney Flats water damage companies that can handle the cause of the problem be it hurricanes, blocked drains or broken pipes. The signs of water damage can show up at any time, and it is advisable not to ignore them. A strange blemish of color or a soft spot inside the wall are some of the signs of water damage that can cause to subsidence of your home’s foundation. Here are some things you ought to know about water damage. 

1. You Are Not Always going to Notice 

After your house floods and you drain the water out, you often feel like everything is back to normal. However, this is not always the case since the signs of water damage are not always visible. Mold, decay, and even structural damage can be occurring beneath the surface, yet you are not aware. 

2. You Want To Catch It Early 

Water damage can spread fast and what was just as small spot can swiftly escalate into a large issue. When you suspect there has been water damage in your home even on a tiny scale, it is advisable to have a Piney Flats water damage do a survey. In so doing, they can reverse the damage very early in its progress. 

3. The Source Is Not Always Obvious 

The cause of the damage in your home is not always straightforward. In addition to all-out floods, there are also other small occurrences that can lead to water damage. Faulty pipes, rain, and cracks in the foundation can also damage your home. 

4. It Takes Experts To Fix It 

Handling water damage is not easy if you are on your own. It is always advisable to allow professionals to deal with damage repair. A restoration expert has the skills to survey the damage and give you an approximation of the work and costs. By doing this, you get a vivid picture of what is necessary to make your home safe and sound.

5. It Helps to Be Aware and Stay Informed 

One way to avert water damage and save money is by being aware of the environment you live in. Know what the pipes in your home are made of to determine how prone they are to leaks. It is also essential to be familiar with the climate and weather so that you know the appropriate preventive measures to take. 

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

For speedy and professional restoration after water damage, call SERVPRO of Kingsport/Bristol at (423) 245-5552. The company has dedicated restoration teams and equipment to clean your home in no time. 

Blountville Fire Damage - What to Do When You Have Blountville Fire Damage

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Fire Damage Blountville Fire Damage - What to Do When You Have Blountville Fire Damage Fire is something that most homeowners never think they will have to contend with, but fires can start for a wide range of reasons.

Fire Damage Blountville - What to Do When You Have Blountville Fire Damage

Call SERVPRO for Fire Damage in Blountville
Fire is something that most homeowners never think they will have to contend with, but fires can start for a wide range of reasons. For example, you may have a grease fire in the kitchen when you are cooking, lightning may strike your home during a thunderstorm, or you may have an electrical fire caused by a short in a wire. Regardless of the cause of the fire that has ravaged through your home, you may now be looking for service for Blountville fire damage.

The Extent of the Damage
Even a little fire in your home can cause considerable damage, and there are several reasons for this. First, a small fire can put off a significant amount of smoke, and smoke can pass through every room in your home to cause widespread damage. Second, firefighters' efforts to put out the smoke often include the use of water or a fire retardant agent, and both of these substances can cause damage to your home and furnishings. These substances can combine with ash and soot from the fire to leave you with a charred, muddy mess in the home. These types of damage are in addition to the destruction left behind by the fire itself.

Restoring Your Home
Regardless of how large or small, your fire was, you want your home restored to like-new condition as soon as possible. Restoring your home requires removing the ashes, soot, water and fire retardant agent from the space as a first step. Humidity levels may also need to be restored to normal through water remediation services. In addition, the fire damage and smoke damage throughout the home will need to be removed, and some of the home may need to be re-built because of the fire damage.

Why You Need Professional Services
Some homeowners might want to restore their home on their own, but there are good reasons why you need professional Blountville fire damage restoration services. First, you need to act quickly to remove the water from the home to minimize the risk of mold growth. Some sections of the home that are exposed to the outdoors because of the fire may need to be sealed for your protection. After the initial steps have been completed, you may need professional services so that the home can be restored in the most efficient way possible without lingering signs of smoke or fire.

SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol is the company to contact for all your fire damage restoration needs. We understand the importance of responding to your request for service quickly, and you can rest assured that our local company has the equipment, supplies and manpower needed to get the job done right for you in the most efficient manner possible. Call us today at (423) 245-5552 for assistance with your Blountville fire damage restoration project.

Mold Damage Rogersville - The Mold Remediation Process

3/18/2016 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage Rogersville - The Mold Remediation Process When mold is attacking the integrity of your home with odor and damage, remediation is needed.

Rogersville Mold Damage - The Mold Remediation Process

Mold is part of everyday life. When used correctly mold and mold spores have a lot of positive uses for food and medicine. However, when mold is attacking the integrity of your home with odor and damage, remediation is needed. Call a mold damage expert in Rogersville. There are four broad categories for mold remediation.

Remove and Dry Water Damage
After a flood or heavy water damage, mold can start to form. Water and floods should be cleaned up and dried thoroughly as soon as possible. An expedited cleanup helps prevent the spread and growth of new mold.

Quarantine Mold Growth and Spores
Using plastic sheeting and household duct tape, seal off areas that have mold or mold growth. A mold damage professional in Rogersville can help with a particular equipment like airlocks, filters, and suppression units.

Safe Removal of Mold and Clean-up
Mold removal is best left to mold damage professionals in Rogersville. These professionals begin the very complex tasks of safely removing mold from your home. Many steps are probable, but most likely they involve using a chemical solution to scrub mold away from all appliances, counters, and surfaces. All materials that are removable are put in sealed plastic bags for transport. Sealing the items is done when mold damage to items is so high they are unsalvageable. All dirt and debris must is removed with an approved vacuum cleaner and filter.

Complete Inspection and Future Monitoring
After an inspection and testing reveal that all mold has been safely removed, a mold damage expert in Rogersville returns periodically to monitor the future mold growth or mold spore activity in the home. These additional checks help prevent future spread of mold growth to dangerous levels.
When your home in Rogersville needs mold remediation Call SERVPRO of Kingsport / Bristol at (423) 245-5552. They respond quickly to address and remediate your mold problem.

The Value of Residential Fire Damage Cleanup in Kingsport

3/2/2016 (Permalink)

Fire Damage The Value of Residential Fire Damage Cleanup in Kingsport Smoke is basically fuel that didn't burn, made visible by the presence of small particles of carbon and other material.

Kingsport Fire Damage And Its Importance To Your Residential Home

It is important to get Kingsport residential fire damage cleanup services after a fire has caused harm to your property and belongings. After the fire has been put out, smoke and soot damage will remain. The proper cleaning techniques will need to be performed to make sure that your property is returned to the condition it was in before the fire. It is essential for these procedures to be done in prompt fashion because you want to know for sure that the structure of your home is secure before you go back into it.

Rely on Kingsport Residential Fire Damage Cleanup

Kingsport residential fire damage cleanup services can be a smart move after a fire has wreaked havoc on your home. The cleaning process will aid your home in its return to its former glory. It is important to do a thorough inspection to see what type of problems have occurred in your residential property. Your home will need to be cleaned from the top to the bottom with the right tools and products in every place that has suffered smoke damage.

The cleaning process will include floor mopping, and in some cases floor stripping, sealing, and refinishing will need to be done. Your walls and ceiling can be cleaned thoroughly to remove soot and to prepare them for repainting if it is necessary. Window cleaning is also an important part of the cleaning process. The inside of your windows are likely to be smudged from the smoke, so they should be cleaned well.

After a Kingsport fire, your ductwork should be looked at closely to see if smoke has damaged it. If it has, it is important for the situation to be remedied swiftly. Smoke clings to metal surfaces, so your entire system will need to be cleaned and disinfected to get rid of the lingering contamination.

Cleaning up your home is sure to be your top priority after a fire so that you can get back to living your normal life. It will be necessary to clean off soot from wood furniture, your upholstery, your electronic equipment, and much more. Everything that soot touches needs to be cleaned and sometimes sanitized. After that, your home will also need to be deodorized with unique products that will do more than just cover up the smell of smoke. You want to make sure that the smoke fragrance is completely annihilated.

You can trust SERVPRO of Kingsport/Bristol with all of your fire damage cleanup services. We are in a great location to serve your needs quickly after a fire has occurred so that your property can quickly return to its former glory.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Kingsport/Bristol is strategically located to respond quickly to your flood and water emergency event. When fire damage occurs in Blountville, Bluff City, or Mountain City, we have the resources and personnel to help. Call us today! (423) 245-5552

The Bristol Fire Department Demonstrates Fire Safety for the Holidays

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Fire Damage The Bristol Fire Department Demonstrates Fire Safety for the Holidays SERVPRO Says Please Be Safe During the Holiday Season

The Burn Boxes Built by SERVPRO of Kingsport/Bristol Make Bristol Safer from Fire Damage

Our local Bristol Fire Department demonstrated how Bristol fire damage can be averted. Assistant Fire Chief Jack Spurgeon hosted the event along with several of his first responders. He got it off to a fiery start with a live fire demonstration of a burning Christmas tree. The objective was to show how a  commercial or home sprinkler system could  save valuable property and protect your family.

SERVPRO of Kingsport/Bristol is proud to have been involved in the construction of these burn cells as we contribute to the safety and well-being of our friends and neighbors in Bristol and Kingsport. Fire damage can be devastating anytime of the year. From our family to yours, please be careful as you enjoy the holiday season.

New Burn Cell Units Donated to the Bristol Tennessee Fire Department

12/1/2015 (Permalink)

Community New Burn Cell Units Donated to the Bristol Tennessee Fire Department Our team members worked hard all day!

The Bristol Tennessee Fire Department Gets New Burn Cell Units

Our professional team here at SERVPRO of Kingston/Bristol donated their services to build two new burn cell units for the Bristol Tennessee Fire Department. These units will provide live performance training for the firefighters and it will also give the fire department the opportunity to educate the local community on fire safety.

These two burn cell units will be used during the Fire Department’s Citizens Fire Academy. Assistant Chief Jack Spurgeon and his team will recreate different scenarios such as the benefits of using fire prevention tools and show how easy it is to spark a fire with household items. One important scenario Chief Spurgeon would like to show the community is the difference between having a sprinkler in a household versus not having one. The public will also have the experience to see what our firefighters go through on a daily basis.

Lowe’s of Kingsport, Cumberland Fire Protection, and Dalton Direct Flooring were among some of the donors that supported this amazing project as a way of giving back to our firefighters that risk their lives every day. We are so proud of the Bristol Tennessee Fire Department! Thank you for your sacrifice.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

When a fire occurs, time is of the essence. If your property or business experiences a fire loss, contact the fire and water damage restoration experts at SERVPRO. As a cutting edge company committed to helping our customers with our remediation services, you can count on us to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

 As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Kingston/Bristol is strategically located to respond quickly to your flood and water emergency event. Call us today! (423) 245-5552

5 Steps to Water Damage Restoration in Mount Carmel

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Water Damage 5 Steps to Water Damage Restoration in Mount Carmel 10% of homes in the U.S. have leaks that waste at least 90 gallons of water per day.

Mount Carmel Water Damage Restoration Steps

 The Five Basic Steps Of Water Damage Restoration

Residential property owners who have experienced water damage in Mt Carmel know how challenging the matter can be. However, learning more about water damage and the restoration processes that can reverse it empowers homeowners to get their property back in pristine condition quickly. Learn more about the five basic steps of water damage restoration by reading the short outline provided for you below:

 1. Call A Water Damage Restoration Company.

 The first thing you should do upon recognizing signs of water damage on your Mt Carmel property is to call for help. If you don't contact a water damage restoration company immediately, you run the risk of weakening your property's structural integrity and exposing it to a mold invasion. In addition to contacting a restoration company, be sure to call your insurance agent. She or he will provide you with information regarding how to quickly and correctly file your claim.

 2. Property Assessment.

 After you call the Mt Carmel water damage restoration company, contractors will come to your property and complete a thorough assessment. The assessment is designed to provide the remediation specialists with a clear understanding of the extent of your water damages . Once this information is attained, the contractors will develop and implement a strategic plan to expedite and optimize the restoration process.

 3. Water Removal.

 After the strategic plan is drafted, the contractors will move forward with the water removal process. This process will involve the use of specialized, professional equipment like vacuums and power pumps.

 4. Drying And Dehumidifying.

 Once the water removal process is complete, the restoration specialists will move forward with the drying and dehumidifying work. Generally, your walls and floors will retain excess water. This water can cause swelling, warping, or the complete breakdown of your property. For this reason, your restoration team will work with skill and speed to eliminate all remaining moisture through the use of industrial equipment.

 5. Cleaning.

 The final step in the water damage restoration process is thorough cleaning. Your restoration team will offer a wide range of services to get your house in safe, sanitary condition. Some of the services offered will include disinfectant, antibacterial, and antimicrobial treatments. Deodorization and odor removal treatments can also be offered.

 When you find that your residential property is adversely impacted by water damage, it's time to implement the right solutions. The fast, effective solution is calling a team of excellent, expedient contractors to restore your property. As a team of IICRC-certified professionals, SERVPRO's technicians will quickly and correctly complete all of the work necessary to restore your home.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

 As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Kingsport/Bristol is strategically located to respond quickly to your flood and water emergency event. When water damage occurs in Mt Carmel, Blountville, or Bluff City, we have the resources and personnel to help. Call us today! (423) 245-5552

Safety First For Mold Remediation in Bristol

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Mold Remediation Safety First For Mold Remediation in Bristol Water Damage Leads to Mold

Let SERVPRO Safely Remove Mold from Your Bristol Home

When a natural disaster strikes your residential home in Bristol, the result is often water damage. Once your home is inundated with water, you can find yourself dealing with a mold infestation. Often, homeowners will attempt to eliminate the mold bloom themselves. There are numerous reasons why this course of action will almost always prove ineffective and even possibly dangerous. Learn more about mold infestations and why they require professional remediation by reviewing the following article.

Mold Basics

Molds are fungi that are endemic in nature. These fungi appear in various colors, including orange, blue, dark green, and black. Mold also comes in various levels of toxicity due to the production of mycotoxins. Examples are toxigenic molds like Stachybotrys chartarum and pathogenic molds than cause many allergies. Prolonged or habitual exposure to mycotoxins can result, in the extreme, death.

Why You Need Professional Mold Removal Services

As mentioned earlier, homeowners seek to remove mold from their home without professional assistance. Don't make this mistake. Property owners are generally not able to determine how hazardous the mold removal process will be. There are many reasons why this work must be left to the professionals. For example, the general public is typically not able to distinguish between toxigenic and pathogenic molds. Additionally, most people do not have access to the specialized equipment and protective gear like HEPA filters, goggles, Hazmat protective clothing and more.

Another reason that you should avoid completing the mold removal process on your own results from the fact that mold spores can cause serious health challenges. Some of these health problems include:

• Respiratory complications
• Vision and eye problems
• Circulatory issues
• Skin conditions
• Discomfort
• Fatigue

It's also important to note that ongoing exposure to mold can cause neurological and mental symptoms. Some of them include:

• Confusion
• Shortened attention span
• Brain fog
• Disorientation
• Slowed reflexes
• Impaired learning ability
• Dizziness
• Shock
• Shaking

To avoid the onset of these symptoms, you should stay away from the mold and have it removed by professionals. These trained technicians from SERVPRO will seal off the areas affected by mold--containment--and even employ negative air pressure chambers to prevent cross-contamination. We will utilize disinfectants to sanitize and then fogging machines to deodorize your home in Bristol.

Let SERVPRO Help You

When your property in Bristol is infested with mold, it's time to take action. The team to call for fast and effective mold remediation services is SERVPRO. Our IICRC-certified technicians are highly skilled in recognizing and responding to your unique mold issues with expedience and efficacy. We're ready to restore your property to its previously safe state.

Locally Owned, with National Resources

We are proud to be an active member of Bristol. SERVPRO of Kingsport/Bristol is locally owned and operated. Call us. (423) 245-5552

Kingsport Commercial Fire Damage 101

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Commercial Kingsport Commercial Fire Damage 101 When an individual's business is subjected to fire, extensive losses can occur.

Commercial Fire Damage 101 in Kingsport

Individuals who own businesses should know that natural disasters can have an adverse impact on the structural integrity and safety of the property. Unfortunately, Kingsport commerical fire damage can cause business owners to lose valuable possessions. In many cases, these individuals are uncertain regarding what course of action they should take to get their business back in excellent condition. To ensure that your commercial property regains its original functionality and aesthetic appeal, it's a good idea to invest in professional remediation services. Learn more about Kingsport commercial fire damage and how restoration services can help you by reading the short outline provided below:

Preventing Loss From Fire Damage
There are numerous actions you should take to prevent loss from Kingsport commercial fire damage. The first step is to make sure that all of the staff are avoiding the premises. This is important because dangerous substances are released after the fire. Once all of the staff have vacated the premises, the cleanup process can start. Disaster control experts will optimize and expedite this process by removing unwanted odors and trash. They will also offer board-ups. Another step that will be taken during the commercial fire damage remediation process is the creation of short-term walls. These barriers will help prevent passersby, office staff, and criminals from attempting to enter the building and thereby harming themselves.

Another step of the cleanup and restoration process is protecting the business owner's ceiling with parcels or tarps. This work will help prevent the ceiling from a collapse resulting from gusts of wind, rainfall, or other mishaps. Water damage specialists will also work to help business owners recover and restore valuable possessions. Recovery solutions are available for all types of items, including outfits, furnishings, rugs, and gadgets. Commercial fire damage specialists will also utilize dry washing procedures to eradicate any trash or smoke that has adhered to clothing items and other materials.

When an individual's business is subjected to fire, extensive losses can occur. Additionally, the water damage generated from the extinguishing process can make the commercial property susceptible to an outbreak of mold and mildew. Finally, fires can adversely impact possessions and leave them in need of restoration efforts. To ensure that your business and properties can be salvaged and restored, it's important that you attain assistance from a team of trained fire damage specialists. The team to trust is SERVPRO. As a cutting edge company committed to offering customized remediation services that work, you can count on our specialists to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Call us now to schedule an appointment.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Kingsport/Bristol is locally owned and operated and we are proud to be part of this community. We are also part of a national network of over 1,650 Franchises with special Disaster Recovery Teams placed strategically throughout the country to respond to large-scale fire, water, and storm disasters.

When your commercial property or home has water damage from leaks or flooding, we have the experience and expertise to help. Give us a call. (423) 245-5552

Dealing with a Water Leak in Blountville

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Water Damage   Dealing with a Water Leak in Blountville Keeping out the Water Cuts Down on Water Damage

Initial Action for a Water Leak in Blountville

Having a water leak within your Blountville home can be an incredibly difficult thing to have to handle on your own. Water leaks can be either minor or major and can easily result in flooding and water damage. Flooding, in itself, can be damaging because of a large amount of items that can be ruined by the water. One of the best things you can do, and as long as it is safe, is to remove any items from the area that may get ruined because of a water leak. If there are expensive electronics within the vicinity, it is vital that you pick these up and remove them to a safer area.

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to a flood or water leak is to protect yourself. If there is electricity within the area, make sure that you stay out of the water and contact a professional company like SERVPRO right away. You should always make sure that you and your loved ones are safe when doing this type of work. The last thing you want is to be in a dangerous area because there is a flood within your home.

If you can contain the water that is accumulating from the leak, this is something that you will also want to do. You can use towels, sandbags or anything else to keep the water at bay and to contain it to one specific area. Thus, you're decreasing the amount of water damage to the rest of your home. With less damage, it is beneficial to saving yourself a lot of time and money later on with getting these types of things repaired and restored to their original condition.

Once the leak and flooding have been contained it is vital that you contact the professionals at SERVPRO so that they can take care of the damage for you. They can deal with water damaged walls, flooring, furniture, cabinetry and other items that might have been affected by the flood or leak. Having the water damage repaired by the experts from SERVPRO means that all the water and moisture will be extracted from your home.  This water removal will prevent potential future problems caused by mold or mildew.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

We live and work in this Blountville community too; we might even be neighbors. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Kingsport/Bristol is close by and ready to respond to your flood or water damage emergency.

We specialize in water damage restoration, the cornerstone of our business.  Call us
for help.  (423) 245-5552

How to Estimate Fire Damage Costs in Bristol

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Fire Damage How to Estimate Fire Damage Costs in Bristol Fire in Your House Requires Restoration

How to Estimate Fire Damage Costs in Bristol

Going through events that lead to fire damage in your Bristol home are traumatic and can change your life drastically. Besides all of the cleanup work that is needed, including getting rid of items that are no longer usable, it is also necessary for you to calculate the total fire damage costs. These costs will include everything from equipment rental, trash disposal, the cost of hiring professionals, and the restoration of damaged property. To make this multi-step procedure easier, hiring a professional to calculate fire damage costs is advisable.

Contact Your Insurance Company

After contacting your homeowner’s insurance company, an adjuster will be sent out to survey the damage in your Bristol home. The adjuster will look at the extent of the fire damage, the approximate value of the home and other factors to calculate the exact cost of damage. The cost the adjuster comes up with only covers the value of your home and depending on your insurance coverage, it may cover the cost of hiring a fire restoration company to help. All other household items require estimated values for insurance reimbursement. 

Include Lost Possessions in Fire Damage Costs

Included in the fire damage costs are possessions damaged to the point that they are tossed. Hiring a professional restoration company, such as SERVPRO,  to help total up the costs of these items is a good idea. The homeowner's investment for this service is well worth the cost. These professionals have the expertise to salvage items and thus lower your out-of-pocket expenses.

Include the Cost of Repairs in the Total Fire Damage Costs

It is advisable to hire a professional to help calculate the cost of repairing and restoring your home after a fire. The list of repairing and restoring partially damaged items and removing the odor of smoke from the home and possessions is partial. The cost of repainting the home and the repairing of the roof are also on this list. If the home is high-tech or historical, this will affect the final cost of repair and replacement.

Fortunately, there are professional services that are available to help you calculate fire damage costs. After you have consulted your homeowner’s insurance company, get in touch with a professional fire restoration company--SERVPRO. Allow this company to work in tandem with your insurance company to assess and restore your home to its previous condition.

Locally Owned, with National Resources

We are proud to be an active member of your community. SERVPRO of Kingsport/Bristol is locally owned and operated so we’re already nearby and ready to help Bristol residents.

Faster to Any Size Fire Emergency

When fire and water damage strikes, a fast response is critical. We’re dedicated to responding immediately night or day to your Bristol home. A faster response helps to prevent secondary damage and helps to reduce cost.  Call us.  (432) 245-5552.

Basement Flooding: Prevention & Action Guide for Kingsport

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Water Damage Basement Flooding: Prevention & Action Guide for Kingsport Too Much Water Means a Call for Help

Action Plan for a Kingsport Flooded Home

Basements are susceptible to floods at any time of the year which could cause water damage to your Kingsport home. However, a good percentage of flooding occurs during the spring as a result of snow-melt and spring storms. Flooding may also occur during dry seasons as a result of blockages in the sewer system around the home. The following are some basic facts every homeowner should know about basement flooding:

• Keep roof gutters and downspouts clean and direct rainwater at least six feet away from the house’s foundation.
• Purchase and install an automatic energy generator that will provide the house with continual energy during blackouts.
• Install a sump pump that activates automatically to prevent water from collecting in the home or basement.
• Use a sealant to close cracks in the walls, floor, windows, and foundation of the basement to help prevent water damage.
• A porous pavement should be installed around the home to assist with the percolation and drainage of rainwater and thawed snow.
• Regularly review your home drainage system and plumbing to ensure that it is functioning properly

Homeowners should not attempt a flood cleanup on their own. Therefore, have the number of a water damage specialist such as SERVPRO-on hand. While you are awaiting their arrival, do the following:

• Disconnect the home’s electrical power, if possible. Avoid walking through floodwater as this could lead to electrocution.
• Avoid contaminated floodwater. However, if special circumstances require you to come in contact with it, use protective gear.
• If a sump pump is installed, wait for it to drain the floodwater if electricity can be safely restored to the home.
Attempt to dry out water damaged  upholstery and furniture as soon as is feasible. If they are wet for more than 48 hours, they should be disposed of since a mold risk exists.

When a flood occurs, time is of the essence. The best way for you to determine the full extent of the damages caused by fire, smoke, mold, water, and other disasters is to contact the water damage experts at SERVPRO immediately.

Locally Owned and Operated

We are proud to be an active member of this community. SERVPRO of Kingsport/Bristol is locally owned and operated so we’re already nearby and ready to help Kingsport residents and business owners with any-sized flood and water damage emergencies.

Emergency Contact

The restoration process begins when you call us. Our consultant will guide you through the crisis and may ask several questions to help us better understand the equipment and resources that may be needed.  (423) 245-5552.

How to Handle a Fire Restoration Job in Kingsport.

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Fire Damage How to Handle a Fire Restoration Job in Kingsport. House Fire

How to Handle a Fire Restoration Job in Kingsport.

Coping with the effects of the house fire can be very taxing, particularly if you are uncertain about what you need to do to start the repair, clean up, and restoration process. There are a lot of things that need to take place after a fire, and it could be beneficial to know a few guidelines on how to deal with fire restoration tasks so that you can avoid risking your safety and further damaging your home. 

Contact Your Insurance Company for Fire Restoration

 After a fire has taken place, the first thing you should do is call your homeowner's insurance agent. He or she will be likely to send an insurance adjuster to your residence to assess the damages and come up with a cost estimate for repairs and restoration. Depending on your extent of coverage for water and fire damage, your insurance may actually cover all of your expenses.

Contact a Professional Restoration Company

After calling your insurance agent, you should call a professional restoration company like SEVPRO. We have the specialized licenses, team, equipment, and expertise to handle fire restoration, no matter how severe the damage is. 

Do Not Enter Your Home after a Fire.

Since it is common for fires to damage the structure of homes, you should not enter your home immediately after a house fire. Boards in your home may be fragile and brittle, and putting pressure on them can break them and cause injury to you. Additionally, it is likely that there is water damage from the attempts to put out the fire, which would have weakened the structure of the home even more. You could even be electrocuted if you go into your home, due to the large amounts of standing water in conjunction with electricity. It is highly recommended that you have a professional examine your home after such an event to make sure it is safe for you to enter. 

Fire and smoke damage is especially destructive. In many instances your Kingsport property will also suffer from water damage from firefighting efforts. We specialize in Bristol fire and water damage restoration, Kingsport fire damage clean-up,  Blountville smoke clean-up, Kingsport fire clean-up, Bristol fire restoration, Blountville fire and smoke damage and Kingsport fire restoration. There are many steps that need to be taken after a fire, and several of these require specialized equipment that most homeowners will not have or know how to use properly.

If you experience Fire or Smoke Damage? Call the experts at SERVPRO today at 423-245-5552.

Post Flood Damage Safety Tips for your Bristol home.

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Water Damage Post Flood Damage Safety Tips for your Bristol home. Water and flood damage.

Bristol Flood Damage Safety Tips

Floods are devastating, and dealing with one that damages your home can be a major pain. The big problem with floods is that the damage they cause can linger long after they are gone, so it's important to follow some post flood damage safety tips.

Cleaning up

Floodwaters that infiltrate your come can bring a toxic soup of sewage, gasoline, toxic chemicals and all kinds of pathogens. When you are doing flood restoration, you need to take safety precautions. If you have to wade into floodwaters to retrieve items or to help get the water out, make sure to wear protective clothing. And if you spend a significant amount of time in a room that has sustained flood damage, you should wear a respirator.

Throw out anything porous that came in contact with floodwaters. This includes carpet, upholstered furniture, large rugs, mattresses, paper items and even drywall. Clothing and small rugs that can be machine-washed are OK to keep, although they will need a thorough washing.

You have to make sure you thoroughly dry out the space to prevent mold growth. Ventilate the room and bring in large fans to run for at least 24 hours and longer if necessary. After that, you should use dehumidifiers to suck any remaining moisture out of the air. Before you do any restoration work, such as reinstalling drywall or carpet, use a moisture meter to make sure the room is free of moisture. If there is still moisture in studs, for example, it can lead to mold growth later on.

Once the area is fully dry, you should clean all surfaces thoroughly with a heavy-duty cleaner, preferably one that has bleach in it. This should include walls, floors, cabinets, counter tops and any solid-surface furniture that you salvaged.

Boil and treat your water

If you have a well, floodwaters may have infiltrated your water supply. Immediately after the flood, you should boil all water before drinking or cooking with it. As soon as possible, get your well water tested. If high levels of pathogens and particles are found, you will need to have your water source treated before you can safely use it again.

When your Kingsport home has water damage from flooding, we have the expertise and equipment to properly handle emergencies including Kingsport water damage, Bristol water removal, Mt Carmel water cleanup, Kingsport flood damage, Bristol flood cleanup, Mt Carmel flood restoration, Kingsport SERVPRO water cleanup, Bristol SERVPRO flood cleanup, Mt Carmel SERVPRO flood damage.

If you have questions about flood or water damage, call us today at 423-245-5552. 

Top 10 Tips for Preventing Mold after Your Kingsport Home is Water Damaged

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Mold Remediation Top 10 Tips for Preventing Mold after Your Kingsport Home is Water Damaged Mold Damage

Mold can grow quickly in your Kingsport home.

When a flood has contributed to mold damage in a Kingsport home, due to either a serious water leak in the house or a natural disaster, mold can start to develop very quickly, sometimes in just a mere 48 hours. It is true that many types of mold are relatively benign, but there are other types that can cause health problems, such as irritation of the eyes, throat, and nose. Other common symptoms that mold can cause are respiratory problems, lethargy, headaches, and vomiting. To protect the health of everyone in the home, it is crucial to start thoroughly cleaning up as soon as possible after damage has occurred.

1. Keep doors and windows open to maximize ventilation and help air dry your home. If the power is working and you know it is safe, turn on fans as well to expedite the drying.

2. Remove and dispose of any wall to wall padding and carpeting. Wet carpets can take a very long time to dry, and the underlying floor will be ruined in the process.

3. Throw out any upholstered pillows, mattresses, and furniture. These are very difficult to clean properly and take too long to dry. These are ideal conditions in which mold can grow.

4. Any wallboard that has come into contact with water should be taken out. If it is wet, it will swell up and deteriorate, providing an environment in which mold can grow.

5. Throw away any wet papers and books that do not have value. Copy any important documents, and dispose of the originals if you can.

6. Mop up ceramic and vinyl flooring with a disinfecting cleaning solution. Ensure that any underlayment is properly dried.

7. Wash or dry clean curtains and draperies according to instructions given by the manufacturers.

8. Extract as much water from hardwood floors as you can, and do this immediately. Use dehumidifiers and fans to expedite this, but do not use heat, which runs the risk of warping the floor.

9. Remove and throw out any wet ceiling tiles. Let the area dry completely before putting in a new ceiling.

10. If the damage is severe, you may have to bring in a water remediation service, in order to dry your house out quickly. Keep in mind that in cases of water damage, the sooner you handle it, the higher the chance that you can stop mold from developing. 

We are trained Kingsport mold damage specialists who get started quickly to get your home or business back to normal, with specific training and certifications to handle your restoration needs including Kingsport black mold, Bristol mold removal, Blountville household mold removal, Kingsport mold removal companies, Bristol SERVPRO restoration, Blountville bathroom mold and Kingsport SERVPRO mold cleanup. 

We live and work in this community too; we might even be neighbors. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Kingsport/Bristol is close by and ready to help with your mold-damaged property.

If you have questions about mold, call us today at 423-245-5552.


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